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Strawberry Pot Herb Garden

Plant a strawberry pot herb garden in a few simple steps. A space saving way to grow flavourful herbs to use in summer fresh dishes all season long!

Every spring, I like to plant a variety herbs. Nothing beats fresh basil in a salad or rosemary infused chicken, right? Last year, I created a kitchen container potager in a burlap planter, which ended up yielding a good amount of produce. However, with all of the heavy rain we had, moss started to grow on the outside of the burlap container making it look pretty shabby by the end of the season.

This time, I decided to create a strawberry pot herb garden, which ended up taking less space per plant than a regular planter. My hope is that it will look better over time as well.

How to Plant a Strawberry Pot Herb Garden - Herbs in Strawberry Pot

If you’re tight on space in your yard or balcony, a strawberry pot is the perfect solution. Once they’re filled in, they look great too!

Strawberry Pot Herb Garden How-to


  • Large strawberry pot with numerous pockets and drainage hole
  • Herbs (as many varieties as pockets in strawberry pot, plus 2 or 3 more for planting in the top)
  • Gravel or small rocks (to cover drainage hole, plus more for watering channel)
  • Good quality potting soil (I used organic)
  • Cardboard roll (from paper towel or wrapping paper)
  • Water

What Herbs Grow Well in a Strawberry Pot?

There are many options to choose from, such as:

  • chives
  • basil
  • marjoram
  • oregano
  • parsley
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • thyme
  • lemon balm and more!

Note: Be sure to resist mint or other herbs that are too vigorous.

Supplies for Strawberry Pot Herb Garden

How to Plant Herbs in a Strawberry Pot

To begin, place a small layer of rocks at the bottom of the strawberry pot to cover the drainage hole.

Supplies for Strawberry Pot Herb Garden - How to Create a Strawberry Pot Herb Garden

Next, add a base layer of potting soil (about 2″ deep). Start feeding one of the herb plants (trailing plants are good to start with) through a bottom pocket from the inside of the pot to the outside, being careful not to damage the foliage.

Uses for a Strawberry Pot - How to Plant Herbs in a Strawberry Pot
Strawberry Pot with Oregano

Continue planting until all the bottom pockets are filled, following with the top ones (which a good for taller plants). Repeat the same process of carefully feeding the plants from the inside of the pot to the outside.

Strawberry Pot with Lemon Balm

If any herb plants are root bound, carefully pull some dirt away and loosen the roots before placing in the pot.

How to Plant Herbs in a Strawberry Pot - Thyme Plant

Next, create a watering channel. Start by placing the cardboard tube in the center of the strawberry pot, pushing down into the base layer of soil. It should be about 1-2″ from the top.

How to Plant a Strawberry Pot Herb Garden - Tips for Keeping a Strawberry Pot Moist

Fill the tube with rocks to the top. Begin adding potting soil around the tube, packing lightly around the plants as you move upward.

How to Plant a Strawberry Pot Herb Garden - Keeping a Strawberry Pot Moist

Finish by planting herbs in the top of the pot between the watering channel and the edge of the strawberry pot. It’s important not to crowd the plants so they have room to grow (I only planted two basil plants as they will fill in over time).

Add more potting soil to fill in any gaps.

How to Plant a Strawberry Pot Herb Garden - Herb Container Garden Idea

Finally, give everything a light watering, both on the top of the pot (pouring slowly into the watering channel) and into each pocket. This gets water right to all of the roots rather than just the foliage.

The cardboard tube will fall apart in no time, leaving just the rocks down the center.

How to Plant a Strawberry Pot Herb Garden - Herb Container Garden

Caring for Your Strawberry Pot Herb Garden

Herbs like it best in a sunny spot and prefer to be moist, but never soggy. Water your pot often if it has west or south exposure.

To use for cooking, simply cut or pinch off what’s needed. Most plants will re-grow throughout the summer. Keep them trimmed often for best results.

How to Grow Herbs in a Strawberry Planter

Be sure to pin these Strawberry Pot Herb Garden instructions for later!

