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Holiday Mugs + Hot Drink Recipes

Looking for new holiday mugs? I’ve rounded up my favourites with gingerbread, nutcrackers, reindeer and more. A cozy and festive way to enjoy hot drinks all season long.

It’s been chilly here this week, which means I’ve been sipping all kinds of hot drinks to warm up. Of course, I have my go-to mugs for coffee, tea, lattes and more. We all seem to have our favourites, right?

This time of year, I find it fun to switch things up. Embrace the holiday spirit and reach for a mug with a cozy and festive feel instead. From reindeer to gingerbread, Santa Claus, nutcrackers and more, get ready to enjoy your favourite hot drinks in style with these beautiful holiday mug options.

Festive Mugs, Including Reindeer, Gingerbread, Santa Claus, Nutcracker and More

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Holiday Mugs

  1. Holiday in the City Mug
  2. Gingerbread House Mug Topper
  3. Cheeky Reindeer Mug
  4. Santa Claus Mug
  5. Green Nutcracker Mug
  6. Gnome Hot Chocolate Bomb
  7. Snowflake and Reindeer Mug
  8. Tree Shaped Mug
  9. Gingerbread Mugs
  10. Dog Carolers Mug

Aren’t these holiday mugs adorable? I’m trying to decide between a set or collection of different designs instead to make it more fun. What do you prefer? Either way, I know I can’t go wrong!

Mug Christmas Gift

Of course, tasteful mugs make great Christmas gifts too. Add a packet or two of hot chocolate mix (or hot chocolate bomb), a pretty spoon and wrap it up. Or, for tea lovers, add a few tea bags, a mini gingerbread mug hugger and spoon.

You can even find hot chocolate stirrers, Christmas marshmallows and more (shop below). Be creative!

Gifts in a mug are an easy and inexpensive idea for teachers, coworkers, neighbours, friends and more. Keep the recipients in mind to create something they’ll enjoy.

Hot Drink Recipes

Looking for hot drink ideas to enjoy in your new holiday mug? You’ll love these delicious recipes for lattes, hot chocolate, spiked cider and more.

Toasted Marshmallow Mocha

Love the flavour of toasted marshmallows? This homemade creamer is the perfect way to add a frothy, marshmallowy twist to a mocha or hot chocolate.

Cup of Mocha with Toasted Marshmallow Creamer in Glass Bottle

Strawberry Hot Chocolate

Make a healthier pink hot chocolate with fresh strawberries, white chocolate, milk and other simple ingredients. It’s creamy, delicious and so pretty!

Strawberry Hot Chocolate in White Mug Topped with Dried Culinary Rose Petals

Pumpkin Spice Latte with Real Pumpkin

Enjoy this deliciously creamy pumpkin spice latte at home. Made with your favourite milk, pumpkin butter, vanilla and coffee, all topped off with maple whipped cream and cinnamon. It’s goodness in a mug!

Pumpkin Spice Latte in White Mug with Silver Spoon

Lavender London Fog Latte

This tea latte is creamy, frothy and sweet, with notes of citrus and bergamot. The subtle hint of lavender not only lifts the overall flavour of this hot milk drink, but makes it pretty and calming too.

Lavender London Fog Latte in White Tea Cup with Purple Trim

Dried Mint Tea

Use dried mint leaves to brew a flavourful cup of hot tea. Naturally caffeine-free and soothing on the tummy, this is my go-to drink in the evening all winter long.

Hot Mint Tea in Vintage Floral Mug

Spiked Apple Cider

If you’re like me and love anything apple, this easy spiked apple cider cocktail is one to try. I love the subtle spices mixed with the fresh apple goodness. Here, it’s shown cold, but it’s even better served hot on chilly days.

Spiked Apple Cider Drink in Copper Mug

For more hot drinks, be sure to check out these milk frother recipes and this white chocolate pumpkin pie steamer.

Which holiday mug and hot drink would you pick? I’ll be sharing my favourites on Instagram, so be sure to follow along.

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Happy sipping!

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This holiday mug post was originally shared November 2022 and updated with new photos and ideas November 2023.

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  1. I love how you’ve embraced the festive spirit with these adorable holiday mugs! The variety of designs, from reindeer to gingerbread, adds a touch of joy to every sip. The idea of gifting these mugs with hot chocolate mix or tea bags is so thoughtful—perfect for spreading holiday cheer among teachers, coworkers, and friends. And those hot drink recipes are a delightful bonus! The Toasted Marshmallow Mocha and Strawberry Hot Chocolate sound divine. Your post has me excited to cozy up with a festive mug and savor the warmth of the season. Cheers to spreading happiness through mugs and heartwarming drinks!

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