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Jingle Bell Ornaments – Mini Christmas Wreath Decorations

Make these jingle bell ornaments as tree decorations, gift toppers or home decor. Hang anywhere you want to add sparkle this Christmas. An easy holiday DIY project!

As I was going through my Christmas storage totes last week to see what I had for wrapping supplies, I came across a package of tiny silver jingle bells I bought at the end of last year’s holiday season. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them back then, but it’s hard to pass up on a great deal (especially when it’s something so adorable).

Last year, I made simple jingle bell ornaments to dress up some handmade gifts using large, colourful, and sparkly options that seemed to stand alone. However, I knew these smaller ones would require a little more work to create something with impact.

Luckily, I had a little motivation from my friend Shannon, who inspired a group of home bloggers to create a Christmas ornament or other holiday decoration to share in a free ebook. Keep reading to get your copy!

DIY Jingle Bell Ornaments

These jingle bell mini wreath decorations are super easy to make, but my-oh-my do they add sparkle to almost anything you want to decorate for the holidays! They’re a beautiful handmade gift idea too for teachers, neighbours, grandparents or someone else on your list.

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How to Make Jingle Bell Ornaments

Supplies and Tools

  • small jingle bells (I used about 50, 10mm size per wreath)
  • wire (I used 26 gauge craft wire)
  • ribbon (about 12″ length per wreath)
  • needle-nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
Small Jingle Bells for Jingle Bell Wreath Ornaments

Mini Christmas Wreath Instructions

To start, cut a 16″ length of wire and loop back one end about 1″. Using the needle-nose pliers, wrap the end around until you’re left with a tiny loop and the end is secure.

How to Make Jingle Bell Wreath Ornaments

Next, feed the bells onto the wire, making sure the first one is tight against the loop and each additional bell is as close as possible.

How to Make Jingle Bell Wreath Ornaments

After you get about a 7″ strand of bells (depending on how large you want your wreath to be), feed the end through the loop you made earlier and secure it by wrapping the wire around the bells a few times. Cut the end off with your wire cutters and reshape the whole thing into a circle.

Tip: When making larger wreaths or using bigger jingle bells, use thicker gauge wire.

Attach a piece of ribbon for hanging. So simple!

Small Silver Jingle Bell Wreath Ornaments with Black Ribbon

How to Use Jingle Bell Wreaths

Aside from the obvious option of hanging these jingle bell ornaments on the Christmas tree, you can also attach them to gifts or use them to embellish everyday decorative accessories in your home during the holiday season.

DIY Jingle Bell Wreath Gift Embellishment for Christmas

I love how striking this silver wreath looks paired with black ribbon and graphic wrapping paper.

Jingle Bell Wreath Gift Embellishment for Christmas

Adjust the length of the ribbon depending on what you’re attaching the wreaths to.

Jingle Bell Wreath Gift Embellishment for Christmas

I used this black satin ribbon, but pretty much any style will work. Play around to create different looks.

Mini Jingle Bell Wreath Christmas Ornament

Hang these mini wreaths anywhere! Or, leave the ribbon off completely and use them as napkin rings for your holiday table. Adjust the size depending on what you need.

DIY Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament or Embellishment

Not sure you’ll have time to make your own? I found these rusted brass jingle bell wreaths on Etsy. And this rose gold colour would be pretty too!

More Christmas Craft Projects

Be sure to check out the other Christmas decorations made by some of my blogging friends in this free Christmas decorating book! All you have to do is save and/or print once it opens in a new window. There, you’ll find the step-by-step instructions for 6 crafts.

Christmas Decorating Ideas and Projects

Learn How to Make

  • Merry Christmas Garland by AKA Design
  • Silver Tinsel Ornaments by House of Hepworth’s
  • Scrabble Ornaments by Things That are Pretty
  • Spring Snowflake Ornament by Thistlewood Farms
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More Christmas Ornaments and Gift Toppers

Try making these log slice chalkboard ornaments to decorate your tree or embellish gifts.

DIY Log Slice Chalkboard Ornaments

I also whipped up these wood bead mini wreaths. Not as sparkly, but I think they’re pretty darn cute.

Mini Wreath Gift Tags Made with Wood Beads, Greenery and Ribbon

And these shabby chic tassel gift toppers are fun to make too!

Shabby Chic Christmas Gift Toppers Made with Pretty String and Wood Beads

Put together these mini bottle brush tree gift toppers in no time at all!

Mini Bottle Brush Tree Gift Embellishment on Christmas Gift with Modern Navy Wrapping Paper

These snowy bottle brush ornaments are beautiful next to the Christmas tree lights.

DIY Bottle Brush Tree Ornaments - Mini Bottle Ornaments with Snowy Trees - Satori Design for Living

You can also check out the Christmas Project Gallery for many more craft and decorating ideas!

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Happy crafting!

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  1. Your little wreaths are so cute! I can totally see how they will add some festive flair to any package they adorn. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! :-)

  2. These are sooo cute Shauna!!  Perfect for that little something extra on your Christmas gift.  

    1. Thank you, Heather. We had gloomy weather the entire week, but the pictures still came out pretty good. I’m so glad Shannon “introduced” us, and I look forward to following your blog.

  3. I made these last night but with the medium size bells and they turned out adorable. I plan to put them on Christmas gifts to add a special something to the outside and give them a little glitz. Adorable idea so glad I found it. I want to go make more because they were so easy and fun to make! Very festive!!

      1. I got them on my presents and love them they turned out great. How can I upload a photo to show you?

  4. These are adorable, Shauna! I love them and can think of all kinds of places to use the finished bell wreaths. Thanks for sharing.
    Debbie :)

  5. I love the tiny bells as an ornament, but the shiny jingle bell wreath would also be a festive and fun necklace for the holidays. I even like the contrast with the black ribbon as opposed to a chain. I’ve not made jewelry, but I would think by adding a jump ring that you could make the wreath lie nicely with the ribbon . I hope I can find some tiny bells now so I can try this. What a fun idea! I do have a bunch of “rusty” bells that would make cute country-primitive wreath ornaments. Thank you for the ideas.

  6. I’m completely in love with these Jingle Bell Ornamants. I love the way the tiny bells sound and I think they look amazing both as an ornament and a gift topper. This is one of those crafts that people would take off of their gift and hang directly on their tree. So happy Pinterest put this in my feed.

  7. What size bells did you use? I’m having a hard time deciding if those are 1/4 in or 1/2 from the picture.

    1. Hi Jenna, I updated the supplies list to include the measurement I used. They’re 3/8″ or 10mm. Of course, almost any size would work depending on the look you’re going for.

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