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Kitchen Bridge Faucet

Considering a bridge style faucet for your kitchen? Learn about the pros and cons, plus details of the Artesso bridge faucet we installed in our kitchen.

Although we sold our modern farmhouse bungalow several months ago, I still get tons of questions about the finishes we selected. Today, I’m delving a little deeper into our kitchen design and sharing my honest thoughts about the Artesso bridge faucet with side sprayer.

White Kitchen with Stainless Artesso Bridge Faucet and Side Sprayer

What is a Bridge Style Faucet?

If you’re not familiar with a bridge style faucet, it’s made up of two handles or levers (with hot on the left and cold on the right) that are connected by a horizontal pipe that sits above the countertop. The spout extends from the center of this “bridge”, where hot and cold mix to create the desired temperature.

Why I Selected a Bridge Faucet for Our Kitchen

When I shared our kitchen finishes several months ago, I expressed how I’d wanted a bridge faucet for quite some time. Its classic styling with nod to vintage draws me in.

Over time, bridge faucet design has evolved to appeal to almost any aesthetic, from traditional to transitional, and even modern. That being said, I found many contenders that suited the overall direction we were going with this house, modern farmhouse.

Other than overall look, what made this type of faucet a good fit?

Visually, bridge faucets take up more space than most single hole options, making them ideal for larger kitchens. With the kitchen island measuring almost 9 feet long, it seemed like the best option to break up the countertop span and create more interest.

I was finally convinced it was the right decision after seeing our cabinet renderings. With the large gas range and hood centered directly behind the sink, a bridge style faucet helped to create balance.

Artesso Bridge Faucet with Montauk Quartz Kitchen Countertop and Concrete Grey Sink

Factors to Consider

Before selecting a bridge faucet for your space, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Do you have cabinets or shelving directly above? Bridge faucets tend to be taller, so make sure you’re selecting a style that gives you ample clearance.
  • Since they require a minimum of 2 holes for installation and, in some cases, another for a side sprayer, ensure your sink is wide enough. Allow for breathing space on either side to keep it visually pleasing.
  • Do you have an oversized sink? Many bridge faucet styles require a separate side sprayer. Will it easily reach all corners of your sink to function properly?
  • If you’re used to operating a single pull-down faucet, a bridge faucet will take some getting used to. Adjusting the temperature requires the use of 2 handles, which usually means 2 hands.
  • Is there a separate side sprayer? Learning to use it will require a little patience to start out. Don’t be surprised if you spray yourself a few times!
  • Cleaning a bridge faucet is generally more involved than a single pull-down faucet. Having multiple contacts with the countertop means more areas for hard water buildup. As well, you’ll likely have more hand drips to wipe from the counter.
  • What is your budget? In most cases, quality bridge faucets start at a higher price point.

Is a bridge faucet right for your space? If so, you may want to consider the same style we installed in our kitchen, the Artesso by Brizo.

Artesso Bridge Faucet Features

What drew me to this faucet from the get-go was the balance of sleek design along with interesting detailing to create an updated industrial look. To me, it’s the perfect addition to a kitchen with both traditional and modern features.

After testing it out in the showroom, I was impressed by the quality of materials. Not only was the finish flawless, it felt sturdy, solid and well-constructed.

And it should! This faucet starts at a fairly high price point. However, splurging on this item and forgoing the pot filler I was originally considering kept the budget in check.

For the finish, I decided to match our stainless appliances since we were switching up the cabinet hardware and light fixtures to matte black and brass respectively. Repeating a finish in a space helps to create cohesiveness.

Available Finishes

Love the look of the Artesso bridge faucet too? It comes in several other finishes, including:

  • Luxe Gold
  • Matte Black
  • Polished Chrome
  • Polished Nickel
  • Venetian Bronze
  • Stainless (what we used in our kitchen)

Artesso Drawbacks

After using this faucet for a year, I was impressed by how well it held up. The stainless finish basically looked brand new, as long as we wiped it after each use.

Having said that, over time I found that I was missing the simplicity of cleaning and operating the single pull-down faucet we had in our previous kitchen.

The weight of the Artesso side sprayer required a sturdy grip. Dropping it in the sink or on the countertop could easily cause damage. As well, the handle often turned to one side after use, requiring adjustment.

In addition, air sometimes built up in the side sprayer line causing it to drip onto the countertop after using. So, we had to shake the water out before placing it back in the holder.

Call me lazy or stuck in my ways, but I never truly adjusted to this faucet.


For our next home, I will likely select a bridge faucet for an occasional sink, such as the laundry room or wet bar. It’s a look I still love, but a little too fussy and high maintenance for everyday use.

One of the reasons we went with a side sprayer to begin with was to avoid the mode being stuck between flow and spray (as they often do with hard water buildup in pull-downs). I’ll choose my battle and opt to clean it more often. Or, as a compromise, I’ll select a bridge faucet with a pull-down sprayer.

Artesso Faucets in Real Spaces

Selecting materials for a new home build or renovation? It’s overwhelming! Take a look at these real life examples of the Artesso bridge faucet before making any final decisions.

How gorgeous is this kitchen sink area located in front of the window?! The sparkle of the polished nickel finish along with the glass plant shelves is stunning. The modern faucet lines are an interesting contrast to this more traditional kitchen.

Artesso Polished Nickel Bridge Faucet with White Apron Front Sink in Kitchen

Clark & Co. Homes

Although I spotted this modern farmhouse kitchen after we finalized our selections, it left me feeling confident. Below, you can see the same faucet with white apron front sink. Again, there’s a mix of metals, including stainless, matte black and brass.

Don’t reserve bridge faucets for the kitchen alone. They’re also a beautiful and functional addition to a laundry room and more.

This gold finish against the deep blue subway tile backsplash is perfection. Of course, I have to highlight the gorgeous fluted front sink too!

Laundry Room with Gold Artesso Bridge Faucet, White Fluted Farmhouse Sink and Blue Subway Tile Backsplash

Heather Scott Design

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Looking for a Bridge Faucet?

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite options in various styles, finishes and price points.

Have a favourite in the bunch? Which style and finish would you select?

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