Partnering with Satori Design for Living is an excellent way to advertise your business, blog or online shop. Readership is continually growing and consists primarily of women 25-45 who are looking for smart ideas and stylish products to enhance their lives.

To keep content fresh, Shauna posts at least a few times a week on various topics related to design, home and life. Her work has also been featured on several websites and online magazines.

What some of Satori’s sponsors have to say:

“Having the opportunity to be the first participant in Satori Design for Living’s Etsy Feature series was such an honor.  Shauna went out of her way to ask creative questions that would be interesting to her readers and encourage them to learn more about me as a designer and shop owner.  My Etsy store traffic and blog followers increased and I owe this to Shauna’s professionalism and creative talents. I think it’s fair to say this was a win-win situation all around. “ ~Nicolle Spitulnik- Libby Lane Press

“I recently had the honor of being featured on Satori Design For Living’s blog. Shauna wrote a wonderful, flattering piece on my shop. The exposure resulted in several sales on Etsy, a jump in favorites on Etsy, and my Facebook page saw an increase of fans. Thank you Shauna for this great feature and all the increased exposure it brought to my business!” ~Renee Ditrich-  Nostalgic Summer

Side Bar Sponsorship (Basic)

An effective way to promote your blog or online shop is through banner ads. Banner ads are placed in the right hand side bar and are displayed on all pages, not including the Project Gallery and As Seen On category headings. Two sizes of banner ads are available.

An introductory blog post will be created about your store or product along with other new sponsors for that quarter. The post will also be shared via social media. If consecutive months are purchased, your banner will be included in a tagline under one of the regular posts, as well as on social media as it relates to material Shauna is working on.

Affordable and reasonable advertising options are offered, including discount packages for multiple months. Shauna will consider all types of banner ads that align with her philosophy, including craft shops, artists, designers, bloggers, etc. If you would like to receive more information about side bar sponsorship, please contact us.

You can check out a sample sponsor post here and here.

Giveaway Information:

Giveaways are one of the best ways to grab a reader’s attention and promote your product and/or service. A limited number of giveaways are hosted per month, and only products and services that are considered to be relevant and valuable to Satori’s readers will be selected by Shauna. Please contact us for details.

You can check out a sample giveaway post here.

Product Reviews or Features:

Shauna is always working on projects (painting, sewing, organizing, baking, etc.) and loves trying new products! Please contact us to request a product review or feature and we will send you additional information.

You can check out a product review here.

Sponsored Blog Post:

Shauna will consider sponsored blog posts only after careful review. All material is to be created by Shauna and links to be included are at her discretion. Such posts are fully disclosed to readers. If you are interested in having your company sponsor a post, please contact us for more information.

*Shauna does not accept guest sponsored posts.

You can check out a sample sponsored post here or here.

Etsy Shops:

Satori Design for Living is a strong supporter of small online shops and businesses. As a special incentive for Etsy shop owners, Shauna offers one month of free advertising and a feature post dedicated to that Etsy Shop in exchange for a giveaway item valued at $40 or more plus shipping. If you are interested in this option please email us. After one month of your button being in the sidebar, you will have the option to continue advertising at the regular rates.

You can check out an Etsy sample post here.

*Please contact us if you have any other questions, such as specific site statistics or customized options.

You can find Satori Design for Living’s general policies page here.