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Benjamin Moore White Dove – A Paint Colour Favourite

Benjamin Moore White Dove is a beautiful soft white paint colour with a hint of grey making it a popular choice for trim, cabinets, walls and more. Is this clean and classic white perfect for your space too?

Benjamin Moore White Dove Fireplace and Trim with Marble Subway Tile Surround

One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot lately is about the white paint colour we used for our trim and doors (and fireplace) on our main floor. After testing several options alongside our new kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors and wall colour, we ending up going with Benjamin Moore White Dove.

Why Benjamin Moore White Dove Paint?

Although I tend to be uncertain about a new paint colour until I see it in a space, White Dove OC-17 (also known as PM-19) became an instant favourite. As soon as it started going up, I could tell it had just the right amount of soft warmth (not too creamy) to make it inviting, but also enough crispness to keep our rooms looking fresh. It felt like the perfect balance.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Fireplace Mantel (OC-17) and Baseboards with Marble Surround

Blends well with the marble subway tile surround on our fireplace, doesn’t it? With the particular Carrara marble we selected, White Dove works since there’s a lot of colour variation, including some cool and warm white tones.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Fireplace Mantel with Marble Subway Tile Fireplace Surround

But what about the kitchen?

Because we installed IKEA Bodbyn cabinet doors and drawer fronts in the kitchen, which are quite off-white (a little too yellow for me in certain lighting), I was looking for a trim paint colour that helped off-set the warm undertone. Colour matching the cabinets would’ve meant the trim throughout our home being too creamy, so that wasn’t an option.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Trim and Doors - Satori Design for Living

I tested quite a few whites (which I’ll get to), but found White Dove paint to be the best choice considering all of the factors we were dealing with.

Is White Dove Cool or Warm?

Although White Dove leans a little on the warmer side, next to our kitchen cabinets, the trim still looks fresh. It does a good job of brightening our kitchen without making our cabinets look too creamy. A win!

White Dove trim also pairs beautifully with our Benjamin Moore Baby Fawn wall colour (a soft greige, also known as Edgecomb Gray). The slightly warmer undertones of the two colours work well together.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Ceiling, Trim and Doors in the Kitchen with IKEA White Kitchen Cabinets and White Subway Tile Backsplash

In addition, the White Dove paint colour goes well with our matte off-white subway tile backsplash, quartz countertops and white windows.

It was tricky to find just the right white paint to tie everything together. White Dove is such a versatile paint colour!

Benjamin Moore White Dove Painted Trim, Doors and Ceiling in the Kitchen with IKEA Bodbyn Off-White Cabinets and Marble Quartz Countertops

White Dove Walls and Ceiling

Aside from the trim, doors and fireplace, we also ended up painting the walls in our pantry, laundry room, powder room and staircase (including the risers) in BM White Dove. We also used it on the ceiling once the popcorn was removed.

You can see more of those rooms in the project gallery. White Dove paint on the ceiling gave our rooms a lovely glow. Using a flat finish switched it up just enough.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Walls with Brazilian Slate Floor in the Laundry Room

I think it pairs beautifully with our grey slate tile and dark(ish) white oak floors too. I’m loving our Benjamin Moore White Dove walls. What do you think?

I love how the spaces look light and airy without being too stark no matter the time of day or the season we’re in. I spend a lot of time at home, so that’s very important!

Benjamin Moore White Dove Staircase with White Dove Painted Stair Risers and Dark Oak Treads

Other Benjamin Moore Whites

So how does White Dove stack up against the recently popular Simply White (OC-117)? It’s definitely darker and has more grey in it. Painted side-by-side, there’s a noticeable difference (I tested it out).

Update: See our modern farmhouse kitchen walls and trim painted in Benjamin Moore Simply White. We also used the same colour in our guest bathroom.

Benjamin Moore White Dove vs. Simply White

Other Benjamin Moore whites I considered and suggest taking a look at are Chantilly Lace (OC-65) and Oxford White (CC-30), which are both on the cooler, brighter side. I would consider them to be truer whites with a slight blue and green undertone respectively.

