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Sharing client design projects I’m currently working on, including a bungalow renovation and new home build.

How is your week going? I’ve been balancing a couple of my own projects, as well as working on a few for clients. I like to be busy, especially when my husband is traveling for business. It always makes the time go by faster and I’m better able to focus when he isn’t here to distract me (miss you honey!).

Bungalow Renovation

I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of what I currently have on the go. One of my clients is totally gutting a bungalow and has hired me to select many of the interior finishes, including paint colors, lighting, and tile for the kitchen backsplash, entrances, as well as three bathrooms. Most of the design decisions have been finalized and we’re waiting for the contractor to prep everything for installation.

Below are a couple photos taken from the front entrance. I love how open the whole main floor is.

Bungalow Great Room Renovation
Bungalow Renovation- Hallway and Bathroom

Furniture for New Build

Another project I’m involved in is selecting furniture for a new home that is currently under construction. This week we’re finalizing chairs and a sofa for the main floor living room. My client Ali has a bold sense of style and has opted for purple upholstered chairs along with a neutral sofa, both in fabrics resembling linen (minus the maintenance). I think the pop of color in an otherwise monochromatic space is going to be stunning.

Here’s a photo of the showhome taken with my phone to give you an idea of the room (minus a few changes that were made for their particular home).

Weston Showhome Living Room - Airdrie

Pantry Organization

In addition to client projects, my son is on semester break and I’ve enlisted his help with a few household tasks I’ve been putting off. It’s nice to have an extra set of hands when tackling any project, especially when it requires lifting and moving. I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with him (or rather a great way for him to work off some money he borrowed from me!).

To kick things off, we completely emptied the contents of the kitchen pantry onto the table and island. I’m always amazed by how much stuff it can hold. Although the pantry could probably use a fresh coat of paint, I opted to give everything a good scrub instead since we plan on replacing the flooring soon. I last organized the pantry a couple years ago and I’ve been pretty happy with it since. However, I felt like a few things needed to be tweaked. I’ll be sharing those changes with you soon, along with a fun giveaway that will help you organize your home a little better too!

Cleaning and Organizing the Pantry

Now back to addressing this mess!

Are you working on any renovation, decorating or organizing projects in your home? Are there any projects you’ve done in the past that could use a little tweaking?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Your design projects look & sound like fun :-) The purple armchairs in the second home sound fabulous! Organizing the pantry doesn’t sound like quite as much fun, but it’s a good way for you and your son to spend some quality time together :-)

    We don’t have a kitchen pantry, but we have a large cupboard that used to be the most disorganized & messy cupboard ever! My husband made sliding shelves for it, and now it’s so much easier to find things and it’s great for reaching items at the back of the cupboard, which is pretty deep.

    1. I’m enjoying the projects I have on the go right now- fantastic clients! Your sliding shelves sound like a great solution. Deep cupboards can be like a black hole!

  2. Hi Shauna! We LOVE your blog!  We are actually featuring your jewelry organization over at our blog. Go check it out!  Thanks for being so inspirational!

  3. Yes!  I have many projects on the go…in my mind, that is!!  Ha!:)  We’ve just returned home from a 2 week trip, and I’m trying to get back in the swing of things.  Your project update is inspiring me.  I have a bunch of organizing projects I want to get to, too. Now I just need to find some motivation…;)

    1. If it wasn’t for my client projects I wouldn’t have too much on the go. Like you, I’m not feeling overly motivated to start too much in my own house. I think it’s a case of the winter blahs, but luckily we’re taking a sunny family vacation next month. Hopefully that will bring on some renewed energy to push forward.

  4. I think that cottage is going to be amazing!  And I totally agree!  Monochromatic with a pop of color is always fun and exciting!

  5. Your client project looks like great momentum for the new year! And good for you on the pantry reorganization. You know, it feels like I just did that, and today I couldn’t believe the shambles it was in! So I’ll be getting back in there before it’s completely out of hand… 

    1. It doesn’t take long for pantries to get out of hand. I don’t like waste, but we ended up having a bunch of expired stuff that was shoved to the back. I’ve made it a goal/challenge to make as many meals as I can without going to the grocery store (of course I’ll still need fresh stuff). And now that I’m hearing all of this bad stuff about cans, I’m going to try my best to weed those out.

  6. OMG, that bungalow renovation looks like it is going to be amazing. Love those chairs in the other client’s home. We have something quite similar that I covered in an animal print!!! :)

  7. Yes, we’re renoing! We’re adding on 2 bedrooms, en-suite and an office – it’s great to work with a blank canvas, so many possibilities! Your space will look amazing I’m sure!

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