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Using Cloches in Holiday Decorating

You’ll love these ideas for decorating with cloches during the Christmas season. A simple and beautiful way to dress up your home for the holidays!

Marble and Glass Cloche Filled with Christmas Cookies

As usual for November, I’ve been looking for new holiday decorating ideas. Each year, I try to switch up my Christmas decor, even if it’s ever-so-slightly. I added photos in small silver-leaf frames to the tree last year, and we replaced the old style exterior icicle lights with some silvery-blue larger bulbs. Small changes are often all you need to create a new look.

I typically don’t buy many Christmas decorations. First off, we simply don’t have the extra storage room. Secondly, I’d rather invest in accessories that are on display more than a couple months within a year. Agree? Having said that, I decided whatever I added this year needed to be multi-purpose. Then one day, while I was scoping out Pinterest, I spotted this beautifully adorned Christmas Cloche. I had my inspiration!

Decorating With Cloches for Christmas

The options for decorating with cloches during the holiday season are pretty much endless. I’ve gathered up some of my favourites to inspire you, including ornament cloches, cookie cloches, table setting cloches and more. Simply click on each link to get to get the full details. Enjoy!

Winter Cloche with Faux Snow and Ornament by Craftberry Bush

This ornament cloche by Craftberry Bush is stunning with a simple mercury glass ball and faux snow. I love how it sparkles next to the Christmas tree lights.

Place Setting Cloche for the Holidays via The White Company

This place setting cloche via The White Company is sophisticated and smart. I love how it makes the simple gift box seem even more special.

Cloche with Winter White Decorations for the Holidays by My Romantic Home

My Romantic Home used simple ornaments and pearls to create this winter white cloche. The etched glass cloche and ribbon are so pretty.

Christmas Mantel Decorated with Cloches, Greenery and Stockings by So Much Better with Age

I love this collection of cloches filled with trees, ornaments and lights by So Much Better with Age. Be sure to use different heights and sizes of cloches to recreate this look.

Mini Wooden House Christmas Cloche by First Day of Home

This mini wood house Christmas cloche by First Day of Home is so adorable. Follow her step-by-step tutorial to make a set of your own out of scrap wood.

Christmas Table Setting with Cloche Centerpiece by Thistle Key Lane

Thistle Key Lane put together this charming Christmas table centerpiece using a cloche, poinsettia, vintage books and mini bottle brush trees.

And, be sure to check out this cloche with bright ornaments and this red ornament cloche too. Such lovely ways to style a cloche!

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What to Put Under a Cloche for Christmas

  • greenery
  • plants and flowers
  • pine cones
  • faux snow
  • ornaments
  • decorations
  • mini lights
  • small wrapped gifts
  • battery operated candles
  • baked goods

As you can see, there are many cloche decorating ideas for the holidays. I look forward to trying each and every one of them! Do you have a favourite?

If you’re looking for a new glass cloche, I’ve rounded up some of my favourites below. Thrift shops are another good source.

Update: See how I used glass cloches to decorate our home for Christmas over the years.

More Christmas Cloche Ideas

In our kitchen, I used a marble serving plate and glass cloche to display Christmas Cookies for our holiday party.

Kitchen Decorated for Christmas with Marble and Glass Cloche Filled with Christmas Cookies

For our dining room, I covered mini bottle brush trees with a small glass cloche to create a vignette on a tray. Next time, I plan on adding faux snow and mini lights to make it sparkle.

Christmas Vignette with Mini Bottle Brush Trees and Glass Cloche

I also love this cloche church ornament I used to decorate our mantel for Christmas. If you’re wanting to make your own, check out this DIY ornament cloche by my friend Janine.

Are there any new holiday decorating ideas you’re planning on adding this year?

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Enjoy your day!

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This Christmas cloche post was originally published November 2011 and updated with new ideas and photos November 2019.


  1. I love them all, but especially the simple elegance of the pine cone display…may be partly due to the unusually shaped cloche itself! Have a great day!

    1. Actually I think I like that one the best since I’m kind of a white, simple, nature kind of girl! But, the bright ornaments are eye catching too. So hard to decide what to do!

  2. I have been keeping my eye out for a cloche at my local thrift store, no luck yet. But I completely agree with you about the decorations. I’m all for mutli-seasonal. This year I’ve been inspired by nature – pinecones mostly and can use that decor from fall through winter. Score.

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