Benjamin Moore White Dove vs. Chantilly Lace
Benjamin Moore White Dove vs. Oxford White

Like a white that’s more subtle and warm? Check out Cloud White (OC-130).

Benjamin Moore White Dove vs. Cloud White

All of these white paint colours are beautiful in their own right depending on the look you’re going for. Compare samples side by side, i.e. Simply White vs. White Dove before you make a decision (see more below).

Here’s how all of these Benjamin Moore whites look side by side…

Collection of Benjamin Moore Whites - Popular White Paint Colours for Trim, Walls, Cabinets and More - Satori Design for Living

Comparing Whites Using Light Reflectance Value

LRV is a scale commonly used by design professionals that measures the percentage of light a paint colour reflects.

0 = absolute black (absorbing all light) and 100 = pure white (reflecting all light)

White Dove: LRV 85.38 (darkest)

Simply White: LRV 91.7

Chantilly Lace: LRV 92.2 (lightest)

Oxford White: LRV 88.85

Cloud White: LRV 87.35

As you can see, White Dove reflects the least amount of light (making it the darkest) and Chantilly Lace reflects the most (making it the lightest in this grouping). Keep in mind, these are slight variances.

What to Consider When Selecting White Paint

What kind of natural light do you have in the room?

White Dove can handle warm light with its slightly grey undertone but may not be the best choice for a north-facing, darker room. Keep in mind it will shift in colour from space to space. We live in “Sunny Alberta” which means White Dove reads more crisp with all of the natural light. Have grey/dull skies most of the time? Go for a brighter white colour.

What colour are your kitchen appliances?

White Dove doesn’t tend to pair well with white kitchen appliances since they’re usually a brighter white (depending on the brand). However, it works beautifully alongside stainless steel and most coloured appliances. In many cases, White Dove is good for cabinets.

What colours do you plan on adding to the room?

I tend to decorate using cooler tones (blues, greens, greys) which pair nicely with White Dove. Having said that, I’ve used red at Christmas and it looks equally as good. I’d say it goes well with most colours. Love it with natural linen fabric!

What colour(s) are your floors? Installing wallpaper?

Light bounces off other surfaces often changing the colour of walls slightly. A friend once painted her room white in the winter and had a green room come spring once the trees leaved out. Be mindful of that if you have large windows!

What colour is your ceiling?

If your ceiling is stark white, you’ll want to paint it the same colour as your trim in a flat finish or the room could look disjointed. Or, go with a completely different colour for your ceiling, such as a soft blue.

Want an all-white room?

For most spaces, select a flat finish for the ceiling, eggshell for the walls and a bit higher sheen (pearl or semi-gloss) for the trim.

What paint finish are you using?

More sheen equals more reflection making a colour appear lighter and brighter. Most paint chips are an eggshell finish, so keep that in mind while making your selection.

What Colours Go Best with White Dove?

Benjamin Moore wall colours that look lovely alongside White Dove trim:

  • Hale Navy
  • Revere Pewter
  • Baby Fawn or Edgecomb Gray
  • Balboa Mist
  • Classic Gray
  • Chelsea Gray
  • Kendall Charcoal
  • Sea Salt

Of course, this is only a small list of some of my favourites. It’s a versatile colour that pairs nicely with so many others!

How to Test Benjamin Moore Whites in Your Home

To see what these colours actually look like in your home, I suggest picking up a few sample pots and painting them on a white background (card stock or foam board), or directly on the wall. Be sure to move them around the room and take a look at different times of the day as the lighting changes.

An easier and mess-free option is peel and stick paint samples. They’re produced with genuine manufacturer paint, so the results are accurate. The large size makes it easy to visualize. I leave the backing on and use painter’s tape to affix to the wall. That way, it’s easy to move around.

White Dove Paint Finishes Used in Our Home

Trim, Doors and Fireplace– Water-based lacquer custom mixed at Sherwin Williams (sprayed)

Walls– Benjamin Moore Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint in Eggshell

Ceiling– Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint in Ultra Flat

Now, let’s take a look at some other gorgeous spaces featuring White Dove paint.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Kitchens

Although we only used White Dove for our trim and ceiling in our kitchen, some of my friends have also used it on kitchen cabinets, walls and more.

