Make Ahead Freezer Meals {Everyday Made Easy}

Make Ahead Freezer Meals- White Chicken Chili

It's that time of the year again when busy just gets busier! As mentioned in the Holiday Countdown, I like to clean and stock my kitchen now before the line ups at the grocery and big box stores get unbearable (one can only flip through so many magazines at the checkout, right?). What I didn't mention is that it's also a good time to prepare large batches of meals, say on a Sunday afternoon, to freeze and pull out on those days when supper is the … [Read more...]

Holiday Countdown Planner {Week Three}

One Item Project Challenge 2013

The weeks leading up to Christmas seem to be flying by, don't they? That's why I created the Holiday Countdown Planner in the first place. For the most part I'm on track this year, although heavy snow over the past two weekends means our outdoor lights are still in their storage totes downstairs. Here's hoping tomorrow or Sunday are a little better! This weekend I plan on attending two Christmas sales, Vintage With Flair and the Millarville … [Read more...]

Office Makeover {One Room Challenge Finale}

Office Makeover- DIY Art Canvas, RANARP work lamp, Printer's Keyhole Desk

The One Room Challenge may be over, but I'll still be carrying on with my office makeover. When I joined this series on October 2, I set out to cure my case of 'Decoritus Interruptus' and I'm happy to report that I'm on the road to recovery! Each week I've made progress in one way or another, and thanks to the brains behind this series (aka Linda of Calling it Home), I'm that much closer to putting a check mark beside "organize and decorate my … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Energy Bites

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Energy Bites

As many of you know, my son is away at college this year. It has been an adjustment for us, but he does make it home for the weekend every few weeks, and I'm so grateful for the time we can spend together. Life on campus has been busy, and having on-the-go snacks isn't always the easiest. Pre-made packaged snacks may be convenient, but their lengthy list of unhealthy ingredients, many of which I can't even pronounce, means I'm not going to buy … [Read more...]

Holiday Countdown Planner {Week Two}


Happy November everyone! I read something today on Mrs. Hines Class that made me realize, for many of you, Thanksgiving is the holiday you are planning for right now. Being Canadian, we celebrated ours several weeks ago, so Christmas is at the forefront now that Halloween is over. If I take a look at the plans I have outlined for the full eight weeks of the Holiday Countdown series, I would say most of the Christmas-specific tasks start on week … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge Office Makeover {Week Five}

File Box with Chalkboard Label

My One Room Challenge office makeover is nearing the final week and there's still so much to do! However, I know if I hadn't committed to this series, the projects I've been wanting to do for over a year would still be on my to-list. Instead, I've been able to cross a few off, and that's progress. Accountability really is the best motivation, isn't it!     If you've been following along since the beginning of this … [Read more...]

Winterizing the Yard and House- Just in Time!

Snowfall on Front Porch

How was your weekend? Saturday was absolutely gorgeous outside, and we were able to pack away the last bit of outdoor stuff and pick up a bunch of leaves. If you haven't invested in a leaf blower vac, I highly suggest it (well, my husband does since he's the one who actually uses it!). Not only does it make the job quicker and a whole lot easier on the back, it also shreds the leaves meaning less bags. Sunday we woke up to rain that quickly … [Read more...]

Holiday Countdown Planner {Week One}

Holiday Countdown Planner Printable Week One

Those of you who have been reading for a while now know that I do a Holiday Countdown starting two months before Christmas. Well, today is October 25th, so I'm officially kicking off the countdown for 2013. Some of you may think I'm crazy for thinking about Christmas before Halloween is even over, but it wasn't until I started planning this early that I truly started to enjoy and embrace the holiday season. If you've ever felt frazzled, under … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge Office Makeover {Week Four}

DIY White and Gold Pinboard- Satori Design for Living

It's already week four of Calling it Home's One Room Challenge, also known as my quest to make my home office better organized, more functional, and, of course, prettier! Although I had more time to work on projects this week with Thanksgiving behind us, I was only able to get a couple completely finished. Others are in progress, but I'm confident I will be able to wrap them up by the last week of the challenge. If you're just catching up, you … [Read more...]