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Prepping for Our Kitchen Renovation

Come take a look at how we’re prepping for our big kitchen renovation. It’s all happening soon!

It’s been a little quiet here lately, but for good reason. Behind the scenes, I’ve been prepping for our kitchen renovation that will start later this month. For me, it’s a BIG deal. Do you know how long I’ve had to stare at faux granite countertops and trip over linoleum that’s lifting at the seams? Much too long! (I promise you’ll get to see those not-so-lovely before pics soon!)

Furniture Changes

Currently, we’re in the “out with the old” phase. We gave our table and chairs to our son who’s away at college, which means I’ve been shopping around for a replacement. I’m looking for something like this rustic trestle table, but won’t make a final decision until the wood floors are selected.

Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table

Over the weekend, we delivered our corner cabinet to its new owner. We bought that piece just after we were married, so letting go of it was a bit tough. I thought about painting it, but sometimes trying to work old pieces into a new plan is the wrong choice. I suggest getting rid of stuff before the chaos begins.

The dishes, flatware and glasses that we’re keeping from that cabinet are safely tucked away in a large plastic tote in the basement. The rest will be donated. I learned after our basement renovation that it’s best to be cautious and make way for the trades to do their work. It’s never their intention to break or ruin anything, but it happens. Just ask our paint-splattered area rug! This time, I’ll have everything packed away for safe keeping.

We’re still in the planning phase of the renovation, but we’re getting closer to making final decisions. I met with our contractor yesterday to discuss some of the details like lighting, cabinet layout, flooring and more.

Salvaged Pantry Door

We picked up this salvaged door at SAjO Weathered Home. I’m hoping to use it as a pantry door to add a bit of colour and character to our kitchen. Love the copper hardware!

Salvaged Aqua Door with Copper Hardware

We plan on doing most of the demolition ourselves. That part, we’re pretty good at. Scraping popcorn ceilings, I’ll (hopefully) leave that to the pros (especially after the huge mess it was in our tiny powder room).

If you’re getting ready for a renovation project of your own, I suggest putting together a board on Pinterest for each room. It’s easy to make notes under each photo, which can be shared with any tradespeople you’re bringing in on the job. Communication is key to get what you truly want in the end. It also gives you an overall vision of how everything will look together. Add, delete, share… it’s a great tool!

You can check out our kitchen board if you’d like to get a sense of the direction we’re going in.

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I promise there’s much more to come very soon!

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  1. Oh how exciting Shauna!! I’m sure it’s going to look GORGEOUS and I’m looking forward to following along. I’m going over to check out your kitchen Pin board now for some more loveliness!

  2. I just popped over to take a peek at your kitchen board (what a great use of Pinterest, BTW), and I can already tell that your reno is going to be gorgeous. Also, this post is packed with great tips – nice! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is very exciting! I wish you all the best during the reno! I can’t wait to see how it is going to look like =)

  4. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your kitchen reno down the road. Something we are hoping to take on in the next few years, but it is such a major overhaul we are slowly gathering ideas now. I’m off to check out your board and do some pinning! Thanks Shauna!

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