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Beautiful Front Door Paint Colors

Painting your front door is one of the best ways to add character and curb appeal to your home. Get inspired by these tried and true front door paint colors!

Spring is just around the corner, which means I can’t help but think about outdoor improvement projects. There’s something about getting outside after being cooped up all winter and sprucing our exteriors up, isn’t there?

One of the outdoor decorating topics I get asked so many questions about is front door paint colors. Are red doors still in? Should I paint my door the same color as my trim? Is my dark blue-grey door high maintenance? All of these are fantastic decorating questions that really can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. Let me explain…

Front Door Painted in Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron 2121-10

A bit ago, I helped Nicole pick a front door color and offered suggestions for adding more curb appeal to her home. If you’re contemplating a new door color, I suggest heading over to that post as well for a list of important things to consider before making your final paint selection.

Front Door Paint Colors

In my opinion, front door paint colors are highly personal. Sure, the undertone needs to work with the other exterior colors of the home first and foremost, but there are so many different options that will work for one particular home. With that being said, I’ve rounded up some beautiful front door inspiration pictures, as well as some specific paint colors (with all the details) to help you narrow down your choice. Enjoy!

Light Blue and Aqua Front Doors

Sherwin Williams Waterscape - Light Blue-Green Painted Front Door

Sherwin Williams Waterscape Door via Addison’s Wonderland

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Painted Front Door

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Door by Hiya Papaya via House of Turquoise

Benjamin Moore Grenada Villa Front Door Paint Color - Turquoise Front Door

Benjamin Moore Grenada Villa Door via Dixie Delights

Or for something a little on the brighter turquoise side, this Starry Sky door spotted on HGTV is lovely too!

I seem to be drawn to all shades of blue when it comes to front doors. It’s definitely one of my favorites paired with grey siding.

Go here to see some of my favorite blue door paint color picks.

Green and Chartreuse Front Doors

Valspar Crushed Oregano Front Door Paint Color - Apple Green Front Door

Valspar Crushed Oregano Door via Jenna Burger

If blue really isn’t your thing when it comes to exterior paint, green may be a better option.

This soft green front door spotted on Better Homes & Gardens pairs nicely with the white siding and black shutters. I find it to be playful next to the traditional style of the home.

For a little more punch, I’d go with a bright green door like this Sassy Green one found on This Old House.

Sherwin Williams Antiquity Door - Chartreuse Front Door Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Antiquity Door via Chic Little House

Yellow Front Doors

Don’t forget about painting the interior of the door too. A bright pop like these fabulous yellow doors can waken up your entryway!

I’m loving the punch of this bright yellow door in addition to this canary yellow dutch door (both spotted on Better Homes & Gardens). Quite the impact with a small amount of paint.

For something a little more subdued, a butter yellow door is a nice option. I love the look of a gray house with yellow door. You too?

Sherwin Williams Beeswax Door - Butter Yellow Front Door

Sherwin Williams Beeswax Door (old version) via The Daily Nest

Red Front Doors

Sherwin Williams Primary Red Door - Bright Red Front Door

Sherwin Williams Primary Red Door via Sophia’s Decor

If you’re looking for high impact, red may be the perfect color for your front door. This red dutch door is probably my favorite in the bunch. I just love the style of these split doors. Someday I’ll have my own!

Benjamin Moore Heritage Red Front Door

Benjamin Moore Heritage Red Door via Young House Love

Did one particular front door color stand out in the bunch? Do you prefer a brightly colored front door or one that’s more subdued?

I could easily live with any of these door color picks depending on the setting or style of the house. They’re all well-designed in my opinion.

What Color Should I Paint My Front Door?

I’ve narrowed down a few of my favorite paint color names and brands that coincide with many of the front door paint color pictures above. Find front door paint color options from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

Tell me, what color is your front door painted? Thinking about changing your exterior paint colors?

I’m still enjoying ours, but some of these gorgeous options have me thinking.

(And to answer the question from the top: I simply wipe the dust off our door every few weeks in the summer and it’s good to go. That’s the beauty of semi-gloss paint.)

What Kind of Paint Should You Use on a Front Door?

Be sure to use a quality exterior latex paint that stands up to the elements. One that’s a paint and primer combo is ideal.

As an option, you could also have it sprayed for a flawless finish.

I highly suggest waiting until the weather is warm and dry so the paint adheres properly.

More Outdoor Paint Color Picks

And, if you’re looking for more front door color ideas, these are some of my favorites:

6 Beautiful Front Door Paint Color Options

You can also check out the paint color gallery for even more suggestions.

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Happy painting!

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  1. I spent more time looking at the door styles!! Love the blue ones and the Craftsman style doors… oh and the dutch door… sigh…


  2. Gorgeous colours! It’s time to repaint the exterior of our house, this is great inspiration! Do tell, which door is a dutch door ladies???

  3. OOOh, yes the front door dilema. I agree, it’s really personal but I’ve always wanted a red door and that robin’s egg blue is gorg.

  4. I have been thinking about painting my front door again too! I’ve got a grey house with white trim and gone from a white door to red to orange and now I think it should be green – we’ll save yellow for next time! Thanks Shauna for your beautiful inspiration!

      1. Love the front door colors. I have a dilemma, I recently had my front door painted Benjamin Moore “stolen kiss”. The accents are black rod iron knobs, with black rod iron mini window speaker, and black door knob. Uncertain, on the color choice for the door jam and trim. Red? black? or white?
        any suggestions?

  5. The lead-off shot caught my eye! I love that one, and the red doors. If I was painting my front door, I would be going in one of these directions!!

  6. Nice article and the pictures are very helpful. What would you suggest for a home with khaki siding and white trim/black shutters? I had picked up the BM Caliente at the store about a year ago and laughed when I saw it on the list! I’ve had a red-colored door before, but wasn’t sure about trying any of the other colors this go around. Any help is appreciated!

