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Bloggers share their best household chore tips for making everyday life a little easier. Get these cleaning and organizing tips!

Last week I posed a few questions regarding household chores and I wasn’t too surprised when so many of you chimed in. I often go in waves when it comes to the day-to-day tasks of managing a household. Some weeks laundry really gets on my nerves and I want to go on a cooking strike, and other weeks I’m inspired to try new recipes and I find cleaning somewhat therapeutic. Whatever mood I’m in on any particular day, the thought of making any household duties easier is very appealing.

That’s why I asked a few blogger friends to share some of their best household chore tips to make the everyday tasks a little easier. Enjoy!

Household Chore Tips to Make Everyday Tasks Easier

Meal Prep Tips

“I like to keep my meals simple, healthy, and tasty. Therefore, I keep a well stocked freezer and pantry filled with wholesome foods: salmon, lean meats and chicken, frozen veggies, and healthy grains such as quinoa, brown rice, and whole wheat breads.

Spice Blends for Easy Family Dinners
Homemade Spice Blends for Meat in Glass Bottles

I also cut down meal prep time by creating my own home made spice blends for often cooked meals: grilled chicken with seasoned veggies, chicken fajitas, and lean burrito bowls.” Dawn, Inspired Living

How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

“Clean your stainless coffee pot in 1-2-3! Throw away your bottle brush, this job requires no scrubbing at all.

1. Sprinkle 1/8 cup baking soda into the bottom of your coffee pot, and fill with boiling water.

How to Clean a Coffee Pot or Coffee Carafe

2. Let sit for 10 minutes, 15 is more than enough. If you have another household task to tend to, now is a great time to knock it off the list!

How to Clean Your Coffee Pot the Easy Way

3. After sitting for 10 or 15 minutes, pour out the water and give your pot a quick rinse. You won’t believe how the inside will shine!

Coffee Carafe Cleaning - How to Clean the Inside of a Thermal Coffee Pot

This trick also works well on a stainless thermos and the inside of a vase. If using on a vase, just ensure it can take the heat of boiling water. See how easy it is to do two things at once when you’re tackling your household tasks?” Sheila, Sheila Zeller Interiors

Organizing Tips for Kids

“Super excited to be part of this (my very first guest posting experience)! While I certainly can’t claim to be any kind of expert house cleaner, I do have one strategy that has helped me tremendously: group like with like.

As a mom of two little girls, both of whom have been “helping”  from a very young age, I find when we group like with like it’s easier for them to figure things out. We have tags on our toy bins, so everyone knows what stuff should go where. Both girls’ rooms have an organized area set up for their accessories. It’s really simple for them to pop their necklaces back onto the hooks which keeps their rooms looking neater. All of our craft supplies live together, etc.

DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Hanger with Necklaces
Girl's Room Toy Organization - Bins with DIY Labels

I find this helps to cut down on the clutter- when everything is together we can easily see what we have (avoiding duplicates), and making put aways easier. I hope this helps you!” Nicole, Scrap Me Baby

Organizing Clothing for Kids

“My kids have definite ideas about what they want to wear, but aren’t always the best at matching. Many times they’d “forget” their underwear and socks, too. I don’t have time to help all three of them get dressed every morning, so I bought an organizer at Target that hangs from their closet rod with six individual cubbies. Each cubby holds an entire outfit, including matching socks and underwear. We spend a few minutes on Sunday night picking out clothes for the week, and we’re done!

Kid's Clothing Organizer

My little guy is only five and can’t reach the top cubbies so we figured out a different system for him. I decided to put together an entire outfit for him with socks and underwear included, roll it up, and store it in his dresser.

How to Organize Kid's Outfits for the Week - Rolled Outfits

He only has to choose “a roll” in the morning to get dressed. He loves that he dresses himself and I love that he comes downstairs in the morning with matching clothes!” Jennifer, Classic Style Home

Easy Toilet Cleaning Tip

“I HATE cleaning the bathroom. The worst part of this household task is cleaning the toilet. I live on an acreage and we have a well that provides our house with hard water. Therefore, I could never get the toilet “clean”. I would scrub and scrub, using many different products including bleach and vinegar. Nothing would get rid of the awful toilet ring!

Bath Stone for Cleaning Tough Spots or Stains on Toilets

So when I stumbled upon this product at Bed, Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago, I was skeptical. But this ‘Bath Stone’ removed my toilet bowl ring with just a little scrubbing as it removed the mineral deposits on the porcelain.

Bathroom Cleaning Tip - Bath Stone for Cleaning Tough Spots or Stains on Toilets

If you are plagued by toilet ring, I definitely recommend giving it a try! (I have not been paid for recommending this product. I’m just sharing it because it solved my toilet ring dilemma.)” Sandra, Simple is Pretty

Thank you everyone! These are all fantastic time savers for sure!

Do you have a tip to make household chores a little easier? Let us know in the comments!

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me, Shauna! There are some really great tips here, and how handy to have them all collected in one place… another great time-saver! :-)
    xo Sheila

    1. Your tip worked insanely well for my coffee pot. I’m embarrassed to say that I rinse it all the time so it had a heavy black film. Yesterday I did your trick 2 x and it is sparkling. Perhaps once a month is a little better than once a year! My husband thinks the coffee won’t taste as good now though LOL!

  2. These are great tips ladies! I’ll have to try the bath stone and the baking soda tricks…these are two things that will really work for me!

  3. ooooh i need  a bath stone!!!  we, too, have well water.  we moved here a year and a half ago and i have not been able to get the toilets to my liking, even with bleach and scrubbing! and i don’t like using bleach a lot as it’s just not good for the environment.  off to get a bath stone!

  4. Thanks Shauna for sharing this round up! I have to try the jewelry organizer for myself!!

  5. Those are all great tips Shauna! Sometimes breaking tasks down into smaller tasks really helps! Thank you so much for reaching out and emailing me a while ago and so sorry that I haven’t had a chance to get back to you yet. My poor email is so behind! Sorry that you didn’t hear about BlogWest until the day before. It really was a fantastic conference for making great connections. Maybe next year? Are you going to Blissdom later this year? Maybe we could meet up then? Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter! Angie xo

  6. These are such great tips. Baking soda is like a miracle product! I never can get over how much it can do.

  7. Your tip on how to clean stainless steel coffee carafe works amazingly. My pot looks brand new with very little effort..

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