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DIY Faux Concrete Table Centerpiece for Fall

Make this faux concrete table centerpiece with pumpkins and gourds to welcome the fall season. Add a touch of modern to your traditional fall decor with this easy and inexpensive DIY project.

Faux Concrete Table Centerpiece with Baby Boo Pumpkins and Gourds

Hello everyone! Did you enjoy your first weekend of fall? It was so chilly here that we had to dig out our parkas and hats to be able to watch our son play golf in his first university tournament of the season. I must say I felt a little guilty while I sipped coffee in the comfort of the golf cart as the boys braved the cold. Happy to report a win for their team!

DIY Fall Table Centerpiece with Pumpkins and Gourds

Last week, I shared our dining area and kitchen decorated for fall. Thank you so much for your kind comments! As promised, I put together a tutorial for the faux concrete table centerpiece I created using a thrift shop box.

Concrete Table Centerpiece for Fall

Here’s a look at what I started with…

Wooden Box with Wrought Iron Handles from the Thrift Shop

At first glance, I thought the box was a great deal at $5 being made of solid wood with wrought iron handles. It did have a few small cracks around the handle area, but super glue and clamps fixed that overnight. I planned on painting it with texture anyway, so a bit of imperfection was alright.

Faux Concrete Table Centerpiece with Pumpkins and Gourds

If you can’t find a wooden box at the thrift shop, check the craft or dollar store, or you could even build your own. A few imperfections in the wood will give your concrete box an authentic look, so don’t worry if it’s beaten up.

Repurposing or salvaging old pieces is always my first pick. Remember my tool box makeovers?

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Faux Concrete Paint Technique



  1. Mix the charcoal grey paint with the chalking powder in plastic container using a spoon. The mixture will be quite thick. It’s okay to have some streaks for variation in colour.
  2. Using a brush, paint the mixture onto the box (inside and out staying clear of handles) using irregular strokes, as well as some dabbing. The stiff brush will ensure brush marks are visible, which is the look you want. Allow to dry for 2 to 4 hours. Paint a second coat if needed for coverage or additional texture.
  3. Optional- For extra durability, use a soft lint-free cloth to add a layer of clear wax once the box is dry. (I omitted this step for a chalky look.)
  4. Optional- Add felt pads to the bottom of the box to protect your table.
Faux Concrete Centerpiece with Baby Boo Pumpkins and Gourds

This faux concrete finish can be applied to almost anything. Do you remember the concrete painted pots I made a few months ago? This is a similar technique, however this one is lighter and has a bit more texture since it was applied to rustic wood instead of terracotta.

Assemble the Gourd and Pumpkin Table Centerpiece

To create the centerpiece, fill the bottom of the faux concrete box (I used bubble wrap and tissue paper), then begin adding the pumpkins and gourds one by one. Overlapping different sizes and textures is key.

Grey Planter Box Filled with Baby Boo Pumpkins and Gourds

I selected 3 different gourds and about a dozen baby boo pumpkins in muted greens, yellows and whites to go with my table setting. For more punch, go with brighter colours.

I also tried this technique for preserving pumpkins and gourds (minus the matte sealer) from my friend Ann at On Sutton Place. Keeping them out of direct sunlight helps them to last longer too.

Pumpkin Table Centerpiece for Fall with Neutral Fall Table Setting

Be sure to pin this DIY fall decor project for later!

Fall Table Centerpiece with Baby Boo Pumpkins and Gourds

That’s it! The whole DIY table centerpiece for fall cost around $15. Looks similar to this more expensive faux concrete planter box (plus mine has handles)!

I love how it adds a bit of height to the table without getting in the way. It would be pretty for Thanksgiving too, don’t you think? Maybe put it on the coffee table instead?

Be sure to check out my neutral fall tablescape, plus more fall home decor ideas.

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Happy Fall,

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