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Country Garden Party Table Centerpieces

Learn how to make these table centerpieces with log vases and garden flowers. Easy and inexpensive table decor for your country garden party or wedding.

Welcome to week two of the OUTDOOR EXTRAVAGANZA! Be sure to check out my trash to treasure tool box planters if you missed last week’s Plants & Flowers projects.

This time, it’s all about Decorating & Entertaining al fresco style.

Country Garden Party Table Centerpieces - DIY Log Vases - Satori Design for Living

Over the weekend we planned on having an outdoor get-together. Then, the forecast called for buckets of rain and, boy, they were bang on!

I’m okay with it though. My plants and flowers really needed the moisture, not to mention our lawn. Our party guests, not so much. So, we decided to postpone until a later date when the sun is shining and we can properly host a country-themed garden party.

Country Garden Party Tablescape with Log Floral Arrangements - Country Themed Centerpieces

Why country? I guess I equate it with simple food and drinks, no-fuss decorating, and an easy-going atmosphere. Something I could really use in my life right now…

We’re prepared. Our outdoor decorations are all ready to go.

Country Garden Party Centerpieces

For the table, I wanted something rustic, but pretty at the same time. So, we (aka my husband) created log tea light holders and vases using fallen branches we found by the river.

Table Centerpieces Made with DIY Log Vases and Garden Flowers - Garden Party Centerpiece Ideas

How to Make Log Vases:

  1. Cut log into sections using a mitre saw (you can read more about that process here).
  2. Find center of the log and mark with a pencil.
  3. Drill hole with 2⅛” hole saw with drill bit guide.
  4. Drill into hole saw using 1½”spade bit.
  5. Chisel out the remaining wood.
  6. Repeat process until you’ve carved a 5″ deep cylinder (or enough to hold the flowers).
How to Make Log Tea Light Holders

How to Make Log Tealight Holders:

Drill hole ¾” deep using a 1½” hole saw, followed by 1½” spade bit. Use chisel to smoothen edges.

I guess this is where I thank my husband for all his hard work. I was planting flowers and working on next week’s project while he was making these (sore back and all). And there may have even been a hockey game on at the same time. He’s the best, isn’t he? I think I did mix him a drink afterwards…

To help keep the pesky bugs away, I filled the log tea light holders with citronella candles.

DIY Log Tea Light Holder and Vases for a Country Garden Party

To fill each vase, I clipped a variety of flowers from our yard, including Osteopermums. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Seasonally, I’ll be able to switch things up, making the whole thing so much fun.

DIY Table Centerpiece with Log Vase and Garden Flowers

For the lining, I used a plastic sandwich bag held in place with an elastic band. Then I filled it half-way with water and began arranging the tallest flowers first.

How to Make Country Garden Party Table Centerpieces Using Logs and Flowers - DIY Wedding Table Decor - Satori Design for Living

Before I tucked the filler apple blossoms around the edge, I removed the elastic band and trimmed the plastic close to the inner edge so it wasn’t visible. Then, I topped it up with a bit more water.

Country Garden Party Table Centerpiece with Log Vase and Flowers

So easy and inexpensive. And not too precious or fussy. Just as outdoor entertaining should be, right?

Outdoor Table Centerpieces with DIY Log Vases Filled with Bohemian Flowers

These log vases and tealight holders would be perfect for weddings too.

And, for another rustic table decor idea for an outdoor party, check out this log and succulent centerpiece. It’s perfect if you’re looking for budget-friendly garden party decor.

Outdoor Table Centerpiece with Log and Succulents

More Outdoor Decorating & Entertaining Ideas

You’re going to love these ideas some of my blogger friends put together. Be sure to stop by and say HELLO!

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Be sure to come back next Wednesday to check out our Outdoor Build-it & Paint projects. As well, mark your calendars for our big OUTDOOR EXTRAVAGANZA link party on Thursday, May 28th!

Satori Design for Living Outdoor Extravaganza 2015

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Shauna, the log vase is so pretty! I love that it’s a simple DIY and you can use it all over the house. So pretty!

  2. Such a gorgeous project Shauna! These vases are stunning! They would work for both a casual party but I can also see them being used in formal wedding as well because they are so pretty and have that quiet sophistication thing going on. Have a lovely week! Angie xo

    1. I told Hayden I have the decorations ready to go if he ever has a country garden themed wedding. Of course he said he really didn’t care about that sort of thing. That’s for the girl to pick out lol!

  3. Wow Shauna your table setting looks so pretty! That’s also very clever with the plastic bag in the vase, you can’t see it at all and the flowers get their water!

  4. Beautiful vignette! But my attention was totally captured by the two-tone daisies! What plant is that??? GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m landscaping this year, plants, plants, plants!!

    Love your project!

  5. This is truly lovely Shauna! I quite enjoyed your detailed tutorial too! The weather was quite disagreeable on the long weekend. I hope your rescheduled party is a lot more successful!

  6. These are such pretty shots. I love how you arranged these, and I am going to mimic some of them in my home.

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