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Furniture Paint Project Sneak Peek

Where did this week go? It’s a busy time of year with outdoor projects, school wrapping up, graduation prep, and everything in between! Feels chaotic, but it’s still one of my favourite months where everything greens up and being outside makes me happy! Right now it’s pouring buckets which really does mess up my painting plans. Hopefully it clears up soon so I can finish up my project for the last instalment of the Outdoor Extravaganza. Are you planning on joining us?

I’ll be sharing my favourite outdoor project link ups when the series is all over, but here are a few that have caught my eye so far. You can visit the Plants & Flowers and Outdoor Decorating parties for the details.

Outdoor Project Ideas from the Outdoor Extravaganza hosted by Satori Design for Living

My outdoor paint project for this series has been on the back burner for almost a year. Last summer while I was visiting my parents’ farm, my sister, mom, and I hopped on the Kubota and went treasure hunting. Let’s just say it was an adventure riding through the field to get to an old grain bin that was supposedly storing some barn boards and rustic furniture. To me it was worth the mosquitos, muddy shoes, and precarious path getting there. My sister, on the other hand, wasn’t as keen about the whole thing, but my mom helped me dig through the rubble to find what I was looking for.

Blue Rustic Bench - Salvaged Bench - Satori Design for Living

My dad ended up having to cut the ends off the bench in order for me to fit it in the truck. Those are being fixed (as you can see by the pencil marks) and so is the paint colour. Right now it’s peeling and looking a little too worn for my liking. You can check out the after on Tuesday.

We found more great stuff in that grain bin, but those projects are a little farther down on my list of priorities. Stay tuned!

Have any paint projects of your own planned for the weekend? If you have a little time could you please stop the rain and send the sun my way. It would help out a bunch!


Shauna Oberg - Satori Design for Living


  1. I love it.  I want to dig through my grandpa’s “shop” on his farm.  There are all sorts of goodies in there, I am sure of it.

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