This farmhouse kitchen with White Dove cabinets by Maison de Cinq is so pretty. You can see how she paired it with a marble backsplash similar to our fireplace surround.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Kitchen - Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation via Maison de Cinq

This kitchen remodel using White Dove paint by Chatfield Court turned out so well. It looks so fresh and airy without being too stark.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Remodel by Chatfield Court

Do you have dark stained wood cabinets? This White Dove trim and open shelving by Honey n Hydrangea works perfectly to keep the kitchen from looking too dark.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Trim and Open Shelving in the Kitchen - Honey n Hydrangea

This board and batten painted in White Dove adds so much character to this cozy little breakfast nook created by Sincerely, Marie Designs!

Benjamin Moore White Dove Breakfast Nook - Sincerely, Marie Designs

Going for a historic look in your kitchen? These White Dove kitchen cabinets by For the Love of a House work perfectly.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Cabinets and Trim - For the Love of a House

You can also see my friend Sarah’s kitchen cabinets and trim painted in White Dove. It’s a beautiful colour paired with wood shelves and black hardware.

More BM White Dove Walls

White Dove works well in bathrooms, bedrooms and other rooms too. I love how it balances brightness and warmth throughout varying seasons.

These White Dove shiplap walls add texture and interest to this bathroom by Jamie Costiglio. It’s a lovely white paired with vintage touches.

Bathroom Makeover with Shiplap Walls and Benjamin Moore White Dove Paint

These White Dove bedroom walls by Maison de Cinq work beautifully with the soft blue decor and furniture, plus natural linen.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Bedroom

Painting your bedroom? This makeover using White Dove paint may be the inspiration you’re looking for. My friend Jen from City Farmhouse created a beautiful retreat!

White Dove Bedroom Walls with Linen Headboard and Basket Light Fixture - City Farmhouse

All so pretty, don’t you think? You can also see my friend Deb’s bedroom painted in this lovely white.

As you can see in these real life examples, Benjamin Moore White Dove paint reads very differently in each room, which means you should always test the colour first. I suggest reading these paint colour selection tips to help you through the process.

White Dove by Benjamin Moore - White Wall, Cabinet and Trim Paint - A Review of this Popular White Colour Along with Inspiration Pics

For more behind-the-scenes project updates, follow along on Instagram. I also encourage you to check out more fantastic paint colour picks too. Finally, if you have any questions about selecting the right white paint for your home, let me know.

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. What a color combination, Shauna! Actually, white paint color looks beautiful. Definitely, I will apply your color combination in my kitchen makeover. Have a blessed day Shauna!

    1. Shauna, my bedroom has white dove trim and blue/grey walls. I’m looking to lighten up the room and paint the walls white. Any suggestions on a complementary white wall color that will look good against the white dove trim?

      1. Hi Kate, Are you thinking something a bit darker than White Dove? Do you have tons of natural light? Let me know a few more details and I’ll making a few suggestions :)

        1. I would love to know as well! I have white dove trim and want a very subtle light gray, would paper white walls look good with white dove trim?!

          1. Hi Kay, With Benjamin Moore Paper White, I would most likely select a lighter white trim colour like Chantilly Lace or Simply White. White Dove is a bit too dark.

        2. Hi Shauna, I too have White Dove trim in my daughter’s room and actually throughout my home. My daughter now wants to update her decor and have white bedroom walls. There is limited natural light in the room. What color would you suggest?
          Thanks so much!

          1. Hi Hollis, How about painting the walls in Benjamin Moore White Dove in an eggshell finish? I’m assuming the trim has a slight sheen. That’s what I did in my laundry room and staircase, and it has a fresh and cohesive look.

  2. Great article. We’re big fans of White Dove. We did our walls and ceiling in eggshell and it turned out great. It’s so quick and easy when one doesn’t need to cut in the ceiling although that’s not the reason we did it. White Dove in eggshell has just enough sheen. With two coats, the walls literally have a beautiful glow.

