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Recipe Love: Joyous Health Raw Carrot Cake Balls

Have a sweet tooth? Try this recipe for raw carrot cake balls. A delicious dessert or snack that’s easy to make and better for you too!

Over the past few years, I’ve cleaned up my diet a lot. Some of these changes were forced upon me when my body began rejecting certain foods. Joint inflammation, skin irritation and general stuffiness became a part of my daily life.

Then, I began paying more attention to what I ate and started eliminating certain trigger foods. Unfortunately, red wine was one of them (let’s have a moment of silence, shall we?). Processed foods, which I knew I shouldn’t be eating anyway, were a definite no-no, especially if they contained MSG or sulphites.

Aside from the benefits of short-listing certain foods, I also learned how important it was to add certain foods to my diet. I’ve always been a veggie lover, but didn’t realize how limited my variety was. Who knew there are so many types of greens out there? Who knew it’s better to eat some raw and steam others? A bit complicated, but so worth learning for vibrant health.

Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy - Eat and Live Well Without Dieting

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Joyous Health Cookbook

A book that’s helped me through my healthier living journey is Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy. Joy is a holistic nutritionist who shares a common sense approach to eating and living well that goes beyond food.

One of my favourite recipes from the book is raw carrot cake balls. Anything with “cake” in the name immediately grabs my attention. Are you the same way? Getting the go-ahead to eat it, even better!

How to Make Raw Carrot Cake Balls

Joyous Health Raw Carrot Cake Balls

All you need to make these treats that taste like sweet and spicy carrot cake batter are some simple ingredients, a food processor (I use this one) and your hands. It’s a quick and easy recipe with no baking required.

Raw Carrot Cake Balls in Milk Glass Dish - Satori Design for Living

If you’d like to make your own carrot cake bites, Joy shares the recipe on her Joyous Health blog.

Recipe Revisions

I had less shredded coconut on hand than the recipe called for, so I added some hemp seeds for rolling. They turned out perfectly. One thing I would suggest is cutting back the honey unless you like things overly sweet.

I highly recommend picking up the book so you can try even more healthy and delicious recipes like her Metabolism Booster Breakfast Smoothie and Chickpea Detox Salad– yum!

I also love her 10 Day Meal Plan that takes the guess work out (for those busy times when I don’t want to think about it). I’m happy to know which foods to ditch for their harmful effects, as well as those to eat for more energy and a clear mind. Healthy living is about being informed so you can make good choices, right?

What have you added or taken away from your diet to improve your health? Any books that have helped you on your healthy living journey?

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Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Shauna!
    Beautiful blog. I’m so happy to hear that my book was one of the things that helped you find vibrant (and joyous) health! Thanks so much for sharing your love for my carrot cake balls. Your photos are lovely! Stay joyous,

  2. Looks yummy, Pinned to my recipe board on Pinterest. Excited to try this one :) Also checking out her site, thanks Shauna!

  3. I love Joy’s approach to healthy eating, and this is a gorgeous book. This recipe sounds interesting too!

  4. I was so disappointed when I discovered that eggs are a trigger food for me, but my eczema cleared up once I stopped eating them. I’m sad to hear that red wine is a trigger for you! These carrot cake balls look good, I’ll have to check out this book.

  5. Oh I love Joy! She doesn’t know it, of course :-). I haven’t yet got my hands on her book but this makes me think I should pick it up. Those little balls look scrumptious. Great great photos too!

  6. My daughter is really into making date balls recently so I think she would really welcome a change of flavour. I’ll pass this recipe on to her for sure.

  7. Those look amazing! Pinning. Ref elimination, I’ve been batting this idea around for a bit now, stiffness and over all blah feeling. Funny how things come along at just the right time, thanks for sharing! :)

  8. These look wonderful. Pinned and following on g+. Found you on inspiration gallery link party. I’m 137 and 139. Have a wonderful weekend.

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