How to Plant a Container Herb Garden in a Strawberry Pot

As well, check out these other ideas for creating a container herb garden by some of my fellow bloggers.

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Looking for More Strawberry Pot Ideas?

Consider planting succulents in your strawberry pot, as they do very well and look great throughout summer.

You can also plant a strawberry pot with flowers. Select types that stay fairly small and don’t require too much moisture.

Succulents Planted in a Strawberry Pot - Ideas for Strawberry Pots

Ways to Use Herbs

Here’s a delicious herb-infused grilled chicken recipe you should try this summer. Once you start cooking with your home-grown herbs you’ll want to do it every year!

Herb Infused Grilled Chicken and Kale Salad

Finally, here’s a collection of summer drinks using fresh herbs. Such an easy way to add flavour without extra calories!

DIY Bottled Lavender and Blackberry Sparkling Lemonade

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Enjoy you day!

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  1. I love that style pot!  You are going to have so much goodness!  Hopefully you will share some recipes with your home grown herbs!

    1. I definitely will! We actually had greek chicken last night and the oregano was from the pot. So handy and you can’t get any fresher!

  2. I love the idea of using a strawberry pot for herbs.  I usually plant them all jumbled in one big pot and by the end of summer you can’t tell who’s who. Maybe this year I will have to pick myself up a strawberry pot.  Would be cute with little sticks to label them too.

    1. I find you either have to do them in a large planter/pot or in a garden. We’ll see how this works out (I know I will have to keep them trimmed often). Last year I did mint in its own pot, and thank goodness I did because it really takes off. Great for summer cocktails and cooking though!

    1. I’ve had really good luck with herbs in the past. If anything, they get too big! Try a sunny spot in your yard and they should be okay. Some are pretty easy, like chives and rosemary.

  3. This looks so nice! I decided to plant my herbs in the ground this year and went with a theme…everything that is used in Herbs de Provence. I get hungry every time I get near there and smell the basil and rosemary. I keep thinking I might try to cut some clippings from each and transplant them into a pot on the deck just for the scent alone! This one is so pretty!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I tried lemon balm for the first time and then went with my favorites- chives, oregano, rosemary, thyme, basil (2 types) and lavender for its beautiful scent.

  4. This is a fantastic tutorial, Shauna, and I can see we were on the same page! I also potted up herbs, but didn’t have your tutorial under my belt or I would have integrated the watering tube with the rocks – that’s brilliant!! Thanks for sharing, and happy herb growing!

    PS – I fell in love with your burlap bins last year, but couldn’t find any to do up my own – I’m happy you followed up with the pros/cons of how that went! 

    1. We’ll see how the watering channel goes. I’ve seen it before, and it makes sense. I think the burlap would be okay during a normal season. We got so much rain last June and everything was water logged and even some of my regular planters started to rot. I’m not using that moisture holder soil this year for that reason!

  5. HI there,
    great trick with the cardboard tube and gravel, it’s a great idea.  I had planted sage with rosemary once, it was not a good idea, there was too much competition going on and they eventually killed each other.  Now I have all my herbs in separate containers.  I should really learn how to mix and match :)

  6. I just planted up my herbs last week too – I used a large pot this time but I’ve used strawberry pots in the past too!  It’s so great to have fresh herbs on summer salads!

  7. Looks so great!  I have one of those pots sitting in my garage – and you just gave me an idea!  Thanks! 

  8. Genius! I have one of these pots and never thought about the watering tub idea. Thanks for the tip!

  9. There really is nothing better than having fresh herbs in a summer meal, is there? Yum! We do basil, green onion, cilatro, rosemary, and yes, mint … the mint takes over everything! 

  10. I’ve always wanted to use a strawberry pot but was afraid to try strawberries — herbs are brilliant! And you reminded me of a favorite goat cheese, fresh herb and sun-dried tomato crostini recipe! I’m going to make that this week — thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Hello,
    Loving your page!!!
    May I know if I need to remove the cardboard tube after all the plant and soil goes in? since its a watering channel… sorry I am a newbie. Coz in my mind, its just there temporarily to create the shape of the channel.

    Thanks in advance.

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