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Painted Glass Canisters with Snowflakes

These painted glass canisters with pretty snowflakes are a fun and easy Christmas craft idea. Fill with holiday treats too keep or give away!

I’m thrilled to be kicking off the One Item Project Challenge today. If you recall, I started this series last year as motivation to become a little craftier during the Christmas season, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with blogger friends once again.

One Item Project Challenge 2013 - DIY Series Hosted by Satori Design for Living

For the One Item Project Challenge, each blogger was given a specific craft supply to work with per week and had to create or decorate something with it. To kick off this 3-week series, we started with GLASS PAINT.

After using Martha Stewart fabric paint for my printed tea towel project last year and being happy with the results, I decided to try the glass paint to dress up some basic glass canisters.

DIY Snowflake Painted Glass Canisters

Painted Glass Canisters with Snowflakes


  • Glass canisters (IKEA)
  • Glass paint (Michaels)
  • Silkscreens or stencils
  • Pouncer sponge
  • Plastic lid (or something to put paint onto)
Glass Paint Tutorial - How to Make Snowflake Storage Jars


To begin with, make sure your jar is clean and dry. Press your silkscreen or stencil onto the jar making sure the edges of the pattern adhere (you don’t want any bleeding).

Screen Print Stencil Adhered to Glass Canister

Squeeze a small amount of glass paint onto the plastic lid, load onto the pouncer sponge and dab a bit off.

Begin applying to the silkscreen from the center working outward in a straight up and down motion. Be sure to cover the entire design going over a couple of times.

Martha Stewart White Gloss Glass Paint Being Applied to Jar

Carefully remove the silkscreen to reveal the design and immediately rinse it under water to clean off the paint.

Continue with the next silkscreen pattern being careful not to touch the one you already did.

Note: If the paint smudges or bleeds, just wipe it off and start again. You can also use a toothpick or q-tip to fix up small imperfections.

Glass Paint Tutorial - Snowflake Glass Canisters

The instructions say to let the paint cure for a few weeks or you can oven bake. Once it’s set, items can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher, but I plan on hand washing to be safe.

Glass Canisters with Snowflakes

The snowflakes are so festive and pretty, aren’t they?

Hand Painted Glass Canisters with Snowflakes

Now that I’ve given my glass canisters a holiday season vibe, I plan on using them to set up a hot chocolate station.

Update: See my Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station.

Snowflake Glass Canisters with Marshmallows, Caramels and Hot Chocolate Mix

They’re perfect for holding hot cocoa mix and all of the fixings during the holiday season.

DIY Snowflake Glass Canisters Using Glass Paint

These snowflake painted glass canisters were super easy to make and a lot of fun! Fill with a few treats or bath salts and give away as a handmade gift.

If you’ve never tried silkscreening (on fabric or glass), you must give it a try- so rewarding!

And now for my favourite part of the series…

More Ideas Using Glass Paint

DIY Snowflake Plate by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

DIY Snowflake Plate

Hand Painted Stemware by Living Savvy

Hand Painted Stemware Using Glass Paint

Gold Bubble Vase by Suburble

DIY Gold Bubble Glass Vase

Be sure to come back next Wednesday to find out what the second craft supply was on our One Item Project Challenge list and see what we all did with it. (Update: see our projects.)

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Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I loved your snowflake tea towels you made last year and wanted to try making them, but I never got around to it. I’m definitely going to pick up the supplies to do these glass canisters for gifts!

  2. I love all of the projects!  And what a great idea for a series.  I’m not much of a crafter and was just thinking that I need to become one for this holiday season if I want to have a handmade Christmas.  

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Really love this idea! Your jars turned out so cute. I love the gold polka dot one as well. I’ve been eyeing all of the pieces over at Indigo, but I could probably make something similar to what they sell using some dollar store finds and craft supplies! :) Thanks for the inspiration today! :)

    1. Indigo definitely has some gorgeous pieces right now. Tara showed that you definitely can DIY a lot of those items (especially trendy pieces you don’t need to last for years and years). Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a super fun idea!  I love the idea of a hot chocolate bar… that could be kid and adult friendly {with some mixers!!}  The jars are super simple, but can be used all winter long!

  5. These are so adorable, Shauna! I love those stencils and your snowflakes turned out so crisp! I am definitely getting some of that bake-on paint – how totally awesome is that!?!? 

  6. These are great projects, Shauna! Your jars are so cute, and I love the gold and black polka dot projects.

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