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Decorating Crush: California Style

I’m in love with California style after a recent trip to the west coast. These beautifully decorated spaces have inspired me to make some changes at home!

Hello there! Did you miss me? If you follow along on Instagram, then you know I was in southern California for a bit of a birthday getaway. My husband went earlier for business, and I decided I could use a little warm weather and a break from the everyday. So, I flew down and met him.

We were so fortunate to have sunny skies and beautiful temperatures. My winter skin really needed it. If you’re from Canada, you know what I mean! And how can you beat the taste of fresh lemons picked right off the tree, or the smell of lavender growing on the patio? Heavenly!

Aside from the usual shopping and eating, we toured around some new areas I’ve never been to in California, including Ojai or “oh hi” (remember Ojai Foods from the show Brothers & Sisters?) and Santa Barbara. What a lovely drive.

California Style Take-Aways

Each area we visited had its own unique feel, but I was able to take away some common threads of decorating inspiration.

Patterned Tiles

Blue and White Patterned Tile at Raoul Textiles

From hotels to restaurants to shops, patterned tile seemed to be everywhere.

This coastal blue and white graphic tile at Raoul Textiles was a bit more modern, whereas the Spanish style tile found throughout our Ojai resort was traditional. The tiles added just the right amount of character and charm to each space.

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

Plants and Flowers

Fig Curated Living in Ojai

Being from Canada where there’s snow or grey (or somewhere in between in January), I definitely enjoyed looking through the garden shops. Plants and flowers, especially succulents, were prominent throughout the region.

I couldn’t get over the size of some of the plants (check out those vines)! I guess that’s what happens when the growing season is longer than a few months, right?

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Chic Terrace With Arches

Laura McGraw via Style at Home | Photo by Donna Griffith

We took full advantage when it came to spending time outside. Most places had doors that pushed right back or covered terraces with heaters for the cooler evenings.

I definitely want to incorporate an element of this into our new home design to extend our very short outdoor living season.

White + Pops of Color

I loved the fresh white walls paired with colorful accents. In a place like sunny and warm California, I’m guessing this look would never feel cold. Think how easy it would be to change up decor seasonally.

Are there any aspects of California style you’d like to incorporate into your home? Any you’d definitely pass on?

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. I used to work for a company who’s head office was in California. That meant monthly trips there – man, I loved the warm sun in February, sitting on a patio for lunch, early morning walks. Sadly those days are gone. But the memory of that warm sun lasted for years.

  2. Oooo, I’m diggin’ your take on California style and sure do like your inspiration! I’m going down there too soon, I need some sunshine!!!

  3. Shauna, your photographs are beautiful! They make me long for a warm, sunny destination right about now. We don’t have snow, but we definitely have wet, gray, dreary weather – not a lot of inspiration being sparked by it. I think the only California style I might opt out of is the vines – I haven’t been able to keep up with my small flower pots and little bit of landscaping this year, so I think implementing vines into my equation might not be the best idea! I love the blue and white tile – very fresh and pretty!

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