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Christmas House Tour {Elma Street}

Ready for another Christmas house tour? You’ll love the whimsical holiday decorations used throughout this beautiful historical home.

One of my friends is so fortunate to have her home located on the prettiest street in the town. A neighbourhood filled with historical homes, large lot sizes, and mature trees, I can’t help but feel a wee bit envious every time I visit. After attending a wedding shower at her home earlier this year, I asked Katja if she’d be willing to share her place as part of my Christmas House Tour series.

As a former boutique owner in Calgary’s trendy Marda Loop area, she has a great eye for detail and a creative way of expressing her style. Her home is what you’d expect to see knowing her personality. This is what I mean when I talk about “getting you and your home speaking the same language.”

Although Katja’s home is always charming, somehow I knew it would be even more extraordinary at Christmas. When I stopped by last week to take some photos, I whipped out my camera as soon as I made my way up the sidewalk to capture the lovely Christmas decorating starting at the front gate.

Christmas House Tour with Decorated Exterior Gate

The greenery garland with pinecones and berries looks so festive.

White Picket Fence Decorated with Greenery and Pinecones for Christmas
Front Porch Decorated for Christmas
Front Porch Decorated for Christmas

I love how she carried the same style right up to her front door. It’s the little details that make it so special.

Christmas House Tour- Berry, Pinecone and Evergreen Wreath on Front Door

Upon entering Katja’s house, I was immediately drawn to her dining table. Filled with red tulips, greenery, and paperwhites she forced herself, not only was the fragrance lovely, but the mix of textures and colors was stunning.

House Decorated with Paperwhites for Christmas

By the corner window of her kitchen, she was forcing bulbs and had another beautiful greenery arrangement, one of many throughout the house.

Forced Paperwhite Bulbs in Water
Christmas House Tour with Bird Ornament

Katja created a series of beautiful Christmas vignettes. I especially loved her whimsical mantel all decked out in silver, white, green and red.

Christmas House Tour with Stunning Vignettes
Decorated Mantel for Christmas

She has some of the most stunning Christmas ornaments and decorations I’ve seen. I adored this glass domed winter house.

Christmas Cloche with Winter Scene
Gold and Silver Vintage Ornaments on Tray

Katja extended the holiday decorating to the back of her house.

Decorated Back Deck with Lanterns and Greenery for Christmas

I love how she added natural materials to her existing lanterns. Such a simple, yet effective touch.

Decorated Back Porch for Christmas with Lanterns and Greenery
Christmas House Tour with Mason Jars and Greenery

And how adorable is this matching shed in the back yard?!

Christmas House Tour with Red and White Storage Shed in Back Yard

I must thank Katja for opening up her home to all of us. I know I’ve walked away with a few Christmas decorating ideas. You too? Most importantly, I’ve become inspired once again to continue on my path of creating a home that’s a true representation of our family.

Is there something in particular that stood out to you from Katja’s Christmas house tour? Do you go all out and decorate to the extent she does? I’d love to know!

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  1. Shauna, you have captured Katja’s home beautifully. I want to see more of this home! I know I would be totally in love. 

    1. It’s your style for sure. It used to be a one story home, and with the growing family, they added a second story with a porch in the front and back. So charming!

  2. What a beautiful home!  LOVE all the greenery -its amazing how something so simple can be so elegant.

    1. She has done such a good job of taking her everyday decor and making it festive with cuttings. Such a beautiful place! Definitely walked away with some decorating ideas.

  3. What great photos Shauna! I love all the touches of greenery and the paperwhites.. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Katja’s home is stunning, a true reflection of herself.  The creativity and love she puts forth is evident.  I loved her collection of antique glass balls spread throughout her home and also the forced bulbs.  I am also a big fan of creme/white/silver and gold decorations for Christmas.  thank you for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful home and definitely all that more special at Christmas time.  Thanks for sharing.

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