Thrifting: My Latest Finds and What I’ve Learned

Enjoy thrifting as much as I do? Check out my latest finds and what I plan on doing with each of them!

As many of you know, I like to go hunting for vintage pieces quite frequently. After cleaning out our basement storage rooms at the completion of our renovation, I vowed I wouldn’t bring home any more fix-me-up pieces until I had dealt with the ones already stockpiled. I’m like the addict who starts to make excuses or hide things so her dirty little secret isn’t found out!

Instead of quitting cold turkey, I decided as an alternative that nothing would come home with me on one of my thrifting adventures if I didn’t have a plan for it within the next few months. That criteria has paid off and my “collection” has been able to stay within the manageable and “safe” range. (Okay that still sounds a little crazy coming from someone who helps people de-clutter and organize their homes for a living!)

What I Found Thrifting

Since the basement purge, I have found a few treasures during my shopping adventures I just couldn’t leave behind. I started collecting milk glass (authentic and reproduction) a while ago, and love how it all looks together. Pieces I recently picked up ranged anywhere from below $1 to $4. Eventually I’d like to arrange them on an open shelf in our kitchen like this milk glass display.

Milk Glass Collection

I spotted this $1 lamp shade frame at our local thrift shop and thought it was the perfect jumping off point to recreate Nester’s book page chandelier (as spotted below) for my office.

Lamp Shade Frame for DIY Chandelier
DIY Book Page Chandelier Hanging Over Coffee Table

As an option, I’ve also considered making a beaded cage pendant light like this one spotted on 1st Dibs. It’s a very ambitious project, but I think it would be so worth it!

Beaded Cage Pendant Light

These Italian glass bottles totalling $2 for the bunch were exactly what I was looking for to hold these Martha Stewart drink mixers for my son’s graduation party in July. They will also work well for some of the refreshing drinks I make throughout the rest of the summer.

Italian Glass Bottles
Apricot and Cranberry Drink Mixers in Glass Bottles

And finally, this antique silverware chest I paid $2 for is going to be painted and recovered inside to store all my stationery. 

Vintage Silverware Chest

I love the look of this turquoise flatware chest I spotted on Etsy. I’m not 100% sure if it’s the colour I’ll choose for mine.

Turquoise Flatware Chest

Do you like to go thrifting? Are you able to exercise restraint or do you need to outline a set of rules for yourself before making any purchases?

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ooo, love your treasures! No rules for me here, I purge quite often though so the pile doesn’t get tooo huge!

  2. Great finds, Shauna! I love the thrill of thrifting, and never knowing what treasures you might run across!

  3. Thrifting… One of my favorite words!! ! Amazing Finds- I am excited to see what you do with the lamp shade! 

    Laura xoxo


  4. Shauna,
    I also have a passion for milk glass, and cannot pass it up. I love collecting vintage mirrors, and vintage white stoneware, old tarnished silver serving pieces, etc… I am a junker (I mean thrifter) :) from way back!
    As always love your post!

  5. I can practice restraint! But a great picture frame or plate does make its way home with me on occasion! I recently found a few pieces of milk glass and am keeping my eyes open for more!

  6. Ack! Now I know why I haven’t had much luck lately…you’re getting all the good stuff! I collect milk glass too, ahem. I have 2 pieces, does that make a collection? LOL, one day! 
    Can’t wait to see what you do to the silverware chest, great idea!!

    1. It’s a start. I really only got going on mine about a year ago. It’s amazing what you can find at salvation army stores and garage sales.

  7. I do the exact same thing.  Every once in a while I put myself on a boycott of things that need to be diy’ed until the garage is cleared of the current projects.  I love your collections and finds!

  8. Do the beaded chandelier! It would be amazing! I love thrifting. Recently I added estate sales to the miz and have had so much fun. I’m borderline over the edge and back……….

  9. Great finds and the prices were really good! I love the silverware chest – it’s got beautiful lines. As for me practicing restraint – I try to keep things in line by sticking to a budget, only buying things I can use, and taking donations with me when I go – much easier said than done. Now the DIY projects are another story! I have a few waiting for attention, and currently have two on the go! No more coming in until all these go out. ;-)

  10. How clever to repurpose the chest for your office!
    I too love milk glass and have quite a few pieces but I want more and more!! My favorite are the Hobnail pieces! I have not been thrifting in so long because I’m trying to keep clutter out of my house… I SO miss it:(

  11. “I vowed I wouldn’t bring home any more fix-me-up pieces until I had dealt with the ones I already had stockpiled”. OH boy you are a brave lady! I have a room where I cycle things… even if I don’t always use it, I MAY use it someday! It’s a sickness, I know of the addiction you speak of… my friend collects milk glass, I pinned the picture of your collection, it may push her over the edge!

    ~Laurie @ Vin’yet Etc.

  12. I do everything you do for myself and for clients. It makes it that much more amazing, when you find things that people can’t necessarily see the outcome and turn it into something gorgeous. 

    I am a new follower of your blog.

    I am hosting a Linky Blog Hop starting today about home organizing. April is Spring cleaning month and I want everyone to link up their home organization blog post. This will run throughout the whole month of April to give you time. Add yours now:  http://bit.ly/XDWic2

    Have a great Tuesday! :) 

  13. Kindred spirits – that’s what we are!  My guilty thrifting pleasure is glass – clear glass, and pitchers – of any shape or size.  I recently sold off all of my wedding crystal (Pinwheel  that I NEVER used) to make room in my china cabinet for these finds :) … 

  14. I like your milk glass collection. My collection is three times that size….so, yea, I’ve made “rules” for myself. When something comes in, something goes out. That’s the rule. Although, sometimes it’s tough to decide on what must go out, it is refreshing to know that I have decluttered and made room for something new coming in. I’ve done this so often, now, when I know I’m going to the thrift store I grab a box and fill it up before I go. When I get to the store I don’t feel bad about buying a cartful because I donated a boxful. :)

  15. Yes, I make rules. But, saying that, what good are they when you walk in and see something totally unexpected? Then my rules go right out the window. I just keep telling my husband, “I know that I’ll use it someday!”

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