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Decorating Crush: Oversized Art

Is oversized art taking the place of smaller groupings or gallery walls? Check out this wall decor look that seems to be gaining popularity.

With our living room decorating project fresh on my mind, I can’t help but look for new and interesting ways to accessorize our space. In particular, I’m talking about art.

For years, it’s been all about gallery walls for me. I’ve been drawn to well-placed groupings, especially when it’s an eclectic mix of frames, canvases and objet d’art.

Lately, however, I’m noticing a return to simplified spaces. Where it took many pieces grouped together to achieve the right balance and scale, say over a sofa, I’m now seeing one oversized piece take its place. It’s a pared back look that’s a little different than what we’ve been seeing, but I’m definitely ready to make the switch.

Oversized Art

Giclee Oversized Art Print

How to Decorate by Ballard Designs

In our living room, there isn’t enough room to place one large art piece over the sofa because of a window and opening, so I’ll have to consider other possible areas. Perhaps the adjoining hallway with a console table below is a good option.

Another gorgeous option is one large art piece over the fireplace mantel.

Like this look? Remember to go big!

Oversized Art Pieces I’m Loving

Storm Over the Marsh Giclee

Storm Over the Marsh Giclee from Ballard Designs

City of Vancouver Map - Oversized Art Above Sofa

Map of Vancouver from Anewall

Apollo Bike Art

Gold Apollo Art from Urban Barn

Autumn Tree Photo

Autumn Tree by Pure Nature Photos on Etsy

Drawn to this oversized art or do you prefer smaller groupings?

I think I feel a DIY project coming on, you?

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. I lean toward the large feature pieces opposed to groupings. I do like groupings, but when it comes to my own home I tend to go the other way. I love the first image – that piece is so calm and the colours are gorgeous. I also fell in love with the Gold Apollo piece – that’s amazing!

  2. I love the last piece that you shared! Also, I LOVE the new look of your blog. It’s been awhile since I’ve commented, but I lurk. :)

    Anyway, I have one oversized piece over my sofa now, as well. It’s actually something that was sitting in storage since our last place, but brought it back out as I too have noticed the same shift you speak of! Mine’s only a black and white, I would like something with color, but for now it works since its free!!!

    I hope you are well.

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