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We’re Talking Paint Colors {Bloggers’ Faves Part Two}

Looking to freshen up your space with paint? Check out these favorite paint colors selected by some of the top home bloggers!

While we’re on the topic of favorite paint colors, I must mention Pottery Barn has its newest line up of Benjamin Moore paint colors for fall. I think they’ve put together one of the best collections, and I particularly love the selection of blues. How about you?

Pottery Barn Benjamin Moore Paint Collection Fall via Pottery Barn

Yesterday, Ashley and Shannon shared some of their most-loved room colors. To carry on with the theme, I’m thrilled to welcome three more fantastic design bloggers to add to the list.

Sherry’s Paint Color Picks {Young House Love}

Young House Love

Hola everyone. Sherry here, from Young House Love. I had so much fun shouting out three colors that I’m loving right now for Shauna’s little roundup, so here are my current (although they pretty much change every day) faves… (All by Benjamin Moore)

ROCKPORT GRAY (HC-105) is an awesome moody gray tone with some mocha in it. I love how it’s both warm and cool and since it’s darker than the more airy greige tones, it feels more smoky and sophisticated – and really pops with white trim. We used it in our bedroom.

Favorite Paint Colors- Young House Love Bedroom Makeover- Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray (HC-105)

DRAGONFLY (AF-510) is a super dark teal color with so much crisp boldness. We loved accenting just the back of our built-ins with it so everything on the shelves almost feels highlighted or showcased in front of it.

Young House Love Built-ins Paint Color- Benjamin Moore Dragonfly - Bloggers' Favorite Paint Colors Series

SESAME (CC-638) is a fun greeny-yellow tone that’s soft yet playful – sort of like the color of an avocado when it’s sliced open. Yummy.

Young House Love Kitchen Paint Color- Benjamin Moore Sesame - Bloggers' Favorite Paint Colors Series

Thanks for including me :)

Emily’s Paint Color Picks {Emily A. Clark}

Emily A. Clark

Between our last house and our current home, I’ve tried everything from dark, bold colors to barely-there neutrals. And, to be honest, I love them all! Between the two homes, here are the top three colors I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use again myself. (Be sure to check out Emily’s blog.)

STUNNING (826) by Benjamin Moore is a color I used in the living room of our last house, and it’s really the perfect true navy. Dark and dramatic and still blue, without any purple undertones.

Emily A. Clark's Living Room Paint Color- Stunning by Benjamin Moore - Bloggers' Favorite Paint Colors Series

URBANE BRONZE by Sherwin Williams is my current favorite color. We used it on the back of the bookcases in our home office, and most recently on the back of open cabinets in our kitchen. (I also have other plans for it!)  Most of the time, it reads a dark charcoal gray, but it also has some brown undertones in certain lights. It’s a warm, dark color without being too harsh.

Emily A. Clark Office Paint - Bookcase Paint Color- Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze - Bloggers' Favorite Paint Colors Series

WORLDLY GRAY by Sherwin Williams is a soft gray that I’ve used throughout most of the open areas and hallways of our current home. It’s a great neutral, if you don’t want to go with entirely white walls.

Emily A. Clark's Hallway Paint Color- Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray - Bloggers' Favorite Paint Colors Series

Thanks so much for including me!

Tiffany’s Paint Color Picks {Living Savvy}

Tiffany from Living Savvy

I was thrilled when Shauna asked me to be part of this paint colors series! I have nothing but wall colors on my mind as I plan to move from a rental {of boring contractor white walls} to a new house I can finally add some color too! Of course I have a few favorites, and these ones have been on my most used list for my past spaces and my clients.

One of my top picks has to be WORLDLY GRAY by Sherwin Williams. I love this color because it is grey, brown, light and goes with EVERYTHING! The color changes with the light and really makes everything around it look better!

Paint Color SW7043 Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams
Another one of my favorites is Benjamin Moore SMOKE (2122-40). I think this is the perfect blue! It really is a little lighter on the walls and sort of looks blue grey. I have used it in rooms that don’t have any blue at all and it just compliments all of the other colors around it.

