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Changing of Seasons: Fall Front Porch

Create a welcoming fall front porch with these simple and beautiful decorating ideas. Get inspired to add the curb appeal your home deserves!

Fall Front Porch with Pink Garden Mums in Crock on Bright Yellow Bench

Thank you to The Home Depot for collaborating on today’s post and helping me decorate our front porch for fall. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

Perhaps you’re still getting summer temperatures where you live, but it’s full-fledged fall around here! Leaves are starting to descend from tree tops and sunsets are occurring a little earlier with each passing day.

Fall Front Porch Decorated with Pink Chrysanthemums in Apple Basket

I know how difficult it is to say good-bye to summer. I adore the warmer weather, al fresco dining, evening chit chats around the fire, and so much more! However, fall brings a whole new selection of favourites like pumpkin spice lattes, butternut squash soup, cozy sweaters, season premieres, and, of course, new decor!

When it came to transitioning our home from summer to fall, I decided to start with our front porch. I enjoyed how it looked all summer long with its fresh blue, white and yellow colour scheme, but the plants were looking tired by the end of August. I was definitely ready for a new look.

In the past, I’ve opted for traditional fall colours like burnt orange, crimson, and golden yellow to decorate our front porch, but with a southwest facing house, those colours tended to fade quickly. This time, after taking a trip to the garden centre at Home Depot, I was inspired to try warm pinks and purples along with pale yellows to see if they’d hold up a bit better. That’s the thing with annuals, you can play around with different colours since they’re temporary.

Fall Front Porch with Garden Mums in Crock and Planter with Ornamental Kale

Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Putting together our fall front porch was quick and easy. We already had a good foundation in place, including a new door colour, freshened-up grey stain, yellow painted bench and tall grey planter. These elements tend to work well season after season.

Grey Front Porch with Bright Yellow Bench

My jumping off point for the entire scheme was this pink and yellow oversized garden mum that reminded me of a golden wheat field just before dusk (yes, I’m a farm-raised girl).

I couldn’t stop at one of these gorgeous plants, so I picked up the pale yellow colour too!

Fall Front Porch Decor with Oversized Garden Mums and Bright Yellow Bench

Don’t worry if you can’t find pots large enough to transplant them into. The fall growing season is short-lived, so you can simply wrap the ones they come in with burlap and jute string.

Another option is placing them in an apple basket or wooden crate.

Fall Front Porch Decor with Yellow and Warm Pink Garden Mums

Home Depot also had a variety of garden mums in a smaller size. I knew the soft purple one would look great in an old crock I acquired from my husband’s aunt earlier this summer.

Garden Mums in a Vintage Crock on Yellow Bench

For our tall planter by the door, I added potting mix, lined the top with more burlap and cut slits to be able to plant ornamental kale and autumn sedum. Both plants will bloom later this fall.

Fall Planter with Ornamental Kale, Autumn Sedum and Gourds

A quick trip to the grocery store and I had some gourds to use as filler. Most likely, I’ll add some white pumpkins later in the season.

Front Porch Fall Planter with Ornamental Kale, Autumn Sedum and Gourds

Be sure to reuse your summer plants if they’re still looking healthy and vibrant. Rosemary is a cold hardy herb that will often last until winter.

Rosemary in a Vintage Tin Bucket on Front Porch

Also, think about what else you already have on hand that can be incorporated into your decorating scheme. A pillow? A door mat? That’s what makes everything come together all on budget.

Warm Pink and Yellow Fall Front Porch Decor

And makes letting go of summer a little easier, right?

Yellow and Warm Pink Fall Front Porch Decor

Looking for more fall decorating ideas? Take a look at how Angie from Echoes of Laughter transformed her front porch using traditional fall colours. So gorgeous!

Traditional Fall Porch Decor

I also suggest checking out these beautiful front porches decorated for fall.

What do you most look forward to with the transition to fall? Decorating? Baking? Something else?

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 Have a lovely day,

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  1. Love it Shauna! My fav thing about the fall is those beautiful days when the weather is not too cold but the air is a little crisp, and you can bring out your cosy clothes and get out and admire the colours.

  2. Your porch looks so lovely! I always look forward to the cooler weather, the changing colours, and hot apple cider :)

  3. I actually love the cooler weather and wearing sweaters and light coats. I just wish that fall was longer in Calgary. It seems to jump so quickly to winter. Especially this year!

  4. The weather, which is a cool,warm at night….no more bugs and the changing of the colours of the tree leaves, always so pretty.  Thank You   :)

  5. I love your front porch! I dream of one day having my own porch that I can decorate for fall. That yellow bench is such a nice pop with the grey!

  6. I look forward to food mostly (does that sound weird?) soups, stews… comfort food. It’s like it’s okay to put on a couple pounds and cover it up with a chunky sweater. Maybe I’m just hungry. Anyhoo your porch looks great Shauna, love the apple basket for a planter!!

  7. I have all those planters myself, just can’t use them out front thanks to the herds of deer wandering my neighbourhood. I need plastic flowers I think… lol!

    Gorgeous decor, I’m envious of you having such beauty in your front yard!


  8. I always look forward to the nice crisp night air as I like to take walks at night and a change of wardrobe is always nice too

  9. I always plant , put out flower pots in the spring. I love your fall pots!! Fall is my favorite season, changing leaves and warm sweaters!

  10. I look forward to the lovely fall colours and the smells, all of the fairs starting and being able to make hearty soups and casseroles, I would have to say fall is my favourite!!

  11. I look forward to the beautiful colours of the leaves and enjoying walks with family to take it all in!

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