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Copy Cat Skillet Cinnamon Buns

These skillet cinnamon buns are simply irresistible. Fluffy, packed with a cinnamon brown sugar filling, and smothered in delicious caramel. Make them today!

How many times do you pin a project or recipe on Pinterest and actually go back and make it? Over the weekend, I gave myself the challenge to do just that.

When Crystal from Sew Creative made these Ooey Gooey Caramel Skillet Cinnamon Rolls, I was hooked the minute I saw them. Typically we don’t eat sugary-doughy-desserts around here, but I figured a little indulgence wouldn’t harm us. Besides, the last time I made any sort of cinnamon bun was almost two decades ago (enter husband happy dance)!

Skillet Cinnamon Buns with Caramel Sauce

Crystal at Sew Creative will walk you through how to make this decadent treat on her blog. Before you head over, I must tell you about a few modifications I made for my own preference.

Cinnamon Bun Recipe Revisions

  • Instead of using canola oil, I substituted coconut oil.
  • I used 2 cups of Robin Hood nutri flour blend “tastes like white” and ¼ cup of whole wheat flour (instead of 2¼ of all purpose flour the recipe called for).

I’m not a fan of canola oil (unless it’s cold-pressed), and I wanted to increase the fiber in these babies (to at least get some health benefits).

I can assure you these changes didn’t compromise the taste! They were so delish (even without the icing), and the dough was light and airy.

Skillet Cinnamon Buns with Caramel Sauce

Depending on the size of your skillet, this recipe may make a few extra rolls. I used a 10 inch cast iron skillet, which held 9 buns (and had to put the extra dough in a loaf pan). Just make sure you dump a bit of the caramel sauce into the bottom of the loaf pan too.

Cast Iron Skillet Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Sauce

Do you have any projects or recipes pinned that you haven’t gotten around to making yet? I challenge you to get going on one this week. Let me know in the comments what you plan on doing!

Looking for more tasty recipe ideas? Check out my Yummy board on Pinterest.

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Happy baking!

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  1. These look so so good! We rarely eat sweets but wow! I actually have done quite a bit of the recipes and projects I’ve pinned. I used to have a folder for pinned & done, but I lost track of where things were so I put them in the right folders again. And I already do follow you on Pinterest…
    Debbie :)

  2. Hello Shauna! I saw her recipe too and thought one day.. one day. I don’t usually make a lot of desserts here either. Yours looks like it turned out great and I bet it tasted oh so good!

  3. Love the whole idea of these Shauna, especially your recipe changes! Hubs has this huge cast iron frying pan, so big I have a hard time lifting and cleaning it. I’m thinking it might be the perfect size to give this recipe a go!! 

  4. Those look so amazing! I love that they’re made in a cast iron skillet.

  5. these look lovely, shauna.

    again, i adore your love of coconut oil… :)

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