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My Evive Smoothie Experience – Nutritious + Delicious

Want a wholesome smoothie for breakfast? Short on time or ingredients? These nutrition-packed Evive smoothie options are big on flavour, yet super easy to prepare. Ditch the blender!

Green Evive Smoothie in Jar with Straw

I received products from Evive to facilitate this post. As always, photos and words are my own. I only partner with brands and products I personally use. Some links are affiliates.

Hello friends! The sun is shining and I’m feeling all sorts of summer vibes as we head into a long weekend. On Monday, I pulled out a sundress and it felt amazing to finally put away the jeans (even if it’s temporary). So freeing!

Green Smoothie in Evive Jar with Bowl of Clementines

These days, it’s the little things that bring me joy. I talked about it a couple summers ago when I first started sharing my health issues with you. I also outlined the positive changes I’ve made to my life, both mentally and physically, that have made a huge impact. Living a healthy and balanced life is something I strive for daily.

I know, I know, making good choices isn’t always easy. Some days can be super challenging. So, when I come across something that helps remove a road block or two, I tend to jump on it. Have you tried Evive Smoothies yet?

My Take on Evive Smoothies

Evive Frozen Smoothie Cubes with Cashew Milk and Jar

I’ve been drinking smoothies for years and years, so they’re nothing new to me. However, the task of pulling out the blender, gathering the ingredients (fruits, veggies, seeds, protein powder, coconut milk and more), then finally putting it together, is time consuming.

And, I haven’t even mentioned the cleanup yet! Quite honestly, the whole process is daunting some days. Feel the same way?

Green Smoothie in Jar with Turquoise Paper Straw

On top of that, both of us are still working at home, so it’s been a bit of a challenge keeping our smoothie ingredients stocked up. Restrictions and shortages at the grocery store haven’t helped either.

But, I do love a smoothie for breakfast…

Thankfully, Evive Nutrition has made the whole process easier with their blender-free frozen smoothie cubes that come straight to our door. Have I piqued your interest yet?

Evive Smoothie Instructions

Making a smoothie couldn’t get any simpler! All you need is a wheel of frozen smoothie cubes (or 8 wedges), your favourite liquid, and a jar with lid (or shaker). As an option, you can make your Evive smoothie more diluted using less cubes.

STEP 1: Pop the cubes into the jar.

Jar with Evive Frozen Smoothie Cubes

STEP 2: Cover with liquid and allow to melt for 20 minutes.

Pouring Cashew Milk into Jar with Evive Frozen Cubes

STEP 3: Shake and enjoy!

Green Smoothie in Jar on Marble Countertop

So easy, right? No sink full of dishes either!

What you’re seeing is a Pure flavoured smoothie with mango, spinach, coconut, avocado, orange, matcha, ginger, chlorella, mint and many more nourishing ingredients. Wowza!

Most mornings, I put my Evive smoothie together when I grab my cup of coffee so it’s ready to go. To speed it up, you can use a blender.

Evive Smoothie Ingredients and Flavours

If you’re anything like us, getting into a rut with the same flavour of smoothie day after day is inevitable.

Evive has 15 different flavour profiles to choose from that are:

  • plant-based
  • gluten-free
  • dairy-free
  • free from added sugar
  • non-GMO
  • recyclable packaging
Evive Smoothie Cubes Flavours

Each kind focuses on a different health benefit, including immune support, glowing skin, brain support, detoxifying and more. There’s definitely an option for everyone.

So far, my favourites are Pure, Yogi and Viva combined with cashew, oat or coconut milk. Be sure to try the sport smoothie options for extra protein. Perfect for busy summer days!

Want to try these healthy smoothies and lunches from Evive? Don’t forget to use code satoridesignforliving20 for 20% off your first order!

Other Ways to Use Evive

To mix it up, I’ve also created smoothie bowls and parfaits using the frozen cubes.

Evive Smoothie Bowl with Strawberries, Oranges, Coconut and Chia

For this bowl, I added some coconut yogurt and cashew milk to the Asana flavour. Then I topped it with strawberries, blood oranges, coconut, chia and edible flowers. Pretty and delicious! (Note: Remove the stems before eating and only use organic culinary flowers.)

Evive Lunch Cubes

Evive also has 2-in-1 lunch options that are perfect for making nutrition-packed soups, sauces and more in minutes. Look for tasty options, including Golden Curry, Mac Squash, Bam Chili, and my personal favourite, Tom Thaï.

Evive Lunch Cubes - Tom Thaï

When you consider one wheel feeds my husband and I for lunch, it’s quite reasonably priced. Yesterday, I made two heaping bowls of nutrient-dense, gluten-free “mac and cheese” in about 7 minutes. It’s definitely hard to beat!

Evive Coupon Code

Now, are you ready to give Evive Nutrition a try? The online ordering process is quick and easy. Choose your plan, delivery options, flavours, then head to the checkout. You can change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Use satoridesignforliving20 for 20% off your first order!

Finally, you can also find Evive products in the frozen health food or frozen organic section in over 2000 grocery stores across Canada. Which flavour do you want to try first?

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Have a delicious day!

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