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Get Organized: Underbed Storage

Is your closet or dresser a mess? Use underbed storage containers for seasonal clothing and accessories. A simple and inexpensive organizing solution for your bedroom!

Because I haven’t seen our son since the beginning of January, I decided to drive up yesterday and spend the day with him. My mom met us for lunch and we did a bit of shopping as well. It was a great day! (I may have even scored some milk glass pieces, plus blue and white plates at a couple thrift shops! He has a some good ones just down the street. Occasionally, he stops in on his own and picks up pieces I’m on the hunt for. So sweet. Someday, I’ll get around to sharing those with you.)

When he first went away to college, I could barely go a week without seeing him. Somehow, I’ve learned to let go (a bit). At times it’s torturous, but I’ve come to realize that hanging on too tightly will only be a hindrance as he finds his own way. What we want most as parents is for them to live meaningful and purposeful lives, right?

Getting out of the house was a nice break, since I’ve been organizing and purging relentlessly on and off for the past month. We usually do a pretty good job at keeping up with it all, but somehow our clothing and accessories started getting messy and squished. Pulling out crinkled shirts and sweaters was getting annoying! It’s not that either of us have a lot of stuff, but it’s difficult to keep things in order when there just isn’t enough room.

Underbed Storage Containers

The solution? I picked up shallow storage containers that fit under the bed for our seasonal items.

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There are also some good clothing storage options on Amazon.

I ended up using shallow clear plastic storage containers, since the clearance was lower than most. Typically there’s about 7″, but ours was less and the options were limited. Measure so you don’t have to wait in line at the return counter like I did!

To keep our clothes fresh, I threw a lavender sachet in each bin too. Having our summer clothes in one spot means it’s easy to pack for a winter beach getaway too. Nothing planned yet, but I’m putting it out there just in case!

Once the weather turns nice, I’ll simply switch our seasonal items around. Chunky wool sweaters in and sleeveless tops and shorts out. Easy peasy!

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  1. I have totally made the mistake of not measuring before buying under-bed storage. Ended up putting the bed up on lifts. :/

    But I need to get new ones for our master bedroom, which is so, so small that we need to use every cubic inch to full advantage.

    1. I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner! Our bedroom is a good size, but chunky wool sweaters, workout clothes, casual clothes, and everything else seems to take up a lot of space even if you don’t have much. Those bins I found are also available at Wal-Mart and are shallow.

  2. I really like #7 the Rubbermaid. I should get one for under my bed. It is so practical, but I should measure first if it will fit :)

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