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Mission: Jewelry Organization

Beautiful and clever jewelry organization ideas, including the steps for putting together a storage drawer using tea cups and pretty boxes.

I’m not the fashionista with boxes, bags and containers over-flowing with jewelry. I love it, but I’d say that I’m more of a bag girl when it comes to accessories. I’m also lucky to have access to my aunt’s jewelry collection at any given time, making it unnecessary to find a home for too many pieces.

The jewelry I have is a collection of vintage pieces I bought or were handed down, gifts from friends and family, and some selections I found impossible to walk away from while shopping. I’m finding this last category is growing (could be something to do with Anthropologie opening up), but the incidence of wearing this jewelry has not. I tend to wear the same pieces over and over, like that same comfy sweater we always seem to reach for.

I wondered WHY this was the case. When I looked at how I stored my jewelry, the answer became apparent. In most cases, we do what is simple and easy.

Easy isn’t spending time looking for the match to an earring. Easy isn’t finding the right necklace and/or bracelet to go with those earrings if they’re mixed up and tangled in a bag. Rather, easy is grabbing a pair of silver earrings off the dresser and heading out the door.

My goal was to create an organizing system that encouraged me to wear all of my jewelry pieces. (And if I didn’t have an event to wear a special piece to, I would create one!) I also needed to make room for these new earrings I bought a while ago.

Anthropologie Earrings - Iron Lace Drops

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Jewelry Organization Ideas

The jewelry storage solution had to:

  • be easy to put items away and retrieve
  • have simple organizational categories (colour, style, etc.)
  • be inexpensive
  • allow my collection to grow (shh…don’t tell my husband!)
  • be beautiful

It didn’t take long to find inspiration for jewelry storage ideas.

This shadow box jewelry storage idea from Martha Stewart is stylish, easy to make, simple to use and can be customized to work with your decor. However, I don’t like my jewelry stored in the light because it tends to tarnish quickly and I’d need several boxes hanging on the wall to store everything. This option would be excellent for hanging a few pieces that you’re planning on wearing over the next couple of days to coordinate with the outfits you also choose ahead of time. I think this will be a project for another time.

This earring holder ensures that pairs are always kept together and the artistic quality of earrings would display nicely in a room. The construction is very simple, using a frame, plus a few more supplies. However, it doesn’t meet all of my specifications since it would only address the issue of earrings and a few bracelets or necklaces.

I’ve always been a fan of the Pottery Barn jewelry boxes. Their classic styling, as well as cubbies and compartments provide endless storage, but fold away into a neat and tidy box. They come in a variety a variety of colours to coordinate with almost look and can be monogrammed to add that personal detailing I love. This all sounds like the perfect solution, but they come with a pretty hefty price tag for the size I would need. (Perhaps a Christmas gift idea!)

Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn

This tea cup jewelry storage idea from Martha Stewart is very clever. Not only does it allow you to see everything, items can easily be retrieved and put away.

The variety of saucers and tea cups creates a number of compartments that allows you to categorize. In addition, everything is closed up in a drawer to keep light out. Because tea cups can be found at many second hand stores (or your grandmother’s cupboard collecting dust), it makes this an inexpensive way to store jewelry. I think we have found a WINNER!

My Newly Organized Jewelry

Everything is easy to see…

Jewelry Organization Ideas - Drawer with vintage teacups and saucers - Satori Design for Living

Pretty boxes provide additional storage…

Jewelry Organization Ideas - Drawer with vintage teacups and saucers plus DIY covered storage boxes - Satori Design for Living

Earrings hang from teacup edges…

Jewelry Organization Ideas - Vintage Tea Cup Storage - Satori Design for Living

Necklaces stay tangle free…

Jewelry Organization Ideas - Vintage Tea Cup Storage - Satori Design for Living

How I Created This Jewelry Storage System

I emptied out the top drawer of one of my dressers that previously housed most of my jewelry in cosmetic bags, as well as a shoe box filled with papers and some other junk. Most of it went in the recycling and donation box.

Adding Drawer Liner

Then, I selected a shabby chic peel and stick drawer liner from Michaels that looked vintage to reflect the age of the dresser, as well as the style of the tea cups and some of the jewelry. (Also, I thought this was the perfect place to add pretty without freaking out my husband!)

