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Office Makeover {One Room Challenge Finale}

It’s the final week of the One Room Challenge. Come check out my office makeover!

The One Room Challenge may be over, but I’ll still be carrying on with my office makeover. When I joined this series on October 2, I set out to cure my case of ‘Decoritus Interruptus’ and I’m happy to report that I’m on the road to recovery! Each week I’ve made progress in one way or another, and thanks to the brains behind this series (aka Linda of Calling it Home), I’m that much closer to putting a check mark beside “organize and decorate my office.”

Office Makeover Details

On week one of the challenge, I started out with an office that lacked personality and definitely needed some attention in the organizing department. Because most of my time and attention is usually spent on client projects, I didn’t have time to transform the space from head to toe, but I’m thrilled with how everything is looking in a short period of time. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Office Makeover for the One Room Challenge with DIY Repurposed Art Canvas, RANARP Work Lamp and Pottery Barn Printer's Keyhole Desk

Last week I started an art project using an old canvas I found kicking around in our storage room. It now hangs on the wall beside my desk, and I love the subtle color it brings to the space. My husband titled it “Foggy Lake” and, although it may not be a true work of art, I’m happy with how it turned out considering the little time (and basically no money) I spent on it.

Art Canvas Makeover

If you have some leftover paint and an old canvas, I encourage you to try this project.

Art Project Using an Old Canvas and Leftover Paint BEFORE

Be sure to prime over what’s there first to make sure you get good coverage.

Using an Old Art Canvas to Create New Art

I started with a natural linen paint color at the bottom of the canvas and worked my way up with a light blue-green, dark grey, light turquoise, and finally, white. To blend the colors, I simply dipped my brush in water, patted it on a paper towel and worked them together moving the paint brush back and forth (slightly overlapping).

It’s really hard to mess it up, but make sure you don’t overwork the colors (you don’t want them to look muddy). If you do, just go back with more paint.

Painting Over an Old Art Canvas to Create New Art

After it dried a bit, I went back and touched up a few areas with a watered-down brush and a bit more paint.

Easy Art Project Using an Old Canvas

Office Lighting

Unfortunately, I’m not able to show you the new crystal chandelier I selected for my office since it hasn’t arrived yet.

Manor Court Crystal 4-arm Chandelier From RH Baby & Child

I also still want to add a roman blind to the window (see that update), a storage cabinet on the wall opposite my desk, and a few more art pieces to the space.

Eventually we’ll be replacing the flooring and trim work, but that’s part of a project involving the whole second floor, and I’m not ready to open that can of worms just yet!

Office Makeover Project Recap

On WEEK 2, I took my desk drawers from messy and cluttered to organized with bamboo organizers.

Drawers Before

Messy Bottom Desk Drawer - BEFORE

Drawers After

Office Makeover - Organized Desk Drawer with Bamboo Trays

On WEEK 3, I switched out my vintage desk lamp for a task lamp that’s a little sleeker.

Lamp Before

Salvaged Green and Turquoise Gourd Lamp

Lamp After

Office Desk with RANARP Work Lamp

On WEEK 4, I created a fabric pinboard using a vintage frame to hang beside my desk.

Wall Before

Home Office Desk and Closet BEFORE

Pinboard After

DIY Fabric Pinboard for Office

On WEEK 5, I decluttered and organized my office closet.

Closet Before

Office Makeover - Closet BEFORE

Office Closet After

Organized Office Closet with White Painted File Cabinet and White IKEA Storage Boxes

I’d say overall the One Room Challenge was a success. I would definitely participate again!

Office Makeover - One Room Challenge Finale - Satori Design for Living

Make sure you check out the other One Room Challenge reveals, and look for more of my office updates in the coming weeks. Thanks for following along. I’ve enjoyed all the new visitors and reading the lovely comments!

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love it! That must feel so good Shauna!  I have a project in every room that needs to get done but i’m suddenly swapped with new design clients and 2 vacant stagings so it’s going to have to wait -Again! 
    You know how that goes!

    1. I still have a ways to go, but it feels good to be so much closer. It really takes doing something like this challenge to put some of my own projects at the top of my priorities list. Hope you can find some time to finish at least a few of your own!

  2. I love the new art work additions!  And I love a organized closet!  You must be so happy to sit down and work now!

    1. It’s much better, but I can’t wait to add the final elements so I can move onto other areas of my home that are crying out for some TLC. I know you can relate!

  3. I always learn something new when I visit, and today it was the ingenious idea of painting over an existing canvas! I don’t know why that has never occurred to me before. Decoupaging, sure, but for some reason I never connected the painting dots!! I really like the way your ‘new’ canvas turned out – the colours are awesome as is your office makeover. I’m still loving the look and function of your desk drawer organizers!!! 

  4. It’s going to be perfect…it’s already beautiful!! You tackled one thing I didn’t during my home office makeover…organization.  For that you should be happy…well done!  I’ll be checking in for updates!

    1. It’s so worth taking the time to organize. No more shuffling around in my desk looking for the stapler or a cord- you know how it goes. Off to check out your space!

  5. I’m so envious of your beautiful and organized office Shauna!!  I love your abstract, and know from trying they’re harder than they look! Your chandelier will be stunning! Enjoy!  

    1. Thanks Pam! Your bedroom is gorgeous, and like I said, I’m going to use something similar to your Ikea hack project to finish the wall off opposite my desk. Can’t wait to follow your next round of ORC.

  6. It looks great!  I really like how the painting turned out!  I love all the organization.  I’m slightly jealous.  :)

  7. Glad I’m not the only one that can’t seem to check things off the list. I joined the ORC for the same reason as you. ;) Love how your office turned out and I know how great it must feel to have the closet organized…as I’m sitting in my tornado of an office, I hope to have a space that organized too.

  8. This came out great, Shauna. I am so happy you jumped in. I wish my office space looked like this one. The artwork that you did was brilliant. I will be curious to read if you get more work done in a lovely space? I would guess so.

    1. It’s definitely nice to have something to look at other than bare walls. The inspiration board seems to be doing it’s job! Thanks again for inviting me to join this series. I have my calendar marked for April.

  9. Thanks for the art tutorial – definitely something that I’d like to try because I LOVE the piece that you created! Also love the pinboard – your office sure looks done to me – it’s great!!

  10. Though your fabulous chandy hasn’t come yet, I still think you did great on this space Shauna! The “foggy lake” is truly beautiful and I know your quite content with you’ve done for this space!!! Love it’s simplicity and serene feel, just what an office should be! CHEERS!

  11. I bet you are loving your new space! That closet is amazing and your chandy is going to make the room just amazing!

  12. What a beautiful office! I love the white & gold pinboard. Just downloaded your “Conquer the Paper Trail” ebook and am looking forward to reading it!

  13. I also have a small office area, which I share with the husband because he works from home. So I take the smaller wall space, but you have inspired me to make it my own and brighten it up a bit. thanks for inspiration and great ideas.

  14. Love that art! I really like all the abstract landscapes that I’m seeing now, they’re beautiful and easy. That desk is great; I love the hardware and the color. 

  15. Wow, I missed this post – LOVE your office! and that desk! and that chandelier!!!!

    Great job on the revamp!

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