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Holiday Countdown Planner {Week Four}

Need some holiday preparation guidance? Get your printable Holiday Countdown Planner every Friday starting 8 weeks before Christmas. It’s Week 4!

How are your Christmas preparations coming along? According to many of you on Satori’s Facebook Page, shopping is well underway and you’ve even started some baking, plus a few craft projects. I love hearing about your projects and how the holiday countdown planner is working for you!

Holiday Countdown Planner Series Banner

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If you’re late to the party, be sure to read about this year’s Holiday Countdown and also catch up on week two or week three. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to join this series (it’s only November)!

Tasks for Week 4

Step One

To get your free Printable Planner for Week Four, simply click on the image below and you will have access to the PDF.

Holiday Countdown Planner Printable Week Four

Step Two

Once you’ve printed out the planner, read the post Holiday Countdown Series Recap {Week Four} and you’ll know what your homework is for the week.

You may have noticed I’m in Christmas craft mode around here. This week, I kicked off the One Item Project Challenge and shared my DIY snowflake glass canisters using glass paint. This weekend, I’m working on the next DIY project for this series, as well as my hot cocoa station for our holiday get-togethers.

Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station for Holiday Entertaining

I also plan on doing some big batch cooking and freezing on Sunday to have meals ready to go for the upcoming weeks. Last night we had eggs for supper, and I don’t want to be doing that very often leading up to Christmas.

On a side note, I encourage you to check out Rakuten when doing any online shopping. I recently joined and, although I was a little skeptical at first, I already got a rebate check in the mail for shopping at Banana Republic and Indigo.

All I had to do was go to the Rakuten site first, find where I wanted to shop, click to be taken to that site, then automatically earn a percentage back. So easy!

You can also refer friends and earn bonus money (I think we could all use a little gift to ourselves this Christmas season, right?).

Your Christmas Project Updates

Christine created these lovely etched candle holders.

DIY Etched Christmas Candle Holders

Donna made a twig pinecone garland out of found materials (while watching Survivor).

DIY Twig and Pinecone Garland

Tina participated in Operation Christmas Child and started her holiday decorating scheme.

Holiday Decorating Scheme Preparations

Want to share your own Holiday Countdown progress?

Share what you’ve been up to each week in a blog post (or as many weeks as you wish). Be sure to link back to the corresponding week’s post. Let me know you’re participating and I’ll share your project on Facebook or one of my other social media channels.

Be sure to share your photos or updates on social media with the hashtag #satoriholidaycountdown

Or, simply leave a comment updating us on what you’ve been up to. Fun, right?

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Have a fantastic weekend,

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  1. I love the countdown planner! I did a post last week about what to do now to prepare for the holidays. I was determined to be prepared this year and made a plan. It’s working! I’m almost completely done with shopping, pictures are done, and the tree is halfway decorated! Whoo hoo!

    1. It sounds like you’re way ahead of the game. I’m doing some shopping this weekend and will hopefully check a bunch of other tasks off my list. Snow in the forecast again, so I don’t know if our outdoor lights will get up (normally that is done by now)!

  2. Love those glasses! I am a big sucker for any gift or decor that involves a jar. And chickpeas? Hello to one of the foods that I eat the most each week. 

    And the planner? Deciding on my cards? Oh I cannot wait to get on making mine!

  3. Love your planner, still! I will say that I have ordered my cards, but I haven’t figured out whether we are going to host a gathering or not.

    I so want to, but somehow I have a feeling that our month will be chock-full of other families’ get-togethers! 

  4. This is really inspiring me to get more organized so I can enjoy the weeks before Christmas! Looks like you will have some great things on the go.

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