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Lavender Infused Sugar

Lavender infused sugar adds flavour to iced tea, fruit, desserts and more. So easy to put together using fresh or dried lavender.

Lavender Infused Sugar in Glass Jar

I started with one tiny lavender plant years ago that has spread into a tiny garden of sorts. Nothing like the beautiful fields of Provence, but my own little pièce de résistance.

Until last year, I had only enjoyed the heavenly aroma and beautiful colour of these tiny blossoms. Then, I baked lavender shortbread cookies for the first time and, my goodness, they were so tasty. I was definitely on to something!

This summer, I decided to branch out and try a few more lavender recipes. Desserts caught my attention right away, of course! But, before I could get started with any of those recipes, I needed to get my lavender sugar started so the flavour had time to infuse.

Fresh Lavender Infused Sugar

How to Make Lavender Infused Sugar

Making lavender sugar is a simple as it gets. First, make sure you’re using an organic culinary lavender plant (I used English lavender).

Then, simply cut a few stems, wash them and allow the excess water to dry on a paper towel. If you’re impatient like me, put them in a sunny window or on your front porch to speed up the process a bit.

Next, dump a little sugar into the bottom of a jar and place a few prepared lavender stems inside. Keep adding sugar until it’s almost to the top of the jar.

A rule of thumb is one tablespoon of fresh lavender (or about 3 stems) to one cup of sugar. It’s better to err on the lighter side so your sugar doesn’t end up tasting like perfume.

Note: I prefer using whole lavender stems (fresh or dried) instead of loose buds to keep them mostly separate from the sugar. Then, I simply remove the stems once the sugar is flavoured enough (a few buds left behind are fine).

How to Make Lavender Infused Sugar

I used a Canadian gem jar, so add a bit more lavender if you’re using a larger mason jar. I used organic evaporated cane juice for sugar, but you can use white granulated sugar too.

Lavender Infused Sugar in a Canadian Gem Jar

Keep the airtight jar stored in your cupboard or pantry for at least a few days before using it. The flavour will become stronger within a week or so. You can remove the stems once it’s strong enough.

Using Dried Lavender

If you only have access to dried lavender, that will work too. The important thing is to make sure it’s still aromatic or the flavour won’t be there. A couple of teaspoons of organic culinary lavender (about 2 sprigs) in a jar is all it will take (or one teaspoon to one cup of sugar).

Lavender Sugar in Jar

Not sure what to do with this lavender infused sugar? I’ll be sharing a recipe soon (you’ll need about half a cup), but you can also add it to tea (hot or iced), lemonade, whipped cream or on top of your morning grapefruit. Experiment a little…

How to Use Flavoured Sugar

  • sprinkle over oatmeal
  • add to the top of your favourite sugar cookies, shortbread, muffins or scones
  • rim a cocktail glass
  • make simple syrup
  • add to plain yogurt
  • sprinkle over fresh berries
Lavender Infused Sugar with Vintage Tea Cup, Saucer and Spoon

So pretty, right?

Munstead English Lavender Garden

Want to try making your own lavender infused sugar? Pin it for later.

Lavender Infused Sugar in Jar

Tried any recipes using lavender sugar? Good in your books or will you let this one pass?

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Have a sweet day!

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  1. I love lavender… we have always grown it and I have dried it for years.
    I have not tried the sugar yet… so, I am excited to give it a go!!
     The best desert I ever had using lavender was a decadent lavender infused creme brûlée… It was heavenly!!
    BTW… Your photos are beautiful Shauna!

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