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Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station

This decadent hot cocoa station is the perfect addition to your holiday party. Decorated in a nostalgic vibe, it’s sure to warm the hearts (and hands) of your guests!

Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station

A big thank you to Pottery Barn for sending me a “surprise box” of ten beautiful Christmas ornaments.

It was around this time last year that I spotted a hot cocoa station on Pinterest and decided I wanted to create one of my own for this holiday season. I began planning the style back in November. When a box of Christmas ornaments from Pottery Barn showed up at my door, it was the missing piece I needed to tie everything together.

The colour of candy cane red combined with robin’s egg blue and simple white is a scheme I’ve always been drawn to. There’s something about it that evokes a sense of nostalgia.

After spotting these inexpensive blue mugs and their matching bowls, I had my jumping off point. A little more shopping around, including a few thrift shops, as well as my own cupboards, and I was able to put together the perfect station for warming up after a skating party or day of skiing on New Year’s Day.

How to Set Up a Hot Cocoa Station

Hot Cocoa with Toppings

Of course, what’s a hot cocoa station without the cocoa? I splurged on my favourite Godiva hot chocolate mix and transferred it into one of the snowflake glass canisters I made a while back.

For the variety of decadent toppings (the best part!), I used glass sugar bowls that have a vintage look and a shaker for some sprinkles.

Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station with Hand Printed Glass Canisters

I used the other two snowflake canisters for marshmallows and caramels (yum…, salted caramel hot chocolate anyone?).

Snowflake Glass Canister with Caramels

What would you put in your cocoa? White chocolate chips, mini chips or shavings? A candy cane for mint flavour?

Hot Chocolate in Blue Mug with Candy Cane

Sprinkles? Whipped cream?

Blue Mug with Hot Chocolate Topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Shavings

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Ready to take a closer look at what was in that surprise box from Pottery Barn?

Opening it, I found the most adorable collection of vintage style Christmas ornaments! Can anyone say “kid in a candy store!”

Pottery Barn Christmas Ornament with Red Car and Tree

Isn’t that nostalgic car with tree on top so fun? And what makes it even better is the pint-sized holiday trailer!

Camping Trailer with Tree Christmas Ornament

And what about this beautiful Christmas tree cloche ornament? Love, love, love…

Christmas Tree Cloche Ornament

I also received a candy cane ornament, Santa Claus, and several others.

Sweet Treats

Want something sweet to eat too?

Hot Cocoa Station with Bowls of Chocolate and Cookies

Help yourself to some popcorn, a pizzelle or a pretzel or two. Or maybe you can’t get enough chocolate?

Hot Cocoa Station with Bowls of Delicious Toppings

I found the most adorable white chocolate star pretzels too!

White Chocolate Star Pretzels

Hot Cocoa Party Favours

Can’t stay long? Then take your hot chocolate to go!

Hot Chocolate Station with Red and White Paper Cups

And please take another with a packet of hot cocoa mix tucked inside for later!

Individual Hot Chocolate To-Go Cups
Hot Chocolate Holiday Party Favours

Warm now? Good!

Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station

I had so much fun putting this hot cocoa bar together and I know everyone will enjoy using it! If you’re wanting to get all of the details (where I got everything and how I put it together) I’ll be sharing it in a post very soon.

Update- Click here to get the hot cocoa bar details, including source list and DIY projects.

Happy Holidays, 

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  1. I am hosting a brunch next weekend and I’ll have to set-up a fun hot cocoa station for the kids!! Great ideas Shauna! And i loooove the Christmas tree under your glass dome.  How sweet. 

  2. I love your hot cocoa station! I’ve been pinning them away with plans to add cocoa to my coffee bar. The to go cups for the kids would be great when we drive around and look at Christmas lights.

  3. I love this! The light blue colour of the mugs and dishes adds a classy punch of colour other than the traditional red and white. The hot cocoa station is such a great idea for the holidays!

  4. I love how you incorporated the light blue coloured dishes into your station. The blue adds a nice pop of colour against the red and white.  I want to have one of these at my house over the holidays – great idea!!

  5. Wow, can I come skating with you? I want to come back to warm up with your cocoa. The station looks amazing, perfect for this time of year.
    Debbie :)

  6. This is so inspiring.You’ve inspired me to do a hot cocoa station over the holidays. We are planning a sleigh ride and this will be perfect to come back to!

  7. I just pinned a Hot Cocoa station the other day! Love the idea, and yours is just awesome – the colours are so perky and fun. And… I would put shavings in mine! Oh, and if you have too many of the Pottery Barn ornaments, I can help you with that!! ;-)

  8. I love that colour combo too. The Pottery Barn decorations add the perfect finishing touch. I love the idea of a hot cocoa bar for any winter gathering.

  9. Oh Shauna!! Your hot cocoa station looks just beautiful and those ornaments – gorgeous!!

  10. Great idea! This is the kind of thing that would go over great with any crowd. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love that snowflake canister! It’s too cute. The whole idea of the hot cocoa bar is wonderful. My kids would love it (especially if there were allowed to heap it full of marshmallows too!)

  12. I love PB – I love your hot cocoa station! I’d love to swing by your home sometime to have a cup of it and dish Shauna!! Happy Holidays! Heather~

  13. mmmmm I’ll be right over!   What a fabulous collection you’ve put together.  Love those dishes too – where oh where did you get those??  

    Great idea!

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