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My Winter Survival Kit

Put together a winter survival kit to keep your body, mind and spirit going strong over the harsh winter months!

Did you enjoy your holiday break? Our son didn’t start back at university until earlier this week, so we decided to finish things off with a trip to the mountains. I felt a bit reluctant about skiing since I haven’t done anything that rigorous after falling down our hardwood stairs this past summer. I’m happy to report it went quite well. I guess the hours and hours of physical therapy paid off. Of course, I took things very slow and stayed on the easy runs. Maybe next time I’ll push it a bit more.

Kimberley Alpine Resort

Do you ski? There’s something so calming (yet terrifying) about being high up on a mountain. The views from Kimberley Alpine Resort were absolutely breathtaking. Just take a look at the mountains peeking through the clouds in the horizon. I don’t ever recall seeing that before. So beautiful!

We also tried snowshoeing for the first time. It’s so much fun and a very good workout (which helped with the chocolate fondue we indulged in while watching the world junior hockey gold medal match. Yay Canada!). We definitely plan on buying our own sets so we can snowshoe on a regular basis. We have all kinds of trails nearby that will be fun to try out. What sorts of outdoor activities do you enjoy during the winter months?

Blue and White Floral Mug with Coffee

Despite the positives of winter, it definitely has a harsh side. Short days, frigid weather, dry humidity, icy road conditions, flu season… (to name a few). On days like today when the wind is howling as the snow comes down, I want to stay inside. My plans to run errands will be pushed to tomorrow. It can be challenging if you don’t have that option, which is another reason I like working from home. But cabin fever can set in too…

Winter Survival Kit

Over the years, I’ve gotten so much better at coping during these months. Perhaps it has to do with finally putting together the perfect combination of essentials that make up my ultimate winter survival kit. See what helps keep my body, mind and spirit going strong…

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Share any of the same favourites? Of course, any of these would make a great gift too! Add a few to a gift bag or basket for anyone who may have a winter birthday like I do later this month.

More Winter Survival Tips

I find staying hydrated, warm and active all help quite a bit. As well, surrounding myself with positive people and content (books, TV series, movies) is so important. I also like to journal.

Striking the balance between fresh, healthy recipes along with some comfort food is a good idea, too. And, of course, a bit of caffeine helps. I simply couldn’t survive without my morning cup of hot coffee or occasional afternoon latte!

Latte with Cinnamon in White Mug on Marble Board

I also find cozying up our home with textures and layers and adding a bit of colour with fresh flowers helps to combat the winter blues.

You can follow my Hygge Home board on Pinterest, where you’ll find more ideas for creating a warm and inviting sanctuary that nurtures. It’s about embracing the everyday and enjoying the simple things that make us feel joy and love.

What would you add to your winter survival kit? Leave a comment below or share a photo on Instagram tagging @satoridesignforliving. I’m always looking for new ways to combat the winter blues.

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Stay warm!

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