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  1. Oh Shauna! First of all I love those ornaments, they turned out perfect! Too bad about you wiping out along the path – at least you looked great, hey? (I’m sorry, I’m laughing…). Thanks for the little shout out too, take care my bloggy friend – and find some safer DIY projects, would ya!

    • It was like something out of Home Alone. I guess that’s what I get for being so careless! Thanks for the heads up on priming the chalkboard. I had made one a couple years ago and didn’t do that- you’re right, it does etch!

  2. Great idea~thanks Shauna!  I am impressed:  a saw and a drill!! I am a little scared of both.  Have a great day.

  3. I just posted a very similar project today!  Gotta love those tree slices and chalkboards.  Love how yours turned out. :)

  4. These are awesome Shauna! In fact all the projects are fabulous – you are one talented group of ladies! I will have to try the slices one day, and thanks for the reminder about priming with chalk.

  5. These are amazing!  I so want to make these for friend gifts this year!  I wonder if I can find a wooded area to steal some branches… living in the flat burbs does not provide a lot of extra branches!  How big was the branch you used?  You are so talented… I want to be you when I grow up!  XO

    • It was anywhere from 3 to 5″ in diameter and had to be about 12 feet long. My husband said I looked like a Labrador Retriever who was excited to find a new stick in the woods when I came home. It was a bit of a hunt, but lugging it up the path from the bottom of the bank was the real challenge (after having fallen before and being icy). The things we do for DIY!

      You won’t need one that long, but I also used it for a couple other projects I will be posting soon. Good luck :)

  6. Love those wood ornaments! It great that you can change them up every year.  These would also be great gift toppers using people’s  names :)

  7. I love these and am hoping to make some this year for gifts! One question – do I need to spray or paint with some type of perservative?

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