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DIY Ombre Glitter Pumpkin

Create an easy ombre glitter pumpkin for Halloween. An easy craft project that’s right on trend this season.

I’ve always enjoyed doing crafts for as long as I can remember. To be perfectly honest, the only time I’ve gotten around to it for the past several years is during the Christmas season. I think as my son got older and lost interest in doing those sorts of things (and glue guns and paint brushes were never my husband’s thing), how I spent my free time over the years gradually changed.

However, since my son left for college in September and my husband has been traveling a fair bit for work, I’ve started getting back into it. Perhaps it’s something I’ve picked up again to keep my mind busy (so I don’t go crazy), or maybe it’s a phase I’m re-entering. Whatever this new energy and interest is, I’ll take it!

Halloween Project - DIY Ombre Glitter Pumpkin - Life Over Easy

Speaking of crafting, I asked my friend Dani (whose eldest daughter just left home as well- sniff, sniff) to stop by and share one of her amazing DIY projects. I’m always impressed by the creativity of some people, and knew Dani would be the perfect person to come up with something fun for the Thanksgiving and Halloween season. Get ready to pin!

Dani and Nads

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here at Satori Design for Living! I’ve been a fan of this blog for some time now, and getting to know Shauna through her posts and pictures has been so inspiring. Shauna knows how to add a beautiful touch to any interior, and I’m sure you’ve all learned a lot of tips and tricks to help make your home look and feel its best.

Easy Ombre Glitter Pumpkin DIY Project

Today I’ll be sharing a little project for creating your own beautiful decorated pumpkin using glue and glitter. What could be more fun than glitter? Just ask any 5-year-old girl you know, and she’ll tell you that EVERYTHING looks better with glitter – even pumpkins!

DIY Ombre Glitter Pumpkin

This craft is quick and easy, and costs less than $3 – you can’t beat that! I found the glitter at the dollar store, the pumpkin at the grocery store, and had the craft glue at home. Easy as pumpkin pie!

Ombre Glitter Pumpkin Craft Project Tutorial

I propped my pumpkin up on a glass, and started working with the darkest colour on the bottom. 

I decided to use 5 different colours of blue and green glitter, moving from darkest to lightest to get a nice ombre look. All you need to do is apply a layer of glue with a brush, sprinkle on some glitter, shake it off, and then repeat with the next colour. 

I applied 3 colours of glitter in bands around the pumpkin, just roughly estimating the size of that band so I would have room for all 5 colours. You don’t need to be precise – it all looks great in the end!

How to Make an Ombre Glitter Pumpkin for Halloween

After applying the first 3 colours, I let the pumpkin dry overnight and then flipped it over to apply the last 2 colours, ending off with the lightest. And voilà, a pretty pumpkin!

This little pumpkin can add a sparkly touch to any of your fall vignettes. I chose a blue palette just for fun, but you can choose a more neutral colour scheme, or perhaps some gorgeous fall browns, oranges, and yellows. The sky’s the limit!

And with this craft costing only a few dollars, you could make yourself a bunch of these  pretty pumpkins to brighten up your home this fall.

Blue and Green Ombre Glitter Pumpkin Tutorial

Thank you, Dani! Your ombre glitter pumpkin is so on trend right now and I may have to give it a whirl this weekend.

To all of my Canadian friends, I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend. I know I have a lot to be grateful for (especially the whole family being home together)!

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See you next week, 

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  1. Thanks Shauna for having me over! It’s always fun to visit your site – so many inspirational ideas! After send our kids off to school, we should have lots of free time for making glitter pumpkins, sniff.

    1. Thanks for sharing this super fun project with us, Dani! (Yes, thank goodness for things to keep us busy so we don’t have to think about them being away!)

  2. What a beautiful pumpkin! I love the colors you have used…it kind of reminds me of the colors of peacock feathers. :) Found you through the Pumpkin Parade. 

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