Office Makeover… Again! {One Room Challenge}

It’s time for my office makeover. Follow along as I join the One Room Challenge and tackle this space over the coming weeks.

Sometimes I feel like the shoemaker. I started my home office makeover more than two years ago, and then it happened. It’s something Kimberley Seldon likes to call ‘Decoritus Interruptus’ (no, it isn’t some kind of illness)! You know those rooms you intend to transform from top to bottom, starting with all kinds of enthusiasm- furniture ordered, a fresh new coat of paint, accessories added here and there, some new organizing materials…

The room gets about two thirds of the way done and then, for some reason, you stop. Usually it’s all the other parts of your life that get in the way, and rightfully so. Your kids have games every weekend for months and your project load has increased at work. Eventually it is off your mind until something inspires you to get back on the saddle again.

For me the inspiration (rather, kick in the butt) I needed was a personal invitation from Linda, of Calling it Home, to join this season’s One Room Challenge as a linking participant. I’ve been following this series for a of couple years now and wasn’t sure it I’d be able to commit to transforming a room in six weeks given my client workload. However, I thought any progress on my office would be better than nothing. Accountability is always a great motivator. So, starting today and for the next five Wednesdays, I’ll be sharing progress updates on my office, big or small.

One Room Challenge

My Current Office

To start with, I have the main foundational pieces in the room, including the Keyhole desk from Pottery Barn, Martine upholstered chair, and Benjamin Moore Creamy White walls. I also freshened up the office closet a while ago with a coat of Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White paint and some white storage boxes.

Currently the room is fairly well organized, but it does tend to become cluttered when I’m working on design projects for clients that require a variety of samples. However, I feel like the main issue is the lack of any sort of personality in the space.

Home Office Desk and Closet - BEFORE
Home Office Desk and Window - BEFORE
Button Tufted Belgian Linen Chair
Home Office Doorway - BEFORE
Home Office Light Fixture - BEFORE

And a little peek into that closet…

Office Closet BEFORE
Office Closet BEFORE

Office Makeover Plan

The plan over the duration of this series is to inject some colour, texture and sparkle into my office. First thing to go, that hideous light fixture! I’d also like to address the not-so-organized areas, like the left-hand desk drawers and bottom portion of the office closet (what a disaster!). If time allows, I’d also like to add the extra workspace and storage required for working on larger design projects.

Of course, I’d love to replace the carpet and trim work (and I’m debating whether or not it’s worth getting rid of the popcorn ceiling), but that’s part of a bigger project when we tackle the flooring throughout the main and second floors of our house.

I hope you’ll follow along on my office makeover journey (I’m sure I’ll need some cheerleading along the way)!

Also, be sure to check out the other participants in this fall’s One Room Challenge.

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Wish me luck,

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do. And my goodness, your fabric swatches and closet are so organized. I am in awe.

    1. The closet is part way there, but the bottom part drives me nuts. I also need baskets or something to put those fabric swatches in as they leave threads all over the place. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I know the feeling my dear.. My own house is suffering big time from a case of Decoritus Interruptus! 
    There is so much I want to do but with clients projects, running a business (paperwork) and 3 teenagers, I barely have the energy! 
    Looking to forward to seeing what you do!!

  3. I love your inspiration photo! I’m trying to tackle my living room during the ORC…I’ve definitely had a bad case of Decoritus Interruptus (love that! :) and I’m hoping this will cure me.

  4. I am sure your office will look beautiful once you’re done! I loved the inspiration picture is beautiful! :-)

  5. Hi Shauna!  Can’t wait to see your final reveal!  I think this a great kick in the butt a lot of us decorators/designers need to put a little love into our spaces!!!  I’ll be following you along the way!!

  6. I think I too suffer from that illness! This space is so great and I am in love with your desk btw! I can’t wait to see what it looks like after some *sparkle has been added :) Looking forward to following along. 

  7. I definitely have D.I. I am hoping this challenge kicks me in the butt to get things done. So glad to have found your blog thru Linda, and excited to see the progression of your room.

  8. Hi Shauna, I am so glad you jumped in. You have a fantastic start already. Taking down a popcorn ceiling is a big job with great results…tough decision. I’m looking forward to following along. 

  9. OMG – Decoritus Interruptus!!! Love it and I know it well.
    I really like your desk a LOT and that space has a lot of potential. I’ll definitely be cheering you on!

  10. I look forward to following along to see what you do!  I don’t know about you, but the hardest part for me is the commitment to a direction for the room!  Well, and of course having the money and time!

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