I measured the inside of the drawer and cut the self-adhesive liner to fit. Next, I applied the liner, pressing from the center toward the edges to prevent ripples from forming.

Lining a Dresser Drawer with Shabby Chic Paper

I would suggest cutting the liner a little larger than the bottom of the dresser and trimming the excess with an exacto knife. My dresser is an antique and isn’t exactly rectangular, so the liner is a bit off.

Lining a Dresser Drawer with Shabby Chic Paper

Arranging Tea Cups and Saucers

I gathered a number of tea cups and saucers from my kitchen cabinet (I rarely pull these out, but couldn’t part with them because they are so beautiful and many belonged to my grandmothers).

Then, I arranged the teacups and saucers in a random fashion and began organizing my jewelry pieces by color and style.

Tea Cups and Saucers Filled with Jewelry in Dresser Drawer

Jewelry Storage Boxes

I took sturdy boxes (that were previously in the drawer) and covered them with another drawer liner pattern from Michaels.

Cover a Box with Pretty Paper for Jewelry Storage
Repurposed Box for Jewelry Storage
Covering a Box with Pretty Paper for Jewelry Storage

I placed chunkier necklaces, as well as special occasion jewelry in these boxes. Then, I added ribbon to the smallest box.

DIY Shabby Chic Covered Jewelry Boxes

I plan on adding a couple more tea cups and/or saucers as needed. In the Martha Stewart example, they suggest lining the drawer with felt or velvet. I didn’t find that the tea cups shifted around when I opened and closed the drawer, so I used the peel and stick liner instead.

Vintage Tea Cup and Saucer Jewelry Organization

How do you organize your jewelry? I’d love to hear about it!

Want to see more? Check out these beautiful and clever organizing ideas, including my repurposed jewelry cloche.

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Shauna, First of all I LOVE your website! Great job, it’s obvious that it is a labor of love.
    Its funny that I have been planning on reorganizing my closet and looking for ideas for all my jewelery and I to saw the Martha Steward idea of using old teacups and fell in love with the idea of using all the beautiful old teacups I have stored away. I also had to smile when I saw the Jo Malone colonge ( I have the same box saved). Are we related? We think alike.
    Love ya, Heather

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I am enjoying the website and trying to learn how to do everything. Next step is a new camera so I can take good quality photos.
      The teacup jewelry storage idea suits your aesthetic to a “Tea.” I have found that it works really well and I love opening that drawer now. Jo Malone is my favorite. I love the nectarine blossom & honey. What do you wear?

  2. Hey Shauna, I am finally glad to know what do do with all of Grama’s old teacups and saucers!

    Great idea.

  3. I love the tea cups and the boxes are lovely! I use a pretty plate to lay out some of my bracelets and a crystal cup to hold all my “pearl” necklaces. I like the idea of repurposing things. Great job!  : ) 

    ~  Catie 

    Oh, did you know you were featured on Serenity Now? Congratulations! 

    1. I love your idea of using crystal to store your necklaces. A collection of crystal of varying sizes and heights would work beautifully in place of the teacups and saucers.
      I didn’t know I was featured on Serenity Now. I’ll check it out.

  4. Hi,
    I love your storage idea! I have a collection of small milk glass bowls and vases. I think they would work for this also.

    1. I love milk glass. I’m sure it looks beautiful.
      Love your jewelry as well. I’m drawn to handmade and anything vintage, so it’s the perfect combination!

  5. WOW! This is perfect. I have been thinking of moving my messy jewelry drawer to hanging something in my closet to bee able to see everything. Now I am inspired to do this instead, my top drawer is already felt lined!

  6. Thanks for linking up to the Dog Days Organize It party!   Featuring this idea today – love it! 

  7. That is a fantastic idea… I have a few beautiful teacups from my moms family. They are just sitting in a cupboard hidden away… I am going to bring them out and enjoy them while getting my jewelry more organized … Double win!

    1. Actually, they stay put. I guess if you pulled the drawer in and out very quickly you may have a problem and velcro would help. So far it’s worked very well as is. Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Very clever! Love the pretty jewelry too! And, of course, love the organization! Becky 

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