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Container Herb Garden Ideas

Want to create a container herb garden this spring? Here are some inspiring ideas for planting basil, rosemary, thyme and more!

Potted Basil Plants in Faux Concrete Planter

With warmer weather finally arriving, I’ve shifted my attention to outdoor decorating and gardening as much as I can. Over the weekend, we were able to rake the front lawn and clean up the perennials in the front flower bed. Thankfully, my son is home from his first year of college and was a big help. I remember when he used to get out his little plastic gardening set as a toddler and get down to business (I think making more of mess than anything!). Time flies, and now he’s the one trimming the high tree branches because he towers over both of us!

Unfortunately, there’s still a bit of snow in the back yard, so that will have to wait. I’m crossing my fingers it melts soon because we’re hosting an outdoor get-together at the beginning of May- yikes! It appears as though some critters made a bit of a mess of the grass, so that will require some patching. Have you ever had this problem?

Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors

A month or so ago, I started some indoor seedlings with pretty good success. Most of them are herbs. Lately, I’ve been looking for some container gardening ideas for when they’re ready to be planted outside.

Two seasons ago, I planted my herbs in burlap containers. The herbs turned out great, but the very wet season caused moss to grow on the outside of the containers making them look not so great later in the season. To solve this problem, I suggest keeping them in an area where moisture can be controlled, such as a covered porch (with lots of sun).

Burlap Container Herb Garden with Thyme, Chives and More Plants

Last year, I planted a strawberry pot herb garden. This worked well all season long for trailing or fuller herb plants like thyme, oregano and lemon balm. Woodier upright herbs like rosemary and lavender didn’t seem to fill out as well. This year I plan on being selective with the herbs I plant in my strawberry pot.

Strawberry Pot Herb Garden with Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme and More Plants

Container Herb Garden Ideas

An option, I may try this spring is a vertical pallet herb garden similar to this one made by Roeshel of DIY Showoff. I love how this one takes up very little space with so many plants. My only concern is finding a pallet that isn’t treated with toxic chemicals that could potentially leech into the soil.

DIY Vertical Pallet Herb Garden

I’ve also considered growing my herbs in a collection of vintage metal buckets. This would allow me to adjust the amount of water and type of soil for each herb plant. To me this look is very French- ooh la la!

Or, if I can’t rummage up enough vintage pots, I may have to age some terracotta pots. I adore this garden bench filled with potted herbs by The Inspired Room!

Herb Garden in Pots - Stone Potting Bench

The last consideration is a wine crate herb garden like this one from Miss Stitch a Wish. Last week I ordered a French wine crate on Etsy to give this a try and, if it works out, I’m going to hunt for more.

DIY Wine Crate Herb Garden

Have you created a container herb garden yet? What have you found that is functional and still looks great?

Check out more gardening ideas, including my vintage tool box planters in the Outdoor Project Gallery.

Vintage Tool Box Flower and Herb Planters

And this Weathered Bench Container Garden I created using a salvaged piece from my parents’ farm. It would be perfect filled with herbs!

Rustic Red Bench with a Vegetable, Herb and Flower Container Garden

Do you prefer growing your herbs in a garden, or do you love these herb garden container ideas? Plan on giving any a try?

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  1. Oh I’m so ready for things to grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration!

    1. Me too, Anne! My perennials are finally starting to sprout in the front where we get lots of sun, but everything else is way behind. Looking forward to seeing some green!

  2. love all your ideas! Last year we did one using a salvaged antique crib! I can’t wait to plant it again this year… chives are already popping up in it but I am not sure any of the rest overwintered!  http://cynthiaweber.com/antique-crib-makes-charming-herb-garden/

    1. What a great way to add some character to your garden! I think I may have lost some perennials this winter, too. I guess I’ll know within the next couple of weeks.

  3. I love my herb garden!  If you decide you love the wine crate idea, may it suggest you ask your local grocery store for theirs?  I received several from my Costco a few years ago for free just by asking.  Good luck :)

  4. Love having herbs in the garden!  I plant them in containers so they’re portable…I find I need to move them around throughout the summer as the light changes.  I use whatever urns I have that aren’t being used at the front or back entrance.  I tell myself the eclectic look is a bit French-y!  Good luck with yours!  Good tip to watch out for the mold.

    1. Eclectic is good! Sometimes just painting pots in the same color ties them all together as well, but I’m sure yours look great as they are.

  5. I remember your planted up burlap bins – I loved them! I’m glad you shared the moss update on them – never thought about that! We do grow our own herbs through the summer, and so far we haven’t found a perfect mix of container vs. location vs. watering option – but we’re still trying! We love having fresh herbs handy to pick. You have featured a great round-up of ideas to consider. Thanks Shauna!

  6. Great collection of ideas, Shauna (and thank you SO much for the shout out for my pallet herb garden). I’m ready to get planting! 

    Enjoy the weekend! xoxo

  7. The wine crates and vintage metal buckets are my favourites – so pretty! I love the idea of having fresh herbs handy.

  8. I have a bit of a collection of old tin buckets that I use for my plants, love them and I’m always on the lookout for more! I like your ideas, thanks Shauna!

  9. I have been thinking about growing some herbs at home recently and kind of wondering what kind of containers I can use for this purpose. I’m therefore very happy to see this post, so informative and encouraging. I think strawberry pot gardening should work perfectly for my tiny balcony. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  10. Your container garden gives me inspiration, I will do something and see what will happen in my garden, thanks for sharing.

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