    1. That is my house color combinations too (taupe, white trim black shutters. I have a black door matching the shutters but I want so badly to add color to my door. I’m thinking a burnt orange but all my landscape is pink/purple/yellow. I also like the idea of doing a wine/burgundy color or an aqua.

  7. Hi Shauna,

    I have a steel front entry door, that has a high gloss white paint on it, can you suggest how to go about painting it another color?

    Also want to know what color would go with dove grey, with the trim paint being dark charcoal, I’m leaning toward the chartreuse color, what do you think?

    Thanks, Debbie

    1. I would talk to someone at the paint store about the best way to cover gloss. You’ll probably have to prime. Without knowing which way your home faces or other elements (landscaping, etc.), chartreuse is likely a good color choice. Bring home several paint swatches in varying chartreuse tones and check them out when it’s overcast and sunny by taping them to the door. Be sure to look from a distance as well. Paint colors change drastically depending on the light, so select the one you like the most on both dreary and sunny days. Good luck!

  8. I too want to paint my front door another color than the Red we have now and want something different than every house around. My house is part red brick, mostly white siding and black shutters. I have been planning a yellow color door, what does everyone suggest? I look around and every house has the same black, red and white.

    1. A royal blue or Navy would be a beautiful color to compliment the traditional setup that you have.

  9. Our house is a moss green, I would love a red door, I like the color of the red one on this page do you know that color? Any other suggestions of red would be appreciated.

  10. Glad to see BM Caliente on your list which we found in an old Pottery Barn color palate. We used soft gloss finish to paint our front door this color; with our gray siding, it’s a great combination! If you are considering Caliente, give it a try and be sure to allow a good 4-6 coats for a deep coverage. We love it and get lots of compliments.

  11. Hi we have an older small was colonial type solid red brick with white trim.. we painted our concrete that was suppose to be slate gray but turned out a blueish gray instead I’m going to paint shutters a dark brownish gray n we have dark brown tin roof… we recently took down the white rails on small front porch n put up just solid oak 4 by 4 going to stain them ok question I can’t figure out what color for door I got red brick, white siding, blueish gray concrete, n dark gray shutters, n dark brownish gray tin what would u suggest for our door it’s the Oval glass door that’s out of style but we love it…thank you so much

  12. I have just purchased a double wide mobile home, it is a light grey with white garage door, white front door, white trim, dark blue shutters, I would like to change the colour of the doors and shutters. I really would like to make the place look warm and cosier and more welcome. The front of the home faces the north. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Many thanks Patricia

      1. Shauna thanks for replying to my question. The grey has more of a blue (cold) but it seems like it might have faded

          1. I am not really sure what colour the shingles are, I am almost positive they are black if not grey, I can’t check this out as I am not in the area and won’t be for a while. I am just anxious to have a picture of what it will look like when I get back there and start painting.


  13. my daughter wants a POP of Bright color for her front door, she has dark rust color brick on the bottom half of house & garage and cream siding with all white trim and white garage doors and black shingles. help

  14. Hi Shauna, Could you tell me the house color, door and trim on the photo of the home with the red brick porch, yellow door and a greenish, blueish, gray house paint? I love it!!

  15. Hi Shauna,

    I’m looking for your advice. I have a white house and black shutters. The interior of my home is very calming (to me) with light paint colors and muted color furnishings/beach type decor. I’d like that same feeling when pulling into my driveway as I do after I open my now “unpainted” front door. How do you feel about the BM color SOLITUDE for a front door?

    Thank you for your help!


    1. Hi Leanne, Sounds like a pretty home! Solitude is a beautiful blue-grey that would likely work well. Test it in different lighting along with similar shades and select the best one. I suggest taping larger swatches to the door and standing back to take a look.

  16. I am a professional painter and I was looking for a stunning door paint scheme for one of my client. This post helped me find one. Thanks.

  17. I would love to get your opinion on a color for my front door. The door was recently replaced. It was dark gray, now I have a fresh pallet. Thank you, Michelle

  18. We just had our exterior repainted in BM White Dove (body & trim) with Anew Gray shutters. We tested BM Wythe Blue for the craftsman style door & loved it. After it was painted realized that it needs a deeper dusty blue. There are a lot of options but repainting it may wait a few weeks. Just goes to show that even with sample boards colors don’t always appear what they may seem!

  19. Hello,

    I recently painted my front door a pale blue but am worried it doesn’t stand out enough. I wanted to give my house a little personality.
    I have gray siding, white trim with a brick front.
    Please do you have any better suggestions?
    Thank you for your time.
    Adrienne Bailey
    P.S. I could send pics if needed.

  20. Hi, Shauna! I LOVE your blog! I’m getting ready to paint my house and love the colors in the Dixie Delight photo!! What are the paint colors for the shutters, siding and trim? I know the front door is Granada Villa, but it looks like it is a storm door in front of a dark, solid door? If so, what color is the other door? I have a storm door and a solid door behind it, and I would not have thought to paint them different colors, but in this picture the Granada Villa just really pops! Thank you for any help!!
    Judy Muirhead
    Wilson, NC

    1. Hi Judy, Thank you for stopping by! If you click on the link “Benjamin Moore Grenada Villa Door” in the post, Amanda shares all of the exterior paint colours, including Revere Pewter exterior, White Dove trim, etc. Hope this helps!

  21. My house is a natural wood and it has a more cedar/curry color to it. I have been trying to find a color for the doors that doesn’t clash. I haven’t seen a picture on any blogs that show a natural wood house with a nice door color. We live on a lake so it would need to be durable paint. TIA for any help.

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