Back in the Swing of Things and a Few Plans

I’m officially back from the holiday break! Unlike a lot of people returning to work, it’s a happy time for me. I feel so fortunate to love what I do, and I’m definitely blessed to have kind and supportive clients and readers who continue to be a source of inspiration. Thank you!

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve taken the time to reconnect with family and friends, as well as spend time in one of my favourite places, the Rocky Mountains. I’m always in awe at how beautiful the area truly is, and I continually return home with a renewed frame of mind.

Skiing at Sunshine Village

Over the weekend, we packed up the Christmas decorations. Although the house is looking a little bare, I like the sense of freshness it brings. Already, the days seem longer despite the fact that we have a lot of winter to weather. My brain is switching to visions of spring. I think it may be time to add a few pops of colour to get us through the next few months, and I definitely want to clean and organize our closets and storage areas.

Although we don’t have any major renovations planned for the next couple months, I will be adding a fresh coat of paint to a few rooms including our master bathroom. I’ll also be working on completing the furnishing and decorating of our basement family room. I’m crossing my fingers the custom pieces we ordered will be finished ahead of schedule so we can use the room as it was intended (I’m sure everyone is growing tired of the blow up bed and floor cushions we’re currently using as seating!). I’m confident it will all be worth the wait.

Do you have any changes you want to make to your home in the next couple months? Is organizing and freshening up at the top of your list like mine?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Of course my list is a mile long! Lol  My big project is my basement as well and my son’s room..
    Welcome back and I’m glad you enjoyed your break!

  2. Welcome back, Shauna! I’m so glad you feel rejuvenated, and I’m with you on anticipating Spring. Funny how that happens! I’m still purging my way to zen, and loving the feeling of it. For me, I’m back at another course, and for our home, I’m really working on just minimizing with a long-term vision in mind for the look and feel we want to achieve. We’ll see how that goes ;-)

  3. Happy new year to you!  It is so nice to take a break and come back refreshed!  I am on the same boat… keep everything light an fresh and organize organize organize!!!

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