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Vintage Tiered Cake Stands

Take a look these clever ideas for using tiered cake stands, vintage or new!

Last weekend, I was invited to a sneak peek event at a new home decor shop that specializes in vintage, collectibles and shabby chic. These types of shops tend to be my favourite because you never know what you’re going to find, and they’re different every time you go back.

As some of you already know, I stopped buying anything I don’t have a dedicated purpose for a couple years ago (even if it’s a great deal). It does take a bit of the fun out of vintage decor shopping, but not having to deal with cluttered storage rooms later is worth it (not to mention the money I no longer waste)!

After exercising a lot of restraint, I left the shop at the end of the evening with one vintage tiered cake stand in silver. At just over $20, I think it was a steal. From what I can tell, most sell for more than $40 on Etsy.

Vintage Silver Tiered Cake Stand

I’ve always loved the way these tiered plates look, and I’m not worried at all about what to do with mine because they’re so versatile. Take a look and see what I’m talking about…

Tiered Cake Stand Ideas

Of course, one of the more popular ways to use any tiered cake stand is for cupcakes or treats. I used one when I put together an afternoon tea party for Mother’s Day.

If you want to think a little outside of the box, these are some fantastic ideas too.

Another way I could use my silver tiered stand is to store some of my jewelry.

Although I still use my vintage tea cups and saucers to hold most of my earrings, bracelets and necklaces, there are a few chunky pieces I still want to put on display.

Or, perhaps, I’ll use it to hold fragrances or toiletries…

Tiered Stand with Fragrances


I think what I’m most looking forward to is using my tiered cake stand for seasonal decorating. Update: See how I used this vintage silver cake stand on our Christmas table.

Neutral Christmas Table Setting with Vintage Silver Tiered Stand and Pinecone Candles

Do you have any other ideas for using tiered cake stands, vintage or new?

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Have a great day! 

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    1. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in photos to come. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the warmer weather today!

  1. Gorgeous, Shauna! Those are so versatile, I’m sure you will have fun using it in so many ways.

  2. Love this post, Shauna! The cake stands are stunning, especially the one you picked up for yourself… and the photographs are beautiful! I am off to share this post on G+. You always share so many great round-ups of ideas!!

  3. Oooooo! So pretty. I’m a sucker for shabby chic-y vintage shops too, and I always have to restrain myself from buying armfuls of goodies! These are some great ideas – I’m loving the s’mores display!

  4. Loving your cake stand Shauna!  I love cake stands too – they’re just so pretty!  I even use one in my kitchen as a fruit ‘bowl’!

    1. Oh, to have a collection like that. So many fragrances make my nose run and I’ve only found a couple that don’t bother me. But, it’s soooo… beautiful!

  5. What a fabulous find! I love all the ideas but my favorite has to be the last one with the Christmas ornaments! Oh no… Now I want one too!!!

  6. Your cake stand is beautiful, and I just love silver too! Yours looks like it’s in perfect shape and what a great price!! Your inspiration was lovely too Shauna, I like them filled with treats and for other uses too. 

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