    For some reason, in one house it showed slightly yellow. We’ve done several where it had zero yellow characteristics, so not sure what that was about.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Mark, Sometimes it has to do with the exposure (Southern tends to cast yellow), shade of flooring or furniture you have in the space. Or, maybe, the previous color was showing through a bit? Glad to hear you like it in your current home :)

      1. I think you’re right Shauna. We don’t judge the color now until after the second coat has dried. We still love white dove and remains our go to white.

        Since I wrote my comment above I learned that most soft white light bulbs have a color temp of only 2750. No wonder white dove read further on the warm side in some instances. Now we use at 3000 LED bulbs, but never over 3500.

        We’re using the matte sheen now unless the walls and ceilings are in super good condition.

      1. I’ve got an 800 sq foot bonus room with a vaulted ceiling that has some natural light on the north and south wall but not a great deal. I’ve narrowed my all white choices to White Dove or Simply White by Benjamin Moore, or Pure White by Sherwin Williams. Your White Dove is beautiful, but what do you think for my space? Help!!

        1. Hi Ava, It really depends on the other elements in the room (flooring, furniture, lighting) and the overall look you’re going for. White Dove is definitely not a bright white, rather an off-white with a bit of a grey undertone. Since it’s a large room with high ceilings, I’m assuming it gives a feeling of spaciousness. White Dove is likely a good choice. However, if you don’t get much natural sunlight, you may want to go with a lighter white, such as Simply White.

  3. Hi Shauna!

    Would you recommend White Dove as an exterior color? Or which white would you recommend? I am looking for a warm white due to the brown color of our roof :)

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Natalie, I suggest getting samples of a few different whites (in the sheen you’re planning on using) to test on your exterior before committing. White Dove may work, but I also suggest checking out Simply White, White Heron and Cloud White. Stand back and take a look at different times of the day in various intensities of light. It also depends on the colours that will be reflected i.e. neighbour’s house colour, trees, etc.

      1. I have Cloud White cabinets and they are creamier than I thought so now I need a quartz that will look good and a wall and trim Color!! Having a hard time!! Please help with some ideas!! I appreciate your help!!
        ? Maureen
        [email protected]

  4. In your opinion would White Dove cabinetry go well with White Down 970 on my trim, baseboards and doors? Do these two colors have similar undertones? Thanks in advance as I’m very confused. :)

  5. The exterior color of my house is white dove. What is a good color trim that goes with it, can you name a few please?

  6. Wow!! Thank you so much for including my little kitchen. Love how you have used this color in your home. Just gorgeous!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!! I have a quick question ;) Is there a reason you color matched the white dove from sherwin williams vs. using ben moore’s paint. I am debating color matching with kelly moore vs. going directly to ben moore. We color matched in our twins’ room, but I am wondering if it would appear a bit brighter if I had used ben moore’s paint. I have to tell our painter soon and we will be painting the entire house including cabinets so I don’t want to get it wrong ;) Just curious about the thoughts choose to color match vs. using ben moore. Thank you soooo much!!! I am horrible at making paint decisions ;)

    1. Thank you, Katie! It was our painter who wanted to colour match in Sherwin Williams lacquer for our trim and fireplace only. I think it’s the paint he’s used to spraying, so wanted to stick with it. I used Benjamin Moore for the trim that I painted with a brush and small roller in other our rooms. It looks like the same colour (see our powder room here). Sometimes it’s the finish that makes it seem duller or brighter. The SW isn’t overly shiny like some lacquers are.
      Good luck, Shauna

  8. Shauna,

    I love the pictures of your home! I fell in love with White Dove in a bright condo. It was also great in a bathroom with no windows. I am now remodeling condo. We face south, but no direct sunlight due to huge covered patio. I’ve been living with very gold walls, gold carpet, oak kitchen; and I want to paint walls, trim, ceiling and new interior doors all Dove White in different sheens. Recommendations for sheens?
    The kitchen cabinets will also be white-thermofoil–cabinet standard color. I am keeping creamy leather sofa and 2 chairs and much of furniture is wood/pine/rustic “cottage” look. Do you feel I need a different “color” or off white on walls? The idea of adding another color worries me. I want it warm, but bright. We have many cloudy days.

