Organized Desk Drawers – One Room Challenge Office Makeover {Week Two}

Looking for office organization ideas? Check out my new bamboo drawer organizers, plus other ideas for keeping a desk in order.

Wow, did this week ever fly by! As mentioned last week, I accepted Calling it Home’s challenge to transform my home office over the timeframe of six weeks. This week I focused on sourcing a few items (you’ll see these in the coming weeks), as well as organizing my desk drawers.

Bamboo Organizers for Desk

Considering the easiness of this project, I wish I had done it months ago. Let’s just say I’m a little giddy over this part of my office makeover!

I’m a little hesitant to show you how messy I let my desk drawers get over time, but here goes!

Office Desk Top Drawer BEFORE

After emptying them out, I quickly realized that most of the stuff didn’t need to be there in the first place, as often is the case. A purge was definitely in order!

Bottom Desk Drawer BEFORE

Bamboo Drawer Organizers

To keep my office supplies in place, I found these bamboo drawer organizers at HomeSense in two different configurations.

I liked how each compartment could be moved around as needed, as well as stacked on top of each other or slid back and forth (because of the built in ridges). They were also the same wood tone as the inside of my desk drawers.

Bamboo Drawer Organizers

In the top desk drawer, I used three bamboo organizers on the left side to hold items I use most frequently. This placement created an area on the right for my stapler, calculator and sticky notes (my other essentials).

Bamboo Drawer Organizers in Office Desk

I used the remaining organizers in the bottom desk drawer for larger office supplies, as well as those I use occasionally.

Bamboo Drawer Organizers in Office Desk

I was able to make better use of the drawer depth by stacking two of the containers on the left side. It’s very easy to lift up the top one to get to the bottom.

Office Desk Drawer with Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers

Like these bamboo drawer organizers? See how I used similar ones to organize our kitchen.

Organized File Drawer

The right drawer in my desk holds file folders that I organized a while back with hanging folders and labels. Here’s what it still looks like to this day…

Organized Office File Drawer

I find that whenever I set up an organizing system, the area stays neat and tidy for a long period of time (just like the file drawer). It may take some effort and money to begin with, but it’s definitely worth it.

This week I’m going to continue tackling the organizing elements of my office makeover plan. My husband’s travel commitments for work are slowing down a bit starting next week, and I plan on taking advantage of it for some of the installation components- can’t wait!

Be sure to check out the other One Room Challenge updates for week two over at Calling it Home, as well the link party participant updates tomorrow.

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  1. I adore organization… I just have a problem keeping things that way. Your desk is a work of art to me!

  2. I thought the before was the after until I saw the after, lol. It looks great! One day I will get around to organizing my office and it will take much longer than six weeks since it’s such a wreck.

  3. Well look at that – those organizers fit that drawer just perfectly! You’re right too about it matching in colour as well – that’s a “score”!

  4. Organizing is one of the toughest part of a makeover and you did this beautifully Shauna! Love the Bamboo organizers you used, I still have the plastic ones, that keep moving around the drawer still, your giving me ideas! ;-)

  5. I’m so far behind, Shauna, but I’ve been dying to catch up with your One Room Challenge! I can already tell from this post that your office makeover is not going to disappoint – love the bamboo organizers you implemented. I’ve seen them and wondered if they would be a good investment… confession time – my drawers are looking more like your ‘befores’ these days – might be time to rethink those organizers!!

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