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Holiday Countdown Planner {Week One}

Ready for this year’s Holiday Countdown? Get your free printable with breakdown of tasks to get ready in time for Christmas. Our 8-week journey starts today!

Perhaps I’m a bit crazy thinking about Christmas before Halloween is over, but it wasn’t until I started planning this early that I truly started to enjoy and embrace the holiday season. If you’ve ever felt frazzled, under pressure or you couldn’t wait for December 26th, I encourage you to join this year’s Holiday Countdown. I’m certain it will make a difference for you like it has so many others.

Holiday Countdown Planner Series

This year’s Holiday Countdown will be in a slightly different format than the past two years. Instead of re-posting the tasks for each and every week, I’ll simply link to last year’s post for that week and include a new handy printable task list. Any changes or additions to the week (as I do tend to tweak my plans to make them better) will be noted.

Every Friday you can come back and get your Holiday Countdown Planner, read what’s on that week’s to-do list, and do your best to check everything off before the following Friday.

Remember, you’re not looking for perfection, just an improvement to prevent the frazzled mess of years past. Baby steps, people!

Let’s Get Started

Step One

To get the free Printable Christmas Planner for Week One, simply click on the image below and the pdf will automatically download.

Holiday Countdown Planner Week One Free Printable

Step Two

Once you’ve printed out the planner, read the post Holiday Countdown Series Recap {Week One} and you’ll be on your way to getting ready for Christmas. Easy peasy!

Use the form to jot down your ideas, supplies you may need to pick up and the days you plan on completing each task.

Joining the Holiday Countdown this year?

Share what you’ve been up to each week in a blog post (or as many weeks as you wish). Be sure to link back to the corresponding week’s post. Let me know you’re participating and I’ll share your project on social media.

Be sure to share your photos or updates on social media with the hashtag #satoriholidaycountdown

Or, simply leave a comment each week updating us on what you’ve been up to!

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Have a great weekend,

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  1. I LOVE this! Starting early means there is time left in December to actually enjoy the holidays. i am already half done shopping. Plus I love Christmas so if we can start thinking about it now it makes me happy! Here’s to a Happy Holiday!

  2. You never cease to amaze me, Shauna! I didn’t know you could make last year’s any better and here you have! I found this countdown so useful/helpful and am really glad you hit send on this post!
    Thank you!!!
    xo Sheila

  3. I always enjoy stopping by Satori, but I love your Christmas countdown.  I am so excited for this years printable. :)

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