    Thank you!!

      1. Hello Shauna,
        Thank you for responding – appreciate it. Sorry I wasn’t clear before, I meant to inquire about the Brazilian slate tile floor you used on the floor.


  9. Hi Shauna
    We just bought a 1200 square foot lake house. Most of the walls in the main space are a honey coloured pine including the kitchen cabinets. Big picture windows facing a lake. We are not painting the wood this year…it’s kind of rustic. We will paint the ceiling, trim, doors, bedroom walls and bathroom. We want to brighten/lighten it up but compliment all the wood. White dove and white cloud are on my shortlist. The ceiling is low and the floors are again a honey cork. I’ve poured through every shade of neutral, white, greige… Any input would be appreciated.

  10. Beautiful pics! We are painting the wood mantel around our fireplace. What finish did you use to paint your mantel? I know semi-gloss is recommended, but we don’t want it too shiny. Yours looks perfect. Thanks. We are thinking Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace but not sure about the finish. Thanks!

    1. Hi Theresa, Our painter used a water-based lacquer custom mixed at Sherwin Williams (sprayed). It’s a beautiful smooth finish that’s not too shiny.

      For hand application, using pearl or semi-gloss is probably your best bet. Benjamin Moore has a product called Advance that may be a good option for your mantel.

  11. Thank you for your answers as it is so helpful to read all the remarks. My question pertains to a house that has BM China White trim, which I cannot change. We are having the walls repainted and are considering BM White Dove. The wood floors are a medium pecan brown and I assume the ceilings ( will not paint) are also BM China White. What do you think of the BM White Dove for walls? The house has a lot of natural light. Thank you! Thank you!!

  12. Would you recommend this color for an exposed beam wood paneled ceiling? Thinking of painting my bathroom this white dove but scared my wood ceiling will make the bathroom look yellow.

  13. I m doing a full house remodel, and I have selected White Dove for my kitchen cabinets. I was also thinking about doing white dove for all my trim (farmhouse/craftsman style). I have a lot of natural light now that we added more windows. Do you think this is bright enough? I also wanted to paint some of my walls a different white, do you have any recommendations for a white on white look?

    Your pictures are beautiful!!

    1. Hi Kelli, White Dove isn’t a crisp white, so it depends on the look you’re going for. Simply White is a popular choice for something a bit brighter. I would get a sample size and try it out in different rooms (be sure to look at it different times of the day). As far as walls go, we painted some of ours in White Dove eggshell finish with the trim having a bit more of a sheen. If you’re thinking about a different white completely for the walls, I would suggest something with a bit of contrast to the White Dove trim or it could look a bit off. Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s Off-white collection. We did our walls in Baby Fawn which looks nice against White Dove trim. Having a similar undertone is what’s important.

    1. That’s a great question. Ours were installed prior to moving in, so I’m not quite sure. I suggest grabbing a White Dove swatch and taking it with you to the hardware store to compare. Your best bet would be something that isn’t too bright white. Good luck :)

  14. Your site was so helpful! We just did out entire custom inset Kitchen in white dove. Once the white Dynergy Aurea Quartz counters went down, the Kitchen turned to a Yellow undertone. We had to paint the entire kitchen Decorator’s White, which looks perfect now…We do have Western exposure which turns the paint much warmer. Do you suggest another white that may work in other rooms, We’ve already painted ceiling white Dove, Im looking for something less Yellow. Simply White is lovely, but looking quite Neon last times, The “glow”…Whites are so hard!! Thank you!! I have a ton of Colorado Natural light ! It sure has made our project interesting. Chantilly lace is on our oder T & G in the mudroom, and it does looks lovely…Just hoping it’s not to bright next to the room where it will match up with White Dove.

  15. White Dove is absolutely a great color for kitchen cabinets. We chose white dove for our kitchen cabinets with dark nickel hardware and black soapstone countertops, and it looks amazing!! You won’t be disappointed.

