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Front Door Paint Colors & Adding Curb Appeal {Reader Q & A}

Want to add more curb appeal to your home? I’m tackling a reader question about front door paint colors, adding plants and a few ideas for outdoor decor.

It’s Friday! Let’s get to another reader question from Satori’s Facebook page, shall we? Although our weather has dipped down again today (please, please let this be the end!), it’s time to start talking about freshening our exteriors with outdoor paint and adding curb appeal. I received photos of two different houses with two very different looks asking many of the same design questions. Today I’m starting with Nicole’s two-story suburban home.

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Desperately Need Curb Appeal!

“Hello Shauna! I have a major design block. One of the things we want to work on this year is our (lack of) curb appeal. Specifically at the front door. We may buy a new one, we may just paint this one out, but… I cannot for the life of me pick out a color that works. It’s south facing, direct sun all day long. The door already gets incredibly hot so we don’t think black or super dark would be great. Plus fading issues?

I printed out a few pics of the house and cut out the front door. We stuck hundreds of paint chips behind it trying to see what would work. I really don’t want to match the trim color as that seems to be what everyone else in our neighborhood has done. Boring! So far the leading choice is in the purple family, but my hubby isn’t thrilled with it.
We would also like to add window boxes or jazz up the front garden. Any and all suggestions would be incredibly welcome!!” Huge fan, Nicole (Scrap Me Baby)

House Exterior

After emailing Nicole for a bit more information, I found out her style is fairly classic, but she isn’t afraid of color. Landscaping is very selective, with only one purple-toned tree in the front yard. Here are the photos she sent me (she reassures me the siding is off-white, not light grey as it appears on my screen).

2-Story House with Off-white Vinyl Siding and Teal Trim
2-Story House with Off-white Vinyl Siding and Teal Trim

Changing the Door Color

Before selecting a door color, I always suggest considering the other exterior elements first. Which way does the house face? What are the trim, siding and roof colors? Is there any stone or brick? What plant/flower or colors of nature are prominent in the growing season? What is the neighborhood like?

Next, I think about the style or era of the home. Is it classic? Modern? Victorian? Traditional? Craftsman? Each one lends itself to certain color palettes.

The final consideration is the homeowner’s preference for color. Which paint colors is he/she naturally drawn to and which ones are out of the question?

Although the siding on Nicole’s house is cream and the shingles are medium grey, the teal trim provides certain paint color limitations. In addition, the southern exposure means nothing extremely dark or bright (colors can get twice as bright when they go up). The only current landscape factor is the large purple-toned tree.

Considering these factors, there are three different door color scenarios I would suggest:

1. Deep Blue-Grey Front Door

New Front Door Paint Color Option 1- Benjamin Moore Flint (AF-560)

2. Muddied Down Yellow Front Door

Front Door Paint Color Option 2 - Benjamin Moore Citrine AF-370

3. Aubergine Front Door

New Front Door Paint Color Option 3 - Benjamin Moore Chambourd AF-645

Door Paint Option One: Benjamin Moore Flint (AF-560) is a classic paint color that is easily substituted when black is just too dark.

Color Option Two: Benjamin Moore Citrine (AF-370) works well when you want a punch of liveliness without being too bright.

Paint Option Three: The deep plum color, known as Chambourd (AF-645) by Benjamin Moore, brings a sense of fun sophistication to the front door. Each color, although very different, will provide the contrast the door currently lacks.

Note: Because photos and computer screens change colors drastically, the specific colors I included in the above palettes may need to be modified. Colors should always be tested on site and viewed at different times of the day in varying intensities of sunshine for best results.

Want to have some fun? Take a look at what your front door color says about you!

Adding Curb Appeal

In addition to changing the door color, I suggest adding a few other touches, such as a coordinating larger-scaled outdoor mat and a seasonal wreath. A larger light fixture will also help pull they eye in that direction.

The final step will be softening the hardscape with more substantial plantings. For starters, fill in the area under the front bay window with shrubs or ornamental grasses at the back and perennials in front. Select something that can withstand the summer heat and stays fairly compact, and consider colors that complement the exterior house colors, such as purples, yellows and various shades of green foliage.

Because the sidewalk seems to end abruptly, extend it by digging out the grass in a curved pattern and filling it in with mini bark, grey stone, or simply just plantings. This planting area will also help to camouflage your side window wells.

As for the window boxes mentioned in the question, I think the area may be too tight. Instead, consider an additional planting area incorporating the large tree, and possibly adding stone to the front of the house in the bay window area that ties in the grey color of your shingles. The nice thing about exterior projects is they can easily be broken up into stages as your budget allows from year to year.

Adding curb appeal to your home will not only make it look more inviting, it will also increase its value substantially.

Thanks for writing in, Nicole. I hope this helps. Be sure to keep us updated on your curb appeal progress!

If you have a decor, design or organizing question you could really use help with, follow the Satori Facebook Page to find out when the next open call for questions is. Also, be sure to check out the other Reader Questions.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Yaay! I love All three colors you suggested! Now I guess I need to get my butt in gear:)
    All fantastic solutions, thanks so much for picking our house and for your help. I never thought about the sidewalk ending weird, but I totally see what you mean! If the darn snow would stop then it would feel a bit more like spring!

    1. Oh good! I can’t wait to see what you pick. (Hope your hubby likes one of them too!). Tape the paint swatches up once it gets a little warmer and see what they look like in the shade and bright sun. Once you decide on your door color you can then pick your plant materials to complement. Email me your mailing address if you’d like and I’ll send you the large-scaled paint swatches I have in my office (makes it a little easier).

  2. What an excellent set of options, Shauna! You really gave Nicole some great choices and things to consider… My favorite colour was the last choice, the deep plum, and I looooved the second curb appeal inspiration photo!

  3. Great recommendations Shauna!  I love all 3 of your choices.  I’m sure Nicole will be very happy with any of the choices.  I really like your answers to reader questions.  Great work :)


    1. Hi Travis, The color is Benjamin Moore’s Flint AF-560 (it may be called something different in the U.S., so just confirm at the paint store). Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you for the prompt response. However, Flint is actually the gray color in the bottom right. Would you happen to know the blue color positioned above? Thank you SO much for your help.

  4. I’d love to take photo of my house and get your opinion of color for the front door. I’m thinking deep charcoal. Only problem is the glass has this goldish brass veining. I’m not so sure I can do the deep charcoal and if this would exacerbate the gross glass?

  5. Can I send a picture of my front door? I am planing on purchasing a new one along with new sides. Do I paint the sides and the front door the same color?

  6. Hi Shauna, we recently moved into our new home. The house was built 1980. It is a rural setting. It is set back from our road. We recently completed installing the landscape in front yard. We have a new door on order. I am trying to decide on a front door paint color. The roof of the house is called driftwood which is a medium grey. The house siding us stained cedar shake. The trim is white. We have a red brick walkway with stone walls along walkway. Can you tell me your recommendation for front door color. If you can email me I can sent you some pics.

  7. Yes I can echo the colors changing from a computer screen to the real deal. I always try to get as wide of a sampling of real paint on real wood as possible before a decision. Great Tips!
    Grant B

  8. Hi!
    Can I send you a picture of my front yard so you can help me choose a new paint color for my front door?

  9. I finally paid off my mortgage,(early!) and now I want to improve my “curb appeal.” Thinking of going with new garage door, front door paint color and shutters. My siding is grey-green and it is, what I would describe as a “prairie -style “ home. As others have said, could I send you pics of my home for suggestions? Seriously thinking of bright yellow or orange for the front door. TIA!

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