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Lounging Around: Our Outdoor Living Space

Create a lively and welcoming outdoor living space to enjoy all season long!

Last July, we got most of the foundational pieces in place for our back yard. However, when it came time to finish the decorating our outdoor living space, most of the outdoor decor was picked over and I had to put the process on hold. This year, I decided to be ahead of the game and started picking up pieces when they first started arriving in stores. With seasonal items, I’ve learned it’s best to nab them before they’re gone.

Outdoor Living Space with Wicker Chaise Lounge and Red Garden Stool

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Perhaps it was the long drawn out winter that had me craving colour, but I couldn’t resist this red garden stool I spotted at HomeSense to use as a side table between our loungers. I love that it’s no maintenance and so versatile.

Outdoor Living Space with Red Garden Stool
Outdoor Living Space with Red Ceramic Garden Stool

At first, I tried to talk myself out of the stool. Red wasn’t even a consideration for our backyard, but then I came across these multi-colored paisley pillows that tied everything together.

Outdoor Living Space with Wicker Lounge Chairs and Paisley Outdoor Pillows

Our aqua umbrella, blue-grey area rug, and yellow and turquoise pillows from last year were all linked together in one single pillow. And, how great is it that all of the colours are set on a fresh white background?

Typically, I try to find my jumping off point first, but this time I worked backwards. Thankfully it all turned out!

Outdoor Living Space with Wicker Loungers, Aqua Umbrella and Red Garden Stool

I still have a few things on my outdoor living space to-do list. One is to purchase or make cushions for our loungers. I’ve been shopping around, but it’s difficult to find pre-made ones that fit properly and look nice. Custom ones are just too expensive to justify for our short outdoor season. If you come across any basic neutral ones in your travels, please let me know!

Outdoor Living Space with Wicker Lounge Chairs, Red Garden Stool and Yellow Chevron Pillow

For now, I have ornamental grass in the tall grey planters. I’m thinking about adding some trailing white plants once the rain stops. Last year, I went with simple white and green plants and I liked the way they looked all summer long.

Outdoor Living Space with Ornamental Grass Planters and Red Ceramic Garden Stool

If you stop by the blog often, you’ll recognize the blue and yellow pillows from our front porch. I’m always moving my decor around to create different looks. You?

Outdoor Lounging Area with Wicker Chaise Lounges, Red Garden Stool and Blue Pillow

I’m really looking forward to the sun coming out and temperatures rising so we can enjoy our lounging area. Reading a good book and sipping a mojito on a weekend afternoon sounds heavenly to me right now!

Outdoor Living Space with Oversized Aqua Offset Umbrella

Next up, we’ll be getting our outdoor dining area together on the upper deck. Perhaps the weather will turn around long enough this week to get it done!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know we had a hailstorm come through moments after I started taking photos for this post. I wasn’t able to show everything I wanted to (and some of the photos are a bit dark), so I plan on sharing update photos within the next couple of weeks.

Perhaps organizing the Outdoor Extravaganza is a weather curse!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the Outdoor Decorating link party!

Join the Outdoor Extravaganza 2014

For garden inspiration, I highly encourage you to check out last week’s Plants & Flowers link party.

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See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love the pop of color!  I was on the same page.. not sure I wanted to add too much color, but now I am hot for coral, turquoise, and lime green!  Loving the umbrella… perfect place to read a magazine!

    1. It’s definitely a departure for me. Not going to commit to color too much, as I tend to love my neutrals. How’s the new pool treating you? Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  2. This looks like a very inviting spot! Love how the pillow tied everything together. Isn’t that what a good pillow should do?

  3. I love your new loungers Shauna! They look amazing! And I keep eyeing those garden stools too…and like you, I think they are so versatile too! And I love how you found pillows that tie everything together! Don’t you love when that happens! Have an amazing week and thank you again for organizing this for us! Angie xo

    1. Those stools seem to go fast, so make sure you grab one when you can (especially at places like HomeSense where they’re such a good deal). Yes, those pillows were a life saver, and my husband really wanted to see some red or orange in our back yard, so they’re a win-win!

  4. This looks incredible! I’ve only just started pulling all the dead stuff out of my yard – I need to make it pretty like this!

    1. Hosting the Outdoor Extravaganza kicks me into gear every year, otherwise I may be at the stage you’re at. Your yard will get there. Plus, it seems to just be warming up this week anyway!

  5. Aqua umbrella!!!!!  Where did you find that?!  My umbrellas are beginning to fall apart & need to be updated to my new accent colours.

    Love your deck decor – it’s fabulous!  If only I ever relaxed, I would love that space!


    1. I picked that up last July at Target. It was a great find and got it on sale, which was a plus. I’ll keep my eyes open for you. What size are you looking for?

      I agree about taking the time to relax. This summer, I’m making myself take 15 minutes or so each day to get some sun and enjoy a break. So not my nature either!

  6. Looking good! I think a lot of people forget to decorate and accessorize their outdoor spaces — just like inside, the details are what makes a space.

  7. I love it! It reminds me a bit of contemporary California coastal, which I adore. We invest a lot of energy working on our outdoor spaces, but that’s because we use them all year round. I couldn’t imagine pulling all of that together in such a small time frame. It looks great!

    1. It’s a lot of working pulling it out of storage and setting it up every year, but so worth it. We LOVE our summers around here. Would be nice to enjoy it all year round! Thanks for the style name- wouldn’t have known what to call it :)

  8. This is lovely Shauna! I love the end table you picked up at Home Sense. I have been eyeing a table like that but never thought to use it outdoors on the patio. What a brilliant idea!

  9. I love the colours! I am crushing on those loungers – they look so “sink into me, enjoy a great book and a tasty drink” :) 

  10. Oh I like like those paisley pillows. And the chevron too. This screams summer to me. Nice.

  11. I love your stool Shauna and it goes great with the pillows – very fresh and inviting!!

  12. I love everything you choose for the space. The red stool is perfect. Good choice. I’ve also been eyeing that umbrella for awhile now as well!

  13. Love your outdoor patio and all the furniture and accessories, Shauna!  I can’t wait to get some projects done and link up to the next party!

  14. Gorgeous patio Shauna! I can’t wait for some nice warm weather so I can hang out on mine too :)

  15. I get it…summer’s here in Chicago are so short as well, and we need to make the most of it!

    I didn’t see where your loungers are from, Shauna.  I love them! Do share!

    The combination of red and aqua is lovely.  I just purchased a new outdoor umbrella.  Ours didn’t survive a rough go last summer.  I’m in the midst of redoing our outdoor space this weekend.  Hopefully I’ve have something to share soon…

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. We bought the loungers at a store that was closing out. Such a good deal, now I’m finding the cushions could cost more than we paid for the loungers- so crazy! Enjoy your Sunday :)

  16. Beautiful details! Love the colorful paisley pillows! I’m going to have to check out Target if that’s where you got your umbrella. Love it!

  17. I wish I could create such a beautiful and inviting backyard.  I’d love to see pictures of your entire yard, we’re in the process of landscaping ours and have have a similar slope.  And that mason jar, so cute.  Where did you get those lids?

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