  16. Hello Shauna,
    Thank you for all your suggestions. We’re just updating our kitchen, not remodeling. We’re keeping the same footprint and cabinets. We have ash cabinets, with a slightly new white overstain; we just had installed white diamond quartzite for our counters and backsplash, and our hardwood floors are medium oak; out appliances are stainless steel. We have a white ceiling (Benjamin Moore) and for the little bit of wall space, we initially selected Benjamin Moore ballet white. (The rest of our home areas that can been seen from the kitchen are: family room, sun room, dining room, and front room which are all painted with white ceilings and moldings and Benjamin Moore white linen walls.
    Question: Should we use the Benjamin Moore ballet white on the kitchen walls or try another shade such as Benjamin Moore “Lace Handkerchief?”
    Thank you for your perspective,
    Christina Regalia

  17. I was thinking about doing our ceilings & trim the same color using white Dove & doing paper white by BM on the walls with an accent wall using ripe olive by SW. We do have some natural light in our basement. Do you think this will pull together & look nice? Also wondering what off white you would suggest for the walls that would pair nicely with white dove ceiling & trim? Give suggestions please. Thanks

  18. Hi Shauna! Thank you for all of your input regarding white paints… one of the hardest colors to choose!
    We are updating our kitchen and have a few questions. We are keeping the U shape with island in the middle (painted BM Steel Gray). We chose super white quartzite countertops with a white subway tile backsplash. We have dark (jacobean) stained wood floors.
    Our first question is regarding cabinet color. We have used decorators white paint on kitchen cabinets in the past, but don’t want it to look so stark white. We are thinking white dove would be a good alternative given the white subway tile. Do you agree?
    Also, we want to use a gray grout in the tile to offset all the white. Do you have a go-to gray grout?
    Also, we will not have that much exposed wall and the attached family room is painted a khaki gray (not my favorite). Since I can not change that at this time, instead of competing with it I thought to throw a pop of color (like SW Whirlpool) to the little wall that is exposed (pulling in accent colors from adjoining room). Thoughts on not going a traditional neutral wall color?
    Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  19. BM Simply White trim already in new home. Doing Agreeable Gray on walls. I feel Simply White on cabinets is too white. Could White Dove or Snowbound work for the cabinets. Walnut hard word floors. Thank u so much.

  20. Hi!
    We are remodeling the entire house…I have ebony floors and our old trim was Pratt as lambert silver lining which I loved but looking for a change. Was leaning towards white dove for both kitchen cabinets, trim, walls and ceilings…worried about the Greige undertone that I have seen in other people’s houses with white dove cabinets over time…is there a color that may just be a little brighter but doesn’t have as much of a grey or yellow undertone? Would this be simply white or cloud white? I am not a fan of really stark whites. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

  21. Hi great information I’m doing my cabinets white and don’t want a cold look looking for warmth also need help with the walls want them grey. I have ceramic tile floors beige white and my countertops are like a marble swirl of grey beige and white . Please help looking for warmth and a beautiful kitchen .

  22. So many great ideas! White dove colour certainly makes a difference and adds such great texture and vibrant.

  23. I just wrote about the all white 800 sq foot cathedral ceiling room. I failed to mention that it will have beams wrapped in barn wood in it . Please help !

  24. We are looking for a trim color to go with Bennington Gray walls and are considering white dove. Would this combination work or is there another “white” that would coordinate better with Bennington Gray? Thanks!

  25. We have a lakefront cottage in Manitoba. The family room has 20’ of floor to ceiling windows facing south overlooking the lake. We have two large IKEA sofas in white canvas fabric. Wicker chairs & curtain panels on dark rods also in white canvas.

    I’m thinking White Dove might work for our panelled walls. We have had Pratt & Lambert Madras Yellow on the walls for years but just need a change. The concern I have is we have vaulted cedar ceilings which we don’t want to paint out. Do you think white Dove will work with the ceiling. We have light laminate floors

    Love your blog.

    1. Hi Pat, Sounds beautiful! Is the cedar ceiling natural or stained? Has it gone yellow or orange over the years? How would you describe the undertone of your floors?

