Sewing Must-Haves {Fynes Designs}

Virginia from Fynes Designs stops by to share her sewing must-haves for flawless projects.

I started sewing when I was very young. We’re talking pillows and blankets for my barbie beds (which I happened to construct out of shoe boxes), hair scrunchies (they were an 80’s thing in case you don’t know) and, eventually, I worked up to pillows and curtains for my own bedroom. In our previous homes, I always had my sewing machine set up, ready to make something at the drop of a hat.

Sewing Projects on Satori Design for Living

When we moved into this house almost 10 years ago, I sewed most of our window treatments and pillows. But, once those were all wrapped up, my sewing projects became few and far between, and my sewing machine started collecting dust.

All of that changed, recently, when I decided to get back to doing some of the things I enjoyed in the past. (Add being more physically active to that list as well!) Now, I’m pulling out my sewing machine more often and putting those skills I developed from a young age to use. I guess you could say I’m back in the saddle again.

Sewing Must-Have Tools by Fynes Designs

If you’ve fallen off the sewing wagon and want to hop back on or, perhaps, you’d like to give it a try for the first time, I have Virginia from Fynes Designs sharing her sewing must-have tools. Virginia’s projects are always so impressive and I knew she must have some tricks up her sleeve. Here goes…

Sewing Tools and Supplies

Rotary Cutter

I thought back on my sewing projects previous to owing a quilting ruler, rotary cutter and self-healing mat, and it was a sad story. Nothing was straight and I spent forever trying to figure out how people did it!  I think after a sewing machine this has to be your big next purchase. Plus I use it for paper too!

Sewing Must-Haves Tools - Rotary Cutter


I use a variety of pins; I prefer glass head pins so you can press right over top them. But more importantly, I need more than one pin cushion… 3 to be exact! I have one on my cutting table, one beside my sewing machine, and one on the ironing board. I always have pins in reach, and always a place to put them back.

Sewing Must-Haves - Glass Head Pins and Multiple Pin Cushions


This handy tool looks like a tube of lipstick. It’s the best chalk I’ve used for sewing as you never have to worry about the lead breaking and it makes a fine line.

Sewing Must-Have Tools - Chalk


Having a great pair of sharp shears is so important for sewing, but just as important is a small pair that snip at the tip. I love these Westcott ones, they are perfect for clipping corners and I love having a pair beside the sewing machine to snip threads.

Sewing Tool Must-Haves - Snips

¼” Foot

This is one of my favorites for my sewing machine. It has a ¼” guide, so as long as the fabric is rested against the edge of the foot, it sews a perfect seam without having to watch the line. It was very inexpensive, perfect for assembling a quilt.

Sewing Must-Haves - 1/4" Foot for Sewing Machine

For a quick and easy sewing project, check out my 10 minute dish towel aprons.

10 minute dish towel apron tutorial - Fynes Designs

Feeling a little more ambitious? Follow my tutorial for sewing a girl’s purse (free pattern included!).

hand-sewn girl's purse tutorial - Fynes Designs

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Thanks, Virginia! I definitely need to get some of those glass-head pins since I’m always melting mine. And a foot where you don’t have to pay close attention- I’m in!

P.S. Your dish towel aprons are pinned on my Sewing Projects board for later!

Do you have any sewing must-haves? What tools do you use to create flawless projects?

Enjoy your day,


  1. Thank you Virginia – really great tips here! I didn’t know about the ‘lipstick’ chalk and to this day still wrestle with the pencil version and their forever breaking tips! I also had no idea about the 1/4″ presser foot – I think that was made for me! ;-) I’m not an avid sewer, I know just enough to get by, so every little tip and tool to make the job easier is one I need!

    Shauna, I made Barbie beds out of shoe boxes too! And I know what a hair scrunchie is (eeeghads)! :-0 Can you see my scrunching face? ;-)

    1. Apparently they’re making a comeback of sorts. I guess leggings came back with a twist and now the scrunchies are, but in a different way. Perhaps I can start that little scruchie factory back up to make some cash on the side LOL!

      I think my mom held on to those Barbie beds and the bedding. Perhaps they can make their debut on the blog OR NOT! Fun times…

  2. Great essentials. I love my stitch ripper too. The apron is a lovely project for a gift – have pinned :)

  3. I have to get myself some chalk!  I never liked the pencils and ended up using pens instead….  not a great alternative.  I have some sewing projects on my agenda (roman shades) so I will have to check out her blog!  Thanks for this post!

    1. I’ve made roman blinds before, but never shared the tutorial. I think I may sew one for my laundry room and I’ll put the details on the blog.

  4. Great tips and I really like those aprons – all of them!! Thanks Shauna and Virginia!

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