Designer Challenge: Which Desk? {Part Two}

Which desk would you choose? Come check out the fun and feminine office Tazim put together for this edition of the Designer Challenge!

Welcome to Part Two of the Designer Challenge, desk edition! I’m happy to welcome Tazim of Love Snap Make, an inspirational blog where you can expect to find furniture and accessory DIY projects, strange and interesting IKEA products, furniture and interior design store tours, tips and ideas for achieving your design style, and more. I can’t wait for you to see what she came up with! (If you missed Part One, see the desk options, as well as what Annie did.)

Tazim from Love Snap Make

Hi, I’m so pleased that Shauna asked me to join her for this challenge! My name is Tazim and I’m a décor and DIY blogger from Vancouver. I like putting together looks that are, of course, aesthetically pleasing, but also practical at the same time. My apartment is mostly neutral on top of neutral, though I do love bright colours.

When Shauna showed me the office desks she had in mind for this challenge, I immediately knew that I was choosing the bright pink desk. While I think it’s important to have an office that’s functional and well-organized so that you can be the most productive, I also think it’s highly motivating to have a fun, beautiful space to work in.

Fun and Feminine Office

Home Office Moodboard with Pink Desk

Sources: Wallpaper | Pink Desk | Clock | Lamp | Rug | Bookends

A calming blue and pink wallpaper and cozy blue rug underfoot lie in contrast to the bright pink desk- meant to both stimulate and motivate. The style of this Dorothy Draper Pink Desk makes me think of a vintage letter-writing desk. There’s just enough drawer space to keep your most used files close at hand, but still have the desk on the small size.

So many offices I see are very utilitarian, not really taking in to consideration how much time one spends in their office. I think this selection is very versatile- a real classic.

What do you think of this office look? Is it too feminine for your tastes?

This definitely isn’t too feminine for me, Tazim! The soft blue paired with the pink is absolutely gorgeous. I spend a lot of time in my office and need something that’s functional, yet beautiful. You delivered!

Is this the desk you’d pick to design a room around or would you opt for one of the other desk options? I’d love to know which one catches your eye

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Enjoy your day!

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