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Outdoor Brunch Tablescape

Enjoy outdoor entertaining as much as I do? Use my simple ideas and tips to create an outdoor brunch tablescape of your own.

Outdoor Brunch Tablescape in Teal, Yellow and Grey

With the warmer weather finally upon us, we’re finding ourselves dining outside as much as possible. The fresh air and warm sun are at the top of my favourites list for sure.

When we added the cedar partition to our deck a few years ago, it gave us the privacy we were seeking, and it created the perfect outdoor dining space. Normally we invite friends over for dinner, but this summer I’d like to mix it up a bit and decided to create my go-to outdoor brunch tablescape. Planning ahead means we’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Outdoor Brunch Tablescape Ideas

The jumping off point for my decorating scheme was these yellow, teal, and green tea towels I found at Target’s opening in Calgary. I love the graphic pattern, and thought they’d be a nice alternative to typical napkins.

Yellow, Teal and Green Outdoor Brunch Table Setting
Teal, Yellow and Green Outdoor Brunch Tablescape with Printed Tea Towel Napkins

I’ve always been drawn to the combination of yellow and grey, and when I spotted these yellow trellis outdoor pillows, I knew they would bring a touch of vibrancy and life to the space. I liked how they complement the teal Ikat outdoor pillows I also picked up on my Target shopping trip.

Outdoor Brunch Tablescape with Yellow Trellis Outdoor Pillows
Outdoor Table Setting with Teal Ikat Outdoor Pillow

For the centerpiece, I found a variety of succulents at a local garden shop and placed them in a pine crate I already had on hand. Lately I’m obsessed with these tiny plants!

Outdoor Table Setting with Succulent Centerpiece

Aren’t they adorable?

Outdoor Table Setting with Succulents in Wood Box

Surrounding the table, I planted hostas and white begonias in yellow glazed planters I purchased a few years ago. This year I wanted to keep my pots simple since the outdoor decor pieces are quite bright. These types of plants also like a fair bit of shade, and our deck provides relief from the sun.

Hosta and Begonia in Yellow Glazed Planter on Deck

For brunch there needs to be food, of course. I love this little glass cloche I picked up for covering anything you want to keep the bugs and dust off.

Outdoor Brunch Tablescape with Glass Cloche

For water, I used this glass jug I found at my neighbour’s garage sale for $5. Great find!

Outdoor Brunch Tablescape with Spoon Napkins

Everything else we already had on hand. It just goes to show that adding a few inexpensive pieces can really freshen up a space.

This brunch tablescape has a similar feel to last year’s outdoor dining space, but this one seems more inviting with the additional layers.

Outdoor Brunch Table Setting in Teal, Yellow and Grey

Do you dine outside as much as possible when the weather turns warm? What are your favourite elements to add to an outdoor brunch tablescape?

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Enjoy the sun!

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  1. Oh those tea towels are beautiful (I’ll have to look for some too in our Target!) and they look perfect with your tablescape, what a lovely brunch setting!

  2. I love everything you’ve done here! Those teatowels are making me even MORE anxious for Target to finally arrive into our city! But until then, I’m off to find some succulents … grouping them together is fantastic! 

  3. What a great table!  I am loving the color selections!  I will be over very soon!

  4. I love the succulent centerpiece! You tablescape is so inviting and looks great! I just found so lovely tea towels at Target on clearance a week ago, yours is so cute, I might have to go look for those.

    1. Thank you! Succulents are so easy to work with, you should definitely give them a try. Our Target just opened last week and I think I’ll be making regular trips back- there’s some really cute stuff!

  5. The succulents looks so pretty as your centerpiece! I’m working on some updates for our patio and am so excited to get it finished, take some pretty pictures have an “excuse” to get my table all dressed up for a Saturday brunch! Love your table setting :)

  6. I love everything about your tablescape. The napkins are great and I love those pillows!

  7. It’s so pretty.  Don’t even get me started on Target or succulents…they are both 2 of the best things! I seriously stared at the tea towel aisle in target for one too many minutes (thankfully my toddler snapped me out of it!).  

    1. I definitely could’ve spent more time in Target, but I had my husband and son with me and you know how that goes LOL! Probably a good thing though!

  8. I love the color scheme!  I’m obsessed with succulents right now – so easy to maintain especially since I have a BLACK thumb ;)

  9. I’m pretty much on the same page with you with regards to everything here! Dining outside during the summer is at the top of our list, I love succulents and your centerpiece, just a few simple purchases go a long way to update everything you have, AND, I really love hostas and begonia’s, too……. Oh, and brie is one of my many favorite cheeses. :) A very inviting tablescape, all around!

  10. I love it!! Those pillows are fabulous and the little succulent planter is soooo adorable… I love all the different kinds you have stashed in it!
    I am your newest follower on bloglovin’


    1. Thanks Krista. So fantastic to stumble upon your blog this morning and see you’re also from Canada.Can’t wait to see more of your projects!

  11. Hi,
    I guess this is my first visit. OMG! I love your cushions. Absolutely gorgeous.

    TY for great tips. A smart designer, I will listen and look for §:-)
    Happy Thursday, girl.

    Greetings from D´BoX,
    /CC girl

  12. I love the colors your chose.. So endearing. And happy and fresh. The table looks fabulous. Your keen sense of style worked it’s magic. Have a blessed Memorial Day.. xo marlis

  13. mmm I love hens & chicks!!!  When Target opened locally I barely got away with a balance left in my bank account!!!  So glad they’re in Canada :)

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Your table is lovely. I really was drawn to the succulents centerpiece!  Will follow and would love a follow back.  Visiting from Serenity Now.  Happy Weekend!

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