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We’re Talking Paint Colors {Bloggers’ Faves Part One}

Looking for new decorating ideas? Check out these tried and true paint colors from top home bloggers that will freshen up any space in your home!

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Dare I say it? FALL. Yes, it’s lurking. Somehow the calendar turns to August and the days immediately seem shorter and there’s a certain chill in the air. This is the time of year when I realize that lazy mornings, afternoon reading, and BBQ dinners are numbered. It makes me want to dig my heels in and hang on to summer. However, I know with the changing seasons, there are always good things to look forward to.

When I think of fall, my thoughts of decorating immediately turn to paint colors. Perhaps it has something to do with the number of requests I get for paint consultations this time of year or the fact that I often change a wall or door color in my own house at the end of summer. Whatever it is, I know my tendency for paint on the brain is not alone.

So which colors am I thinking, you ask? I have a few front runners, but for now I asked some of my fellow design bloggers to share some of their tried and true paint colors.

Ashley’s Paint Color Picks – The Handmade Home

Ashley of The Handmade Home

Hey all you fabulous people! When sweet Shauna asked me to pick my top three colors, it was a little tricky for me! I am most definitely a color gal. {As in, if someone asked me to design a monochromatic space, I may kill over from sheer exasperation.} But I decided to stick with the tried and true, time tested wonderfulness of colors in our own home. So without further ado…

Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring and Chantilly Lace

The two colors that we use the most in our house are Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring and Chantilly Lace. We seem to replicate them in ways we ourselves didn’t expect throughout our spaces, as our go-to colors. They’re just welcoming, fresh, simple and soothing.

In the kitchen, we used Chantilly Lace as a clean white to freshen up our cabinets, from super cookie cutter dark, to a fun + fresh feel. A hint of Whispering Spring can also be seen here, on the walls.

Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring Walls and Chantilly Lace Kitchen Cabinets

We recently used the pretty blue that is Whispering Spring in our niece’s nursery design, and absolutely loved the outcome. This versatile blue is definitely a classic must use!

Nursery Painted in Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring

Benjamin Moore Calypso Blue

And finally, my current, all out, no holds barred color crush obsession is Benjamin Moore Calypso Blue. If I could be a color, this very well may be the one I’ve chosen. ;} We’ve used it on various pieces for punches of color throughout our home, but recently covered the inside of our children’s outdoor hideaway in this awesomely wonderful blue. I simply adore Calypso Blue, and can’t wait to carry it over into our porch redo, as well.

Playhouse Painted in Benjamin Moore Calypso Blue

And those are our favorites!

Shannon’s Paint Color Picks – aka Design

Shannon from aka design

Hi Satori fans! I’m Shannon Acheson and together with my husband I write the blog akadesign.ca. We are a Canadian couple sharing our thrifty design finds, organization ideas and affordable DIY projects. When Shauna asked me to pick my favourite paint colors I knew just what to choose! I’m a white, greige, neutrals kind of girl. So I’ve chosen my favorite relaxing neutrals…

Analytical Gray by Sherwin Williams

It is the perfect taupe gray. It plays well with variations of white, brown and turquoise. It’s the color in our living room.

Sherwin Williams Analytical Gray Paint on Walls

Scotch Mist by PPG

Another really lovely neutral that mixes well with all manner of whites, browns and grays. This color is actually used in our master bedroom and our kitchen!

Bedroom Walls Painted in Scotch Mist by PPG

Wexford Fog by CIL

A deep gray, this color lends itself to complimentary blues or vibrant yellow and reds. It’s simultaneously moody and calming. We used this paint color in our front hallway.

Entryway Walls Painted in Wexford Fog by CIL

 Thanks for letting me play!

I’ll definitely be adding these lovely paint colors to my bag of tricks. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

If you’d like, check out my tips for selecting the right paint colors for your home.

Also, be sure to come back tomorrow to find out which paint colors made it on the lists of Sherry from Young House Love,  Emily from Emily A. Clark, and Tiffany from Living Savvy. You won’t want to miss them!

You can also find more ideas in the paint project gallery.

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See you then, 

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  1. Oh, so glad to read this post.  I’m always looking for paint colors that other people love.  And that playhouse.  Oh my, my girls would go crazy for that!  Thanks Shauna, I’m looking forward to seeing what the others pick as well!

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