      1. I am so happy. With your excellent blog in white paint we took the leap & painted the main rooms in our cottage BM White Dove this July and my daughters & I (and husbands) are thrilled with our new look. The cedar ceilings look fabulous. I wish I could send you a photo. Thank you so much for all the analysis you put into your research.

  26. Hi Shauna,
    Any ideas for a huge master BR and bath that has 1 large North facing and 2 west facing windows? Love White Dove but cause its North I am chicken! Thank you

  27. Hello,
    We have a new kitchen. Cabinets are bright white in satin finish and have brushed gold hardware. Our quartz countertops are Calacatta gold – mostly bright white with some grey and gold veining. Appliances are stainless steel. For backsplash we thinking soft gray subway tiles or something along those lines.
    Would White Dove walls work in our kitchen next to bright white cabinets/countertops?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Erin, Without knowing the color of your “bright white” (because there are so many undertones), it’s hard to know if White Dove would work. Have you tried the paint swatch beside your finishes? Are you wanting contrast or are you looking for a colour that will blend in while adding some warmth?

  28. So glad to find your site. Your home is beautiful. Question – if we paint our kitchen walls White dove, what do you recommend for trim color. Also we have white marble counter tops with marble backsplash (like your fireplace surround) and Cherry cabinets – do you still think white dove is best?

  29. I read that you used Simply Dove on the fireplace, but what is the paint color on the wall with the fireplace?

  30. Hello, I need some advice. I had my kitchen cabinets painted white dove. Doors and trim.. my cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling. I have a soffit . Also only 8 ft ceilings. Trying to decide if I should paint my ceiling white dove or ceiling white. I have a ceiling paint Emiscense from SW . In bright white. . I used for the BR …. . So left over. What would you recommend I paint the ceiling ? I would love a answer ASAP … Thanks. I also will be doing LR kitchen dining area hall

    1. Hi Jean, We painted our ceiling in White Dove in a flat finish and really like how it looks. I’m not familiar with the SW colour you have left over, so I can’t say whether it will work or not. Our kitchen is quite bright, so White Dove (which isn’t a bright white) works well. If you’re looking for a brighter ceiling, you could go one step lighter with the ceiling in a flat finish. Hopes this helps.

  31. We are looking to do a kitchen makeover-paint our cabinets white, dark granite countertop, and white subway tile backsplash. What color grout did you use?

  32. Hi there. I have White Dove on all my walls in my home with the exception of a few accent walls done in Hale Navy. The walls are done in a flat finish and the trim and doors are done in a satin finish. We are getting ready to have our dark kitchen cabinets sprayed and am thinking that I should just do them in White Dove as well. We have a ton of light and I painted the fireplace surround in satin White Dove as well. Our kitchen is open to the living room. I am thinking the perimeter cabinets in White Dove and a dark colour for the island. What are your thoughts on using the White Dove for my cabinet when my walls are the same. I find the satin and flat finish are different enough that my walls and trim look a bit different from each other. Thoughts, suggestions?

    1. Hi Danielle, Your plan sounds fantastic. You’re creating a soft backdrop and can add interest with your selection of other finishes and decor in varying textures (wood, seagrass, greenery, etc.).

  33. Did you use White Dove on the fireplace brick as well? If so, what kind of paint product? Did you dilute it with water for the whitewashed look, or just use a single coat?

  34. Hi Shauna,
    Im building a new home and have selected white dove for my kitchen cabinets. I do not have much other wall space but am looking for another white shade to paint my walls.
    All of my flooring is dark hardwood as is my trim and kitchen countertops and island.
    Stainless steele appliances.
    Large open concept with vaulted ceilings which will be torched wood.
    Natural stone fireplace with a darker tone
    What would you suggest for white wall color to pair well with the dove cabinets.
    In your article and pictures i see you used Baby Fawn.
    Based on what I described, would you recommend, or would you have other suggestions.
    Thank you so much
    Julia Pollard

  35. Hi Shauna,

    My fiancé and I are thinking of painting our walls white dove by BM, but are struggling to figure out what white color to use on our cabinets? Any suggestions?

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