Benjamin Moore Smoke Paint Color 2122-40

Finally, I’d have to choose ALBESCENT (OC-40) by Benjamin Moore. This is the most amazing color on the wall!  It looks like it would be washed out, but it really just warms the space up to the perfect off white beige.

Benjamin Moore Albescent Paint Color

Thanks so much for asking me. I am so excited to see what the other designers come up with!!


So, what do you think? Are these colors fab or what? Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams seems to be very popular! I can see why after checking out several rooms painted in Worldly Gray online. It’s a beautiful light gray paint color.

I’d love to know what some of your favorite paint colors are in the comments below.

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Looking for outdoor paint color inspiration? Check out these tried and true front door colors.

Tried and True Front Door Paint Colors | Satori Design for Living

Enjoy your weekend,

Shauna Oberg - Satori Design for Living


  1. Thank you so much for having me!  Sorry my pics of color are so boring!  HA!  I will have walls to paint them on soon!!!  Have a great weekend!

  2. How funny –  2 designers who love worldly grey and it is the one color in my house I really dislike.  it is in my family room  and we don t get a lot of light in there – it feels murky.  To me.

    1. I guess that’s why colors have to be tested in rooms at different times of the day to consider light. I have a couple colors in my house that I love in the fall, but don’t really like in the spring. I think it has to do with how warm or cool the light is that’s coming in. Funny thing is, I painted both of those rooms in the fall! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I used “Smoke Embers” by Benjamin Moore in my bedroom and I loooooove it! I was afraid it would be too “cold” but it changes with the lighting and never feels cold. Yummy color.

  4. Hey Shauna – I love to see what other paint colors people are using and how they turn out. Thanks for the posts, can’t wait to see your favorites!

    Your site was one of the Canadian sites I found who has similar tastes to mine. I enjoy your posts, although I’ve never commented previously. I`m a smidgen shy :)

    Currently, I’m really loving grays and blues. I used Behr’s Ozone in my kitchen and dining room, and liked the way it turned out. Although, if it had a little more gray instead of blue in the color it would have been perfect. Now I know for next time :)

    Do you have a certain brand of paint you recommend or use more often?
    Take care,
    Sandra from simpleispretty.com

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Thanks for the kind comments- so sweet. I just checked out your blog and it’s lovely. As far as paint goes, I personally like Pittsburgh paint (seems to go on flawless) and my painter likes Cloverdale. I have had good results with some BM as well. I find that humidity and temperature can really affect how paint goes on, so keep that in mind.
      Looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you,

  5. I love all these colors! Emily Clark’s really pops out at me. Her bold choice of color is striking and gorgeous :)

  6. I love the turquoise and gray rug shown in the bedroom painted with Rockport Grey.  Can you tell me who makes it?

  7. Thank you for this post! We are picking out paint colors for our “spec” house right now and I’m thinking of using SW Worldly gray as my all over general color. Sounds like you think that is a good neutral? If I use it in my kitchen that will have white cabinets will there be enough contrast? I’m planning on using SW Functional grey as an accent color in the office and master bedroom. Maybe you have a better paint color? Thanks for your help!

  8. Hi Im changing my bedroom from a super warm with dark faux finishes, to a greige color. I put accessible grey , Repose Grey , agreeable grey , and Worldly grey on the wall . Worldly Grey is what I decided on, Its bright but still has a warm fill to it Im also painting the trim in SW Alabaster is there another color you’d recommend ? Also what color should I paint the ceiling?

    1. Hi Deanna, Paint colors change so much depending on lighting and other elements in the space. I tend to like off white for ceilings and trim. As far as SW goes, I’m not particularly familiar with their colors. It seems like what you have picked so far is a good start. What accent colors are you leaning towards for the decor or are you keeping it neutral?

  9. I love the dragonfly paint on the built-ins. I’m curious what the color is on the adjacent wall (the wall with the curtains)? Thank you!

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