Slowing Down & Renewed Sense of Joy

Slowing down and being more mindful have created a renewed sense of joy and purpose in my life. Maybe you can relate?

Pink Peonies in Milk Glass Vase

Usually by the beginning of July, I start to slow down and ease into summer. However, this year, that process began much sooner. Maybe you noticed?

Over the past four months or so, my approach to life has been very different. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight.

It all started at the beginning of March when I started feeling off. It was like I woke up one morning and something had changed.

As in the past, I thought it would pass over time as most of these things do.

Except it didn’t…

I continued to push myself as I’ve always done. You know, pull myself up by the bootstraps and carry on. Isn’t that what most of us have learned to do?

Light Pink Peonies with Fuchsia Boho Rug in Kitchen

Bright Pink Rug in Our Kitchen

Self-care is something we all talk about. Honestly, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it. But was I?

In retrospect, not really.

Yes, I was eating mindfully and moving my body every day. But, I was also feeling stressed quite a bit of the time.

I’m somewhat of an empath, where I have a difficult time letting go of emotions. I tend to worry about others and, if I’m not careful, those feelings start to build up.

Combine that with being a goal-setting, list checker who moves on to the next project without taking much of a breather, and it can be draining. I have been that way most of my life and talked about it after our main floor renovation.

On one side, it has allowed me to accomplish and experience more than I ever dreamed possible. But, over time, that kind of pressure has taken a toll.

In retrospect, I should’ve seen it coming…

Joy comes to us in the ordinary moments. Quote by Brene Brown

I read in The Wisdom of Sundays recently that God put a rainbow in every cloud. The rainbow is coming…

I get it. Even if all I learn through this difficult time is to slow down and experience joy in the simple things, it will have served me.

Gradually, I’ve transitioned from a state of “hurry up and get this done” to being thankful for everything I’m capable of doing.

I was taking a lot of it for granted and going through the motions of gratitude rather than truly feeling blessed and honouring it.

Breathe, take it in, soak it up…

Pale Pink Peony Bouquet in Milk Glass Vase

When I’m ready, I’ll be sharing more about my health issues. (Update: Read more in my One Year Later Health Update post.) Let’s just say I’ve had to make several adjustments to my daily routine. For now, and until we’ve determined the best path to recovery, I’m focusing on healing not only my body, but mind and spirit as well. They’re all key for optimal health.

Of course, this blog is a personal expression of my passions, so I’ll still be sharing projects, recipes and ideas along the way.

As always, I’m very grateful for your support. So many of you have been with me from the very first days when I started out. Hopefully my story will inspire you to make the changes your intuitive side has been craving. Too often we ignore what we really should be listening to. I’d love for you to share what you’re struggling with. We can all learn so much from each other!

Pink Peonies in Randall Milk Glass Vase

Here’s to slowing down and finding a renewed sense of JOY this summer.

P.S. Aren’t my peony blooms fabulous this year?! If you’re a subscriber, I have a smart phone wallpaper download in the VIP Member’s Only Library waiting for you. (A password reminder is included in each email. Contact me if you’re having trouble accessing it.)

Wishing you a joy-filled day,

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  1. Shauna, thank you for sharing. I have followed you from the beginning, even been in it together here and there along the way, and I have so much admiration for where you have taken your blog and business to. It’s not easy, it’s HARD. Simply put, I think you are amazing. I know you are already doing this, but please do take good care. What am I struggling with? I hit the wall a few years ago and my body let me know. I am back but in a different way. Just this past weekend my husband and I marvelled at how liberating it feels to just be rather than working so hard to be. That didn’t happen overnight. We’ve both made job changes, diet changes…and we’re still making changes. We’re trying to get our exercise rhythm figured out, and that’s been a challenge. Rome. That’s all I can say. It wasn’t built in a day. And man-oh-man your peony blooms are fabulous!

    PS – we made your Spinach Basil Pesto with Garlic Scapes on the weekend and OMG! We double-batched it. Good thing! We enjoyed it with fresh pasta, and then with gnocci, and also froze some. SO GOOD! My husband is raving about it and he’s the chef in our family, so that’s something! Thank you for sharing your recipe :-) Here’s to you Shauna <3

    1. I appreciate your kind words so much! I love how you put it, “how liberating it feels to just BE rather than working so hard to be.” I have been working on that myself. You’re right, it’s a process and journey. So happy for you and your husband. We’re working on getting there too, and there are always stumbles along the way. Adding more exercise has been so good for me, both mentally and physically, but I know how hard it is to keep it up!

      Glad to hear you enjoy the pesto recipe. My basil is in overdrive this year, so I will be making another batch soon. Easy and delicious! As always, thank you so much for your support over the years. <3

  2. Shauna, I’m so glad you’re listening to your body and not pushing yourself like you normally do. Thanks for sharing! I’m sending you positive vibes and a big hug!
    Hugs, Jamie

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