Blogging Milestone and What I’ve Learned Along the Way {Part One}

Today marks Satori’s 200th blog post, and I thought it would be fun to take a little look back. When I started the blog in September of 2011, I really didn’t know what to expect. I definitely couldn’t have predicted how much joy it would bring to my life. Quite often have to pinch myself that I have hundreds of daily readers- say what?

I know there are blogs out there that easily reach visitor numbers in the thousands every day and my blogging milestone pales in comparison. I hope to get there eventually. However, I can honestly say for me what’s important is the interaction I have with so many of you on a daily basis. I am truly thankful for the comments, questions, collaborations, and opportunities that have all come about because of the blog.

So after 199 posts, what stands out to me? Or most importantly, what have I learned?

Blogging Highlights and Lessons

When a blog starts out, the readership is usually pretty low. In the movie Julie & Julia, Julie is thrilled to see that she has a comment on her recently started blog, only to realize her mom is the one who wrote it. I think anyone who has started a blog can totally relate.

Julie From the Movie Julie & Julia

I happen to remember my very first comment written by Arianna, a popular blogger I had been following for quite a while. After sharing why I choose the name Satori, as well as the journey I took to start a blog, Arianna was very encouraging. She probably doesn’t realize the wind it put under my sails at that time. To this day, I have never forgotten about her thoughtfulness, and try to visit and leave comments on new-ish blogs regularly. It’s a pay-it-forward attitude that I believe is important in life.

The first guest blogger was my friend Kimberly Englot, who provided the encouragement, as well as the nuts and bolts guidance for getting my blog off the ground. Her post about steps to making positive changes was very insightful and gave me the motivation to finally complete some tasks I had been putting off. I often re-read that post to help keep myself on track and really think about what I’m doing to make my life, as well as others’, even better.

After a month or so of blogging, I knew I wanted to start a fun series that involved other design blogs, and the Designer Challenge was created. I developed the concept- two designers with their choice of three items, and decided to put myself out there and ask a number of my favorite bloggers to partake. Although I did get a few rejections, the response was very positive. Tiffany and Nancy were my first participants, and I’m so grateful to them, as well as so many others including Kate, Ashley and Amanda.

Satori Designer Challenge Collage

Not only has the Designer Challenge blogging series brought new visitors to my site, I’ve also been able to form ongoing relationships with each of these gals. In addition, it taught me to put myself out there and take a chance. Although successful bloggers are super busy, many still take the time to help others out. Just remember to reciprocate by adding value to their blogs- nobody likes a constant taker.

The Etsy Feature Series has been one of my favorites to date. I’m always inspired by creative people and was thrilled when Nicolle from Libby Lane Press expressed an interest in sharing her story about following her dream to create a business of her own. Nicolle’s feature also marked the blog’s first giveaway- how exciting!

Milk and Cookies Baby Shower Invitation

Although Satori’s readership was a lot smaller at the time, I could tell by the comments and emails I received that Nicolle’s mompreneur story had struck a chord with so many women out there who continue to have dreams of doing their own thing. Nicolle’s story, as well as those that followed, have been so inspirational and have reiterated what I truly believe- it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

I’d love to know what has stood out to you the most after following my blog, whether you’re an occasional reader or never miss a post. If you’re a blogger, what have you learned through your journey that is invaluable? Are you celebrating a blogging milestone too?

Later this week I’ll be back with a few more highlights, as well as some blogging tips for those of you who are thinking about starting a blog or have recently jumped on board.

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. Shauna,
    I am attracted to your blog because it is so calming. And as you know I run a blog that deals with the struggles of trying to calm the chaos in daily life. Your blog is a serene place for me to come and retreat away from my own. Sometimes I feel like I forget to step away from my blog but when I finally do I love coming to yours. 

    1. Thank you so much, Lesley! Believe me when I say that I have chaos in my life too. I guess my blog is a retreat away from it as well. I love reading your blog because it makes me realize there are other people out there with struggles and obstacles- it keeps it all real.
      I’ve really appreciated your support and remember the first time you commented on my blog. I immediately clicked over to yours and was so happy to have found a new blogger friend. You had just finished a mood board (I think for Jude’s room) and seemed to be feeling a little deflated. I was glad to have made your day, and it’s people like you who do the same for me!

  2. WOW, 200! Congratulations! I never miss one of your posts, reading your new blog posts with a coffee is my favorite way to start the day. My favorite posts are the ones where you are sharing organization tips, tips on how to make a selection on paint, furniture or home decor and the count down to Christmas series has been a favorite since year one.

    1. Wow back to you for never missing a post. You’ve made my day! I think you’ll like some of the upcoming posts since many of them are about organizing, refreshing, furniture and paint. I’m feeling the need to breathe some new life into a few rooms, and have a few guest bloggers who will be sharing some tips too. Enjoy your day :)

  3. Congratulations Shauna.  As you know, we only met in the last few months but I always enjoy reading your blog.  It’s such a breath of fresh air in the world of blogs.  You are sincere and honest and I know that you have a passion for design that comes through in every post you write.  It’s a treat to read!  Here’s to much success and hundreds of new posts.

    1. Carol, Thank you so much. I come across new blogs all the time and there are only a few that make a lasting impression like yours. I’m so glad we’ve connected and share a similar passion for design. I really enjoyed your recent post on blogging. It made me stop and think about my blog. Yes it takes a lot of time, but I never feel like a slave to it. I think that’s a clear sign that I’m on the right path.

  4. Congrats Shauna!  and It was so much fun to participate in your Designer Challenge- that design board is still one of my favorites to date. 

  5. Congratulations, Shauna! I find your blog full of great tips, insights, and forward thinking. It’s nice to stop by and see what Shauna has for us today! Your invitation to link up my sweet pea challenge was such a gift, because until then I didn’t really get into linking up that much. I also met other bloggers through your blog! So thank you for all that you do, and keep on doing what you do, because you do it well!
    xo Sheila

    1. So glad to hear! I’m so grateful for the friendship we’ve developed. I always look forward to your visits to my blog and really enjoy seeing what you’re up to as well. It’s kind of like popping over for a quick coffee. Hopefully we can do it in person some day!

    1. Thanks Pam. I really appreciate your support and I’m so glad you were part of the One Item Project Challenge. I’d love to collaborate with you on something again!

  6. Congrats! That is a huge milestone (I just wrote my 50th) I have been reading for a little over a year, and one of my favorite things about you is your style! You write like you are chatting to a bunch of girlfriends and your sincerity shines through. 

    1. Thank you! I recently started reading your blog and love your style of writing as well. Your projects are fun, and your personality really shines through. Congrats on your 50th post. Here’s to so many more!

  7. Congratulations Shauna! I love your blog, and am so happy to count you as an online friend! Keep up the wonderful work. :-)

    1. Thank you so much for being part of my blogging enjoyment and success. Your etsy feature and workspace post are still two of my favorites. The best part was getting to know you!

  8. Shauna – I only recently came across your blog but love to stop back by when I see a new post is up! I first found your Countdown to Christmas Challenge and that inspired me to get my projects organized, and to actually blog about them! I like many things about your blog (and your pins)! The products you share, the project ideas…I also really enjoyed reading about your basement reno and choices you made!
    Also, as you know, my blog is really new and you were one of the first to follow and stop by with nice comments! Thx for that.

    1. It’s so fantastic to have come across your blog. I think it was Luci at Bungalow at Home that “hooked us up” and it I just love how blogging does that. In my real life I have amazing friends, but I have these online friends who share a passion for design. It’s great to share that enthusiasm! Thanks for always stopping by. I always smile when I see you’ve been here :)

  9. Well Done friend ..congratulations !!! I’m playing catchup ..saw your post on blog tips ..we can always need a few more ..so I’m stopping by for a visit ..and thank you for featuring our blog Moodylicious Childrens Spa ..I still receive visitors on a monthy basis !!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christina. It was fantastic getting to know more about your business, and I was happy to share it with my readers. Love your products, especially when there’s someone behind them like you!

  10. Yay! Congratulations on the milestone! When I first stumbled upon your site it was wonderful to find a like-minded individual who shared similar passions. Glad we connected :) You’ve done a great job with the blog and it’s been a pleasure watching it grow.   

  11. Congratulations, Shauna! You’ve done such a good job, I love stopping to see what’s new!

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