Why Did I Start a Blog?

With so much already out there, why would I want to start a blog of my own? Sharing my journey to finally taking the leap.

I’ve long been admiring the beautiful blogs written by creative and stylish individuals for the “eye candy” and great information they provide. Being a designer and organizer, I’m always on the look out for innovative ideas and inspiration, and blogs certainly don’t disappoint.

You can find blogs on just about anything, including the love of colour (House of Turquoise), entertaining (Reluctant Entertainer) and beach living (A Beach Cottage).

With so much out there, why would I want to start a blog of my own?

Why I Started a Blog

After hours of researching, writing, and designing details for the new website, I realized that, although there are thousands of decorating and design blogs, only a handful really tugged at my heart strings and formed a connection enticing me to come back for more.

I’ve gravitated towards a few favourite blogs this year, such as Centsational Girl and Nesting Place. Not only are they beautiful, but also consistently offer lovely inspiration and practical tips for living better.

Centsational Girl Blog

I’ve found myself getting to know the writers of these blogs (Kate and Nester), as they share their own transformations, revelations, and experiences related to stylish living. The blogs serve as a canvas of expression and a means to document each moment along the way.

What may have started out as something small has grown in to a large following as each reader sees something she can relate to in each of these writers.

Early this year it dawned on me that it was ridiculous to think I shouldn’t blog because so many people are already doing it. That would be like saying there isn’t a need for another book to be published.

There will always be a story waiting to be written when the author is ready. Each and every one of us forms a connection with someone or something different. We don’t always know why, but it’s a feeling that draws us in.

Perhaps my blog will be one of those you resonate with. It’s my hope that I build new relationships with each of you as well.

As you follow along, I promise to stay true to myself, all while growing, evolving and changing. I’ll do my best to inspire you to create the home and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s my intention for this blog to be a tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quote: “Don’t die with your music still in you” as it pertains to the way I aspire to live my life and encourage you to do the same.

Don't die with your music still in you. Quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Special thanks to my family and friends who continue to encourage me to follow my dreams. I’m excited to start this new journey with you :)

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  1. I have just embarked on the same journey you are on. You have been my, Nesting Place, and an inspiration for me to share my music. I am an art teacher with an emphasis in graphic design, and have dabled in interior design and always been a diy-er. I enjoy writing and simple, real living and your blog is REAL. Keep sharing the music and writing your story, it inspires others to tell their too. Blessings on your journey, may it be fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy to hear that my blog has been an inspiration to you and that it resonates with you. Blessings to you as well. I can’t wait to see how your blog evolves and I’m excited to be taking this journey with people like you. I am so fortunate!

  2. Hi Shauna,  I’m so glad you started blogging!  I’m just discovering your beautiful blog today, and have gotten carried away looking all around in it!  I love the beautiful welcoming atmosphere you have here, and your blog posts are well written and inspiring.  Thank you…and, I’m so glad to find another blogger here in Canada!:)

    1. Hi Rita, Thank you so much for the kind comments. I recently came across your blog as well and love the inexpensive kitchen makeover you did a while back (voted for you too)! So great to connect with another Canadian blogger. Let’s keep in touch!

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