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West Elm Inspired Drink Coasters

These wood slice drink coasters are perfect for holiday entertaining or as hostess gifts. An easy and inexpensive wood project!

A few weeks ago, I was looking at West Elm’s new market and came across some adorable wooden drink coasters. They reminded of the log slice ornaments I created for the One Item Project Challenge and, luckily, I happened to have some wood slices left over giving me the idea to create my own.

Not only did we need a set for our basement family room, but I thought they’d make a perfect holiday hostess gift as well.

DIY Wood Slice Coasters with Cheers Sayings for the Holiday Season

Now that you’ve seen my version, take a look at the inspiration wood slice coasters designed by Shanna Murray for West Elm…

Shanna Murray Drink Coasters - West Elm

Fun, right? Similar, but I put my own spin on them. I decided to nix the snowflakes so the coasters could be used all year long.

How to Make Wood Slice Drink Coasters


  • Log slices (about 4″ diameter by 1/2″ thick- see cutting instructions)
  • Sand paper (very fine grit)
  • Polyurethane (I used quick drying satin finish by Minwax)
  • Small paint brush
  • Oil based white paint pen (Sharpie)
Wood Slices to Make Drink Coasters

Coaster Instructions

  1. Sand your log slices until smooth on each side.
  2. Apply two coats of polyurethane to the top and sides of each coaster, allowing them to dry in between. This will prep the surface for your written words or they may bleed.
How to Make Wood Slice Drink Coasters
  1. Once the coasters are completely dry, hand write messages or sayings on each one using a white paint pen (you may need to go over it twice).
  2. Allow to dry and apply one more coat of polyurethane to the entire coaster.
West Elm Inspired Log Slice Drink Coasters | Satori Design for Living

For a bit of fun, you could change them up a bit by writing “cheers” in different languages, including:

  • Cin Cin (Italian)
  • Salud (Spanish)
  • Prost (German)

Of course, there are many others depending on special meaning for your family or who you plan on giving them to.

For a hostess gift, tie a length of ribbon or jute around a set of four coasters and finish off with a gift tag. Need a gift that’s higher in value? Include with a bottle of wine or a set of glasses (or both!).

These drink coasters were very inexpensive to make since I had everything on hand and only had to purchase the paint pen (which was around $3 with a 50% off coupon). I plan on making a few more sets.

We’re having a party and you’re invited!

Come back Thursday to link up your Handmade Gift and Gift Wrap projects. I’m happy to be hosting alongside Shannon who created a lovely handmade gift of her own today!

December 2013 Handmade Link Party

Update- See the handmade gifts and gift wrap ideas!

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See you tomorrow! 

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  1. Great addition for your family room, Shauna, and I’m with you on the snowflakes – they look great, but using the coasters all year long is the best idea!!

    1. I added some faux fur pillows down there, too, and it has a bit of a modern lodge vibe now. I really need to do a room update post- perhaps in the new year! 

  2. OMG–I love this so much!
    I am TOTALLY pinning this for future reference!! 
    Thanks so much for sharing,

  3. Your coasters look beautiful Shauna!!! They would make a wonderful gift too… hmmm – thanks girl!

  4. Your coasters look just as good as west elms version.  I knew I should have grabbed the bottom of the tree slices at Home Depot!  I stared at them for awhile without any ideas coming to mind. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!  

    1. Thanks Dawn! I actually have one more project I made with the rest of the large branch I used for this project. It was worth digging through the woods to find (Home Depot would’ve been a whole lot easier though!).

  5. I love these! You are on a log kick this year!  I found some at micheals and they were very pricey! I wish I had a wooded river area to find some logs!